Sunday, December 28, 2008

For the Lost POW/MIA Bracelet Purchased by a Vietnam Veteran

I ordered a POW/MIA bracelet for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I wanted to replace the one I had as a young teenager. I wore it with pride until I lost it swimming. I was devastated at the time because I could not get another one to replace it. I used to watch the news to read the names of the returning soldiers hoping to see the name of the man that had been on mine.  Eventually his name appeared, but I still wanted to have the bracelet, it was such a part of me and to my mind also a part of the soldier who was on it.  I am now able to have another bracelet with "my soldier's" name on it, and the person who purchased it for me is a Vietnam Veteran.  I have been with him for 20 years and when I told him I wanted to get another one, he tearfully told me that he would pay for it. He was not a POW/MIA of that war, but he has not forgotten. He is my second reason for wanting to get a bracelet, to honor in a small way my soldier for his service all those years ago.
I honor all soldiers that have fought for freedom, those that have lost their lives and also those who have returned home.              

Saturday, December 27, 2008

For My Great Nephew

I received the Memorial Bracelets I ordered and I loved them. I ordered them for my brother and nephew who loved them as well. My great nephew was killed by a roadside bomb June 25th 2008 in this ugly war that is going on. All we can hope and pray for is that it ends soon before more young lives are lost. I thank you for what you do in making the bracelets, I feel like it brings some comfort to those that have lost loved ones. I have a daughter in the Air National Guard so I will be getting one for myself as well just to show my support in what she does.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Remember LtCol Max Galeai daily

Thanks!  My bracelet arrived today, just in time for Christmas.

The bracelet is great - super quality, with nice clear engraving.

I ordered this bracelet (LtCol Max Galeai, USMC KIA in Iraq) because Max was a good friend I'd served with twice before -- in Hawaii and Okinawa, Japan.  I'm also a USMC LtCol, and want to remember Max on a daily basis.  He left behind a wonderful wife and four kids.  He was blown up by a suicide bomber while meeting with a dozen tribal shieks in Al Anbar province - the ones who turned the tide in favor of good over evil. Max was a part of that effort.  They trusted him, and he they.  The terrorists trusted neither, and while they may have massacred a number of noble men (both American and  Iraqi), they were unable to kill the idea these men stood for.  Max died a hero, and I want to remember him daily for it.

(friend of Max)

Monday, December 22, 2008

For My Practically Family Member from Roanoke

First my husband is a Vietnam Vet and my youngest son is now a US Marine. My husband has always worn a POW/MIA bracelet and ever since my boys were old enough to understand what they meant, they too, have worn one. My oldest sons bracelet was returned due to his POW/MIA's remains being found, so we have ordered him a new one. 

While scrolling through the list of names, I ran across one that was from our home town of Roanoke, VA. The name sounded familiar so I made a call to my mother and was surprised to find out that this young man was practically family.  You see, I was adopted at birth and was named after a good friend of my adopted mother. This young man was her brother and my adopted mother's first love. So now my son will be wearing his bracelet until he is returned home to his sister and my mother.

Saturday, December 20, 2008






To Remember My Dad

I lost my Dad back in Jan.  I have been trying to find a way to remember him, you know a tattoo, pics, etc.  This Memorial Bracelet is the perfect way for me to do that.

This bracelet is pretty much what the web page said it was going to be like.

Thank You,

Friday, December 19, 2008

To Remember the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11/2001

I love my Memorial Bracelet. The weight is perfect. The fit is perfect. And the look is beautiful.

I thought it represented exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find a KIA bracelet like one I had before. It had the name of a crew member that died in an Air Force Cargo airplane crash in Germany, during Operation Desert Shield. I couldn't find it. So I settled on the next thing that shook my world. The terrorist act of 9/11/2001. I would still like to find the black KIA bracelet for the crew of that mishap in Germany. Overall, I am happy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I received my POW Bracelet today and am wearing it proudly in memory of Capt Patrick H. Carroll, USAF.  I first purchased and wore a bracelet bearing Capt Carroll’s name in 1972, while I was an Air Force ROTC cadet at Iowa State University.  I lost that first bracelet after having worn it for several years, but I never forgot about Capt. Carroll, and often wondered whether he had ever returned from SE Asia Recently, after reading an article about POW/MIA from the Vietnam era, I was moved to search the internet to learn whether Capt. Carroll had ever returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam.  I was saddened to learn that he is still listed as MIA, but pleased to find out that I could honor his memory by ordering a replacement bracelet bearing his name.  Thank you for helping to perpetuate this noble tradition.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I wanted some way to Support Our Troops

The reason why I ordered the Memorial Bracelet is I want someway to support our troops. I have an ex boyfriend who served in the Gulf war and even though we are not together anymore, I am glad for every moment we shared together because he survived and came home.  War is war in my book i am not differentiating one from the other because there is always a risk in going overseas.  I just tear up everytime I see more troops coming home safe and sound.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

For Our Friend LCpl Christensen

Our friend LCpl Christensen was KIA in Iraq in Jan 2008, which is why I ordered the Memorial Bracelets.  The photo I am enclosing was taken on our wedding day, November 15, 2008.  We wanted to wait until that particular photo was taken because it was very special to us, just as Curtis was special to us.  We specifically requested the photo of the bracelets. 
John & Melissa

Saturday, December 13, 2008

To Honor Vietnam MIAs

When the war started in Iran I was distraught, I kept thinking we still had not finished identifying and bringing home our soldiers from Vietnam, the war of my era,....I decided that I would wear a Vietnam MIA bracelet to honor the MIA and also, wearing a bracelet 24 hours a day, seven days a week helps me remember our soldiers who have and continue to serve our country....and to be grateful to them.  

Every now and then I find constantly wearing the bracelet bothersome....instead of taking it off, I stop and think of the soldiers and the difficult situations they are in for all of us. The red aluminum bracelet I had been wearing to honor Stephen J. Geist, an MIA in South Vietnam, had worn out. I was proud to be wearing a worn out MIA bracelet, but then thought it might honor Stephen more if people were able to read his name on a shiny new stainless steel bracelet. Thank you for continuing to make these bracelets....and keeping us aware.

Friday, December 12, 2008

For a KIA Friend of Mine

When I was in Basic Training in San Antonio I ordered a bracelet with the name of a friend of mine that was KIA.  I wore that bracelet the 5 years I stayed in the service and rarely removed.  After I got out I gave the bracelet to my friends mom.  That was 12 years ago.  My friend is buried in the same graveyard as my brother.  I know my brother would be proud I wore this bracelet with such respect that was deserved for this hero.  I have wondered for years how to go about getting one and did some google searches and low and behold I now have my Memorial Bracelet on its way.  I am so excited to continue honering my friend and those who have sacraficed so much.  I even ordered one for my friends brother that will hopefully get passed down to his kids to remember the uncle they never got to meet.

For a Fellow Marine Still Listed as MIA

I received my POW/MIA Bracelet today and I am very proud to wear it. The excellent workmanship and the detail is nothing less than perfect. I have worn a POW/MIA Bracelet since I returned from Viet Nam. The one that I have worn and ordered is for a fellow Marine who is still listed as MIA. This is the fifth and the most outstanding Bracelet I have worn and most definitely the most exquisitely done. I have always been proud to wear a POW/MIA Bracelet especially with the name of someone I served with. When I was looking to replace my very worn Bracelet I found your "Web Site" on the Internet. When I ordered my new Bracelet I was expecting the same standard plain looking Bracelet. When the beautiful Black Bracelet arrived I was so taken by the care, attention to detail and the way the Bracelet was etched and the Marine Emblem was placed I was truly shocked. This Bracelet is truly a work of art and I am sure the time involved making it, the care and workmanship was done by a true craftsman. Thank you for this amazing POW/MIA Bracelet, it is truly appreciated. I have shown it to some friends and they have ordered or will order their next Bracelet from your Company. Thanks again. Semper Fi.  Dennis 1SGT (Ret)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Close Friend CPT Ullyses Burgos-Cruz

I am currently surving on a Transition Team in support of OIF.  I received word in April that a close friend of mine (CPT Ullyses Burgos-Cruz) was killed during a mounted combat patrol while serving on a Military Transition Team in Iraq.  Of course I was shocked and still have my moments of grief over the loss of such a dear friend.  I was also saddened further by the news that his wife was awaiting the birth of their first child and now would be doing so without him.  I thought about it for a long time and then made the decision to honor the memory of Ullyses by having a Memorial Bracelet made to serve as a reminder of his ultimate sacrifice and selfless service, as well as those of so many others who have done the same.  In life he was one of the most positive and free spirited people I have ever met and he always had a smile and a cheerful hello to share with everyone that he met.  He was a light in the darkness and could brighten even the darkest of days with his presence alone.  He will be greatly missed and forever remembered both by myself and everyone else who came into contact with his contagiously positive and beautiful spirit!

CPT Brian

For David Crumby and John Hutto

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet for David Crumby and John Hutto because I served with them both in the 24th Infantry Division. They were friends, teammates and brothers. I think about them all of the time and I wanted a way to commemorate their sacrifice.



To Honor My Friend Shane Patton

I wear my Memorial Bracelet in honor of my friend Shane Patton.  Shane died in Afghanistan defending our freedom during a mission that he volunteered to go on.  Shane was proud of what he was doing and proud to be a SEAL.  In honor of Shane my wife and I decided to name our son after him.  I hope that my son will carry himself the way that Shane did.  By wearing this bracelet I honor, remember, and respect Shane and the sacrifice that he made for our country.  Not only is this a constant reminder of Shane, but it is a reminder of everyone who has made a sacrifice in my behalf.  I hope that all the servicemen and women who see it understand that it is an expression of gratitude to them.  It is a meager offering, but I am grateful for them and their efforts on my behalf.  Remembering those, especially Shane, that have sacrificed so much helps me stay humble and grateful for what I have in life. 

Remembering those that have fallen helps me remember that I enjoy life because of the freedom they defend.  In life, Shane was a great man, but in death his legacy lives on. As long as there are warriors like Shane Patton we will always have have a true and free America.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For The Team Mate Lost to a Road Side Bomb

My name is Vincent. On Oct. 20 2006 I lost one of my team mates to a road side bomb in Iraq. He and I served together with a deployment to Afghanistan 02-03 and Iraq 03-04. He was a brother to me. One will never know the bond we had until they know combat in a spec. ops. unit.  He left behind a wife and infant son who I and my wife were also very close to. It was one of the hardest things I have ever been threw. For the next year and a half I thought about him every day. I would continuously write and call his wife. Oct. 20 2008 I forgot to call his wife! Slowly the pain started to ease of his death and before I knew it a day would go buy that I wouldn't think about him. A day turned to two days and then three and then every once and a while. Then I forgot his death anniversary! I felt horrible. I made a promise to myself and God that I would never forget again! That's why I came to this web sight. I want a Memorial Bracelet to remember my brother and never again forget. Thank you for what you do. May God be with you and your company.
Attached is a picture of my team and I.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To Remember Those Who Have Not Yet Come Home

I wear a POW Bracelet to remember those who have yet to come home.  I ordered a new band because a friend who never served and had always worn one gave it away.  She was speaking with a Vietnam Vet about the band when he asked who's name was on it, when he heard the name he almost began crying.  He let her know he had served with that veteran during his tour.  She saw how touched he was and offered the band to him.  After hearing this amazing story, I was so touched that I passed my band on to her.  Having served myself, it feels good to know that there are good people out there who still care. 

God Bless the USA !!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

To Honor All Soldiers

After visiting the site, I decided to order a Memorial Bracelet to honor the soldiers who had given their lives in defense of freedom and democracy.  I did not know any soldiers personally, and so I went to the website, Washington Post Faces of the Fallen, and chose a soldier's name at random.  I thought by wearing the bracelet everyday, it would honor "this soldier" and all soldiers that have fought and died for our country.  Also, by wearing the bracelet, I would remember to pray for the soldier's and their families.  Thank you for making the memorial bracelet for me.

Best wishes,


Saturday, November 29, 2008

To Tell My Buddies That I Will Never Forget Them

I got two Memorial Bracelets to tell my buddies Harris and Elais that I will never forgot them. We all got to the 701st after they had left for Iraq. We were on Rear D together. We had fun exploring Germany together. They were my comrades and my family. They both took care of me like they were my older brothers (I was 18, in Germany, and almost always in trouble). I remember the day I found out Harris died. I was on gate guard at Camp Spiecher. A convoy rolled in and said someone from 12 Chem died. I was sick to my stomach. I knew it was one of my friends. I remember sitting at his momorial; I remembered all those nights Harris knock on my door, wanting to bum a smoke, or asking if I had a phone card. I would give anything for him to knock on my door again. When I left Iraq the first time, it left like we were forgetting someone. It was a happy day and a sad day. I did not hear about Elais right away. I left for Ft. Bragg and lost contact with my buddies. I was in Iraq the second time when I heard about Elais. I was catching up on old times with some friends still in Germany. When Johnson told me, my heart stopped. I remembered when I had alittle to much to drink one night. Elais carried me for a mile home, only to find out that I had locked myself out. I remember waking up on his bed. I looked over and saw that he was sleeping on his floor. He had given me all the pillows and blankets. He looked so uncomfortable. I miss my two older brothers so much. I wish I had them to still watch me and protect me. I will never forgot you guys. I love you guys.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Remember My Brother Lost at Sea

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to remember my brother TMC(SS) LARRY THOMPSON who was lost at sea on 4-6-87. My brother and I were serving on board the USS ULYSSES S. GRANT SSBN 631.

Monday, November 24, 2008

For Soldier lost during OIF

I ordered the Memorial Bracelet because one of my Soldier's when I was an XO for a company during OIF I was killed from a mortar attack at Abu


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For my Nephew Killed in Afghanistan

The reason I bought the bracelet is for my nephew who was killed in Afghanistan by an IED in June.  He followed me into the Marine Corps and I will never forget what his sacrifice has meant to me, our family and for the nation.

Friday, November 14, 2008

In Remembrance of Our Former Navy Dogs

My name is MA2 Chris Urias…I am a Navy dog handler…both my kennel supervisor and myself wear our Memorial Bracelets in remembrance of our former dogs.  I was deployed to Kuwait with my Military Working Dog in JAN 2007.  During that deployment I was scheduled to leave in JULY 2007 along with my partner back to our home station.  Shortly after my replacement arrived on station, his partner passed away and I was forced to leave my partner with my replacement.  I soon transferred duty stations after returning home never seeing my partner again.  I have since learned that he has returned home safely and will not be going on any other deployments in the near future.

My kennel supervisor wears his Memorial Bracelet also in remembrance but under different circumstances.  His Military Working Dog was from a different program all together.  They had teamed up in 2004 and went through 6 months of training before reaching their ultimate duty station.  Shortly thereafter, his team deployed to Iraq for 7 months. Upon return from his deployment him and his partner were assigned to numerous high level security details in and around the U.S. for high level dignitaries such as Heads of State…former Presidents…and other guests of the U.S.  Around FEB 2007 his partner was diagnosed with cancer and again he was tasked for another deployment to Iraq.  Unfortunately his partner was too sick to go along for the deployment so he was partnered with another MWD and continued on his deployment.  Shortly after deploying his 1st partner was put to sleep due to his illness. My kennel supervisor wasn’t notified until after his return to the states about his former partner.

I felt that this was a good way to remember both of our former partners.

Thank you.

MA2 Chris
NAS Fallon Security Det.
K-9 Section

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For My Buddy Who Died in 2004

I am currently stationed in Iraq. I ordered my Memorial Bracelet for my buddy who died in 2004.  I think it was, we grew up together and it hit hard after my first IED hit.  I started thinking about him and it hit me that I am going to get a bracelet for him.  The guys in the eplatoon all got one for some random guy and I had to have meaning in mine.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To Remind Me of the Men and Women Who Need Support

I just recieved my Memorial Bracelet yesterday morning, and I really like it a lot. I especially like it being personalized. The reason I wanted one of these bracelets is just to show my support. I wore a POW bracelet from the Viet Nam era for years. I had a couple of appointments yesterday and was asked by a few people people what the bracelet was all about, and I was happy to tell them. 

I found your website by luck, as I was just looking for a bracelet that would remind me of the men and women who need support. I was always proud to wear my Viet Nam bracelet, and I will be proud to wear this bracelet as well. I had ordered a couple of different other bracelets from other web sites, but I do like the personalization on this bracelet, and will be wearing it.


My Vietnam Crew

We served on ACAV E-34, 3rd Plt., E Troop, 2nd Sqdn, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
Jim, Norm, & Dave were killed by a command detonated mine on January 31st, 1969.
I was the "lucky" one, dusted off two days earlier.
Remember them.
I wear their Memorial Bracelets to honor them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

To Help Recover My Cousin CPL Robert L. Ziegler

The Memorial Bracelet is great
I have been working on the recovery of my cousin, CPL Robert L. Ziegler for many years.  He and his crew members are a shining example of how political struggle can frustrate the recovery of our service members.  I am told by our government that a request for permission to search for his aircraft and eleven crewmembers has been submitted several times since 2006.  I am getting old and would like to see this resolved before I pass on.  At the very least, they deserve to be recovered and returned to their homeland and buried on American soil.  Thank you for your support.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

To Let My Husband Know I Will Be Back Soon

This is my story for ordering the Memorial Bracelet.  I have been deployed to Iraq since April 4,2008.  I am an Army Reserve Nurse working in the emergency room of a local Combat Support Hospital.  I am also a flight nurse who cares and transports our critically wounded soldiers to a larger hospital for care.  I am sending this bracelet to my husband in Florida to let him know I love him and will be back soon.  
It will also remind people that we are still here and still fighting a war, some people seem to have forgotten.  
Thanks for your support.
Captain Leslie
345th CSH - COB Speicher

Friday, November 07, 2008

In Remembrance of Lean Atteridge

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet in remembrance of Lean Atteridge. He and I went to high school together. I joined the Navy in July 1964, served two Vietnam tours 1965 and 1966 and was discharged in 1967. Leon was drafted into the Army in 1967 and died in combat near Hue in Mar 1968.
Folks now are epitomizing Iraq and Afghanistan vets yet seem to continue to forget Vietnam vets who died in an unpopular war. I decided to remind them all that there have been plenty of veterans of prior wars who also need to be remembered in their thoughts and prayers of thanks for the freedom we continue to enjoy.

For LtCol. Robert David Morrissey

For the last four years I've been re-wearing my Memorial Bracelet for LtCol. Robert David Morrissey.  The Morrissey's are family friends from the 70's.  My brother and I grew hanging around with David Morrissey, than Major Morrissey's son, in Las Vegas,NV.  When I was in high school the Major was shot down over North Viet Nan, and we all wore a bracelet for the family.  Well about four years ago while I was the net I found your site a ordered a bracelet to replace the one I had; the first one wore out, anyway the one I ordered wasn't highlighted in black like the one I had in high school; but I still wore it with pride.  People are always asking about it so when I went back to your site your and saw that they were now available highlighted in black.  

Now when someone asks about it not only will I tell the Colonel story, but now everyone can see his name and that he'll always be remembered.  It's just my way to say I miss Col. Morrissey, he was always a great man, but after reading his story I'm afraid he might have passed away in some Russian work camp years ago.  Well, that's my reason.  To some it may not seem like much, but he made me feel like I was part of his/their family. 

Trooper Nevada Highway Patrol 


In Memory of our Son Sgt. John E. Allen

We will wear our Memorial Bracelets in memory of our son, Sgt. John E. Allen, a Medic for the US Army.  He was KIA, in Ghazaliah, Iraq, on 17 March 2007, by IED.

Our son was a wonderful soul and so talented. 
He cared about people in a way that my husband and I, sometimes, couldn't understand.  He brought kids to us that needed assistance with their parents/guardians or who just needed a place to call home for a while.  We helped out in the lives of so many of the kids that John brought to us.  For one of them, Brandy, we became official foster parents just to keep her safe and in our home. 
John was a born 'medic' whether it was for the physical body or the soul.  He just knew what people needed.
He brought animals to our home, too.  The last, was a wonderful Rottweiler, Max.  Just a puppy, but John shared his twin bed with this 'puppy' until he was over 130lbs!  We had to find him a new home, though, because we didn't have the time to give to this family member of ours....Rotts need lots of time, that is for sure....after John joined the Army.  We found him a wonderful new family and they still tell us that Max thinks he a 'lap dog' at 150lbs!
Our son learned to play the violin at 9yrs old with his twin sister.  I taught them both how to read notes and play, along with their music teacher who I helped with the class.  But the violin wasn't his was the piano.  He taught himself.  He and his friend, Victor, would come home from high school and play on the two portable keyboards that we had at the time.  The didn't play rock or country but made up the most beautiful 'classical' compositions together.  I wish I had a recording of the one song that they completed but I only have half of it that they recorded.  It wasn't the melody but just the background part of the composition.  I used to just put my book down and listen to them play, over and over again.  It was so beautiful that I could listen to it forever!
John was a very talented artist.  He drew wonderful portraits of people.  His last portrait was of his beautiful wife, Aspen.  He was drawing it for her while he was in Iraq but somehow it never made it home!  I have heard from other people that he worked with, in Iraq, that it was very good but it somehow disappeared after he died.  I know who has it but haven't been able to make the Army make her send it to his wife, to which it belongs.  People who steal come from all walks of life, even in the Army!
John did sculpture work, too.  As you can see, from the picture, he made this beautiful hummingbird.  He made it from only a piece of wire, masking tape, and paint.  He made it for his grandmother on her 67th birthday.....she still treasures it.
John was a gymnast.  Wow, could he do things with his body that most could only dream of doing!  He did backflips and other things.  He could run at a wall, hit it, and do a backflip off the wall.  He once tried it without the wall, or a spotter, and I got a call from the school telling me to take him to the doctor....he broke his collarbone.
After high school, which he barely made the grade to graduate but he did, he went into the Navy.  That was July 1999.  He became a fuelman/firefighter off of the USS Carl Vinson.  He was in the Persian Gulf when 9/11 happened and most munitions came from his ship.  He is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, too, which isn't reflected in his service records, for some reason.
When he left the Navy, John wanted to become a police officer.  Everything he had done.....filled out apps, tests, background checks, etc....became lost somewhere in the mists of time.  After 2 years, he said he was tired of all of the 'outside world and their expectations' and said he was going into the Army.  He wanted to join the Airborne Division but he 'settled' for training as a medic.  A really good choice for him!  He was in the Medical Magnet in high school until his friends took over.....if you know what I mean.
John was a pain in the butt as a teenager but grew into a wonderful man right before my eyes as I watched him marry his wife on July 7, 2006.  He became responsible and a loving husband and paid his bills, which he was kind of remiss before, and just was a joy to be around before he left for deployment in Iraq.
I watched my son grow from a loving little boy, to a irresponsible teenager, to a caring young man, to a Navy personnell, to a frustrated young adult and finally to a man he was proud of being! 
When he died, I know he was proud of who he was and, as a mother, I was so proud of what he was, MY SON!
I will love and miss him forever!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

For My Son Sgt Christopher Sanders

I wear my son's bracelet to honor and remember him. He was my oldest child and I will miss him always. I am honored to have been the mother to such a brave man. He served 2 tours in Iraq and loved his country and his Commander in Chief, President Bush.

I ordered more Memorial Bracelets today because I had the honor of meeting Sen McCain 2 nights ago and he requested one of my son's bracelets. He plans to keep with it with all the other bracelets he has recieved.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Honor of our Son Richy

We wear our Memorial Bracelets in honor of our son, Richy, currently serving in Iraq and who previously served in Afghanistan.  We are so very proud of him and pray daily for his safe return.
Juan & Susie 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Captain Albright from Huntington WV

I was born and raised in Huntington WV and had one of these bracelets back when I was in high school [Class of 1973], but I don't know what happened to it or whose name was on it. I grew up in the '60s during the Vietnam era, and knew some returned veterans in college. 

I'm also grieving for Daddy, who died last year. He served in England during WWII, and I thought a Memorial Bracelet would be a way to honor him too. When I went to your website the first name I saw was Captain Albright from Huntington WV, and I knew I had to have it.
I'm pleased to have my bracelet, and my best wishes to your organization.

Monday, October 27, 2008

For SGT Al-Taie

Now SGT Al-Taie is the last missing soldier of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While deployed to Iraq, I worked in the Joint Personnel Recovery Center/Personnel Recovery Division and for a time was the case officer for SGT Al-Taie's eventual recovery. Until he comes home, hopefully alive but home as Maupin, Jimenez and Fouty have, I'll wear this bracelet.

To Honor Fallen Soldiers

I think the bracelets awesome! I think its awesome to support the POW and MIA's. I am very glad I went with black, I almost went with red. But....Black is way way better! I was afraid the black was going to scratch off, but it doesn't!
I love to learn about history, and I really respect the soldiers of today and of the past. I talk to soldiers online and I wanted to find another way to honor the fallen ones, so I thought this was a great idea. I could of spent $30 on somthing else that most people would think was cooler then a Memorial Bracelet, but I think its well worth the money to spend it on one of these! I think everyone should get one, I cant wait to run into someone who is wearing one too!

For my 343 firefighter brothers that perished

343.  That's why I wear my bracelet.  343 of my firefighter brothers perished.  343 of my firefighter brothers gave their lives bravely while in the service of saving others.  Every time the tones go out, I ride on the truck knowing I am taking the memory of one of their souls with me.  The sacrifice of the soul on my wrist reminds me of my duty to serve and the privilege it is to give for others.  Every time I crawl down a smokey hallway, do chest compressions or talk to children, I do so with the name of a real hero on my wrist.  343...that's why I wear my bracelet.
                                   J.W. Wiest, Firefighter/Paramedic, Albuquerque Fire Department

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the Memory of My Dad and Tribute to My Husband

I ordered Memorial Bracelets In Memory of my Dad, and as a Tribute to my husband for time served in Operation Desert Storm. All Our Veterans deserve or Sincerest THANKS and any Tribute to them or Memory of them is well deserved.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Remind Me of the Men Who Fought in Vietnam

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Memorial Bracelet.  Very happy with the bracelet.  
My brother (who is 11 years older than I am) was in the VietNam War.  I was not even a teen yet and did not pay much concern to this era.  I knew there was a war going on but did not realize how much it was affecting this country.  I felt by ordering a bracelet it would keep me reminded about the service men and women who fought for our country during this time.  I chose a serviceman from the state where I live and from a city where my family and I frequently vacationed in the summer when I was a child.

To Remember Pat Wade

We ordered a Memorial Bracelets because we lost a very dear friend Pat Wade.  We want his family and everyone to know we honor him and his sacrifice.  He left behind a wonderful wife, Keri, and two beautiful young girls, who with our help, will always know what a great man their father was.

Monday, October 20, 2008

To Remember My Vietnam POW and My Brother

Recently, I visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial, to pay my respects - this was an event that profoundly affected me when it happened, so my visit was very emotional.  
One of the exhibits honoring the FDNY and 9-11 displayed a Memorial Bracelet in memory of a firefighter.  This was also an event that affected me profoundly, so I went searching on the Internet to see if I could find bracelets I could order...  years ago, as a teenager, I wore a POW bracelet to honor a missing soldier...  I have lost the bracelet over the years, but never forgot my soldier.

I was thrilled to find your website...  I think this is a wonderful way to honor and remember special people in our lives, whether it is a soldier, a firefighter or a loved one.  I wish my arms were longer, so I could wear more bracelets.  
My original order was for 2 bracelets...  one to honor victims of terrorism and one in support of our troops...  the next night, I re-visited the site, and found the option to order a Vietnam POW bracelet, and found my original soldier...  so I ordered a new bracelet to honor him.   At the same time, I also ordered bracelets in memory of my brother, who died in 2004 to give to another brother and my nephews.

Friday, October 17, 2008

For a Soldier Who Put Himself in Harms Way for My Soldiers

I truly feel good about my Memorial Bracelet and the sacrifice it represents.  My brother recommended your site from his own loss of a Soldier.

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet for a Soldier who was killed responding to
an incident involving my Soldiers.  I had two badly wounded Soldiers and
even though he did not know my Soldiers or my unit, this Soldier went
into harm's way to help.  He was killed in the process and I will
remember his sacrifice always.

Monday, October 13, 2008

For the Sacrifice the Men and Women Fighting for Our Country are Making

I was given my first MIA bracelet in 2000. At the time I was an active duty member in the Navy and I didn't know these existed.  I don't know ADR1 James C. Newman, but I do know that he went missing in SVN on 6 Feb 68 and that he came from Tennessee.
Sometimes I cry thinking of all the soldiers that have fought for this counrty, the ones who have come home and the ones that won't. I pray for there families and feel like they are my own.  If it weren't for our Armed Forces I would not be able to enjoy the things I love the most.  God bless every single soldier that has ever fought for our freedom. God bless their families and loved ones and God bless the U.S.A. I wouldn't want it any onther way.
With respect and love,


Friday, October 10, 2008

For Dickie Killed the First Day in Vietnam

Here is my story of why I ordered the Memorial Bracelet of A.A. Lee (Dickie ). Dickie and I were the best of friends in our childhood.  We went to school together, played together, and everything else kids do.  When we reached high school age, we car pooled to school together, double dated, took spring break together, and played in a rock band together. During high school, all we talked about was joining the Marine Corps. When we graduated I was ready, but Dickie wanted to work a year to finish paying off his car. Long story short, I got drafted. After about a year Dickie then joined the Marines. By the time he finished basic training, I was already in Vietnam. Dickie wrote to me saying his first duty assignment was Vietnam. I didn't think there was much of a chance, but what the hell, we might hook up when he got there.  We didn't, Dickie was killed his first day in country.
The way we were treated upon return from Vietnam was not what I expected.  I made a special effort to try to put all thoughts of Vietnam in the farthermost depths of my mind. As bad as it seems, the memory of Dickie accompanied the memory of Vietnam. Now almost 40 years later, I find myself joining The Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle Club. My ex wife had worn a POW bracelet for a number of years which I always thought was very respectful.  I decided that I would like to see if I could find out if bracelets were still available and if so, I would get one in memory of a POW/MIA from North Carolina.  During my search on the Internet, I found your site.  Much to my delight I found KIA Memorial Bracelets were available.  My order explains the rest. Thank you very much for providing this service and may God bless you and your company.
Gastonia, North Carolina

Thursday, October 09, 2008

For SPC William Evans Because He Died on My Birthday

I lost the first one I had, but I got this Memorial Bracelet because last year I did a Sept 11th memorial hike in NH.  It's called flags on the 48.  There are 48 peaks in NH over 4000 feet and every year since the bombing people have hiked in the memorial and flown old glory in honor of those that passed.

I decided to honor a fallen soldier as well this year.   I bought the first bracelet and then when I moved misplaced it somewhere 2 weeks before the hike.  I was able to obtain one from the soldier's mom.  I happened to choose SPC William Evans because he died on my birthday fighting for my freedom.  I also decided to notify his family that their sacrifice is not forgotten.  I didn't want any publicity or special attention for myself, but if your publishing this will promote the hike further for next year then I will gladly except that.  I plan to honor another soldier next year as well as continuing to honor Bill Evans.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

In Honor of My Brother Cpl Kyle Wilks

I ordered this Memorial Bracelet in honor of my brother Cpl Kyle Wilks who was killed April 15, 2008 in Afghanistan.  The bracelets look very clean cut and professional and a good way to honor a true American Hero.  I also ordered one for my best friend because Kyle was like her big brother that she never had.  She doesn't know about the bracelet yet and I can't wait to show her.  Hopefully this way she will not get a tattoo.  Thank you so much for a company that can do such a thing.
Proud Sister of Kyle Wilks

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In Memory of My "Son" Who Died for My Freedom

I will wear my Memorial bracelet in memory of my son-in law, Robert Stacey Goodwin, KIA , in Afghanistan, Sept.20, 2004 whom I loved as dearly as my own son....and in honor of my daughter Jennifer Goodwin who lost her soul mate. We will always remember and love Stacey. My bracelet hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, I will wear it proudly, for Stacey believed in the Freedom he fought so proudly for!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

For Todd Beamer a Down To Earth Hero

Todd Beamer was a real down to earth hero. He did not carry a cell phone, and I am sure he was in the plane knowing he probably was not going to make it.  He had the courage to overtake the plane and didn't realize the lives he saved on the ground.  A remarkable hero.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Husband/Bracelet

I am wearing a Memorial Bracelet for SSG Robert S Goodwin was and forever will be my brave husband KIA 20SEPT2004, Operation Enduring Freedom A 2/3rd SFG (A)

Thank you and eternal love be to him and all of our brave troops. 

God Bless all of You!



Sunday, September 28, 2008

For My Flag Soldier

On Memorial Day 2006, I was in Memphis, Tennessee with my mother. Out on Germantown Road, they had a field with rows and rows of American Flags. Each flag was on a pole with a gold ball on top. Below the flag was a yellow ribbon tied to the pole. Glued on the yellow ribbon was a business card with the name of the soldier KIA with his city, state and date of death. The flags were for sale. My mother and I each purchased a flag. I have flown that flag every day weather permitted since that weekend, with his yellow ribbon still on the pole.

Then I saw John McCain's acceptance speech as Republican Presidential Nomenee. During his speech, he mentioned the bracelet he wore, and the soldier it represented. I was thrilled to know that the POW /MIA bracelets were still being done for our soldiers. I was also suprised to see that SPC Robert Tucker's name on your list, that no one had chosen his name yet. He is my flag soldier! I immediately ordered the Memorial Bracelet, adding the flag and Army logos to link them.

I have a son that serves in the Army, he has had one tour on Iraq and is beginning his second tour in January. I can not even begin to imagine how Robert's parents dealt with their sons death, but I do know how proud the must have been of their son, because my husband and I very proud of our son. I pray for our troops and for their families every day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to honor one of our countries fallen heros.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Because I Wore a John McCain POW Bracelet

I was searching the web for POW bracelets because as an elementary student I wore likely the most famous bracelet that there is : the copper John McCain bracelet. I was lucky to have had an aunt whose husband was in the Navy and she had access to the bracelets at their base. I first had the silver colored metal bracelet which broke in half and then got the copper because I was told it had more flexibility. As I got older I recalled at various intervals in my life the memory of the bracelet, and the picture I found in the news paper of John McCain which hung on my bedroom wall till I got married. I never thought there would be bracelets again because I thought wars like that were long gone. Wrong again. I now have two children:10 and 16 year old, and want them to have the memories that I had. Perhaps one day these names will also become famous.  I don't have any pictures. Thanks for the bracelets. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

For SPC Joshua L. Plocica

I ordered two Memorial Bracelets in memory of SPC Joshua Lee Plocica who was KIA June 25 2008. Joshua was my great nephew, and tho I didn't get to see him often, his death hurt just the same. I am sending one bracelet to his father David and one to my brother Lee (Josh's grandfather) to wear in his honor. I will be ordering one for myself after I get theirs. The war affects me differently now I think. I shed tears more easily now, and the reason is I truly know how it feels to lose someone you love to war. Now I cry for everyone that loses someone they love. All we can do is pray that the war ends soon.
For everyone that has lost someone God Bless You. May they all be Forever In Our Hearts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For My Buddy Killed by an IED

I'm getting this Memorial Bracelet for my buddy that I served with in Iraq.  He was killed by a IED.

Monday, September 22, 2008

For Capt. Speicher

I received my Memorial Bracelet today and it is - in a strange and sad way -beautiful.  Well made.  Fits perfectly.  But would want that we had no reason to wear them.  I am already proudly wearing it in support of past and present Armed Services members and their families.  I pray that someday Capt. Speicher can be brought home even after all these years. I'm curious as to whether, if he or his remains are ever found, will I know?  I will think of him and all who go into harm's way in my defense often every day.  I have not personally lost a family member to war but my Uncle is a retired Army General, my brother a former Marine, I have a very close friend who was in the Navy.  Capt. Speicher could be any of them.  But even though I do not know him, he was them to someone else.  I think of him, and his family and friends, and all our veterans every time I look at this bracelet. Thank you so much for carrying the tradition forward.

I Googled POW bracelets after seeing John McCain speaking about the one he wears.  I wanted one during the Vietnam War but was too young to know how to go about getting one.  I am proud now to be able to support our troops in this way.

Peace to everyone,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

For a Memorial Dedication for Two Men

For the last 25 years, James Edwards III, 65, has been a man on a mission. 

The Vietnam veteran has been fighting for a memorial at Norfolk State University (NSU) to honor the Spartans “who have given their lives for their country on the battlefield.”

Progress was slow until Edwards, Class of ’69, teamed up with fellow NSU graduates William “Lin” Walton Sr., Class of ’66, and Edgar Farmer, Class of ’69, to co-chair the Veterans Memorial initiative.

With the help of NSU Alumni Association and its president, Shelvee Osborne, they raised over $7,000. The memorial will stand in front of the Harrison B. Wilson Administration Building.

Edwards is the pastor of Chesapeake’s New Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church.  Half a lifetime ago, he was a platoon leader in Vietnam.

The battle for this memorial has been very personal.

Edwards was wounded twice in Vietnam. His license plate displays a Purple Heart with the message “2 N NAM.”  

The pastor wears other scars you can’t see.

Every day of my life I carry two names with me - Linwood Carter and Alan “Pinkie” Boffman,” said Edwards.  “We were in ROTC together at Norfolk State.”   

All three went to Vietnam, but only Edwards returned.

A Claymore anti-personnel mine took Lt. Carter’s life

Born on Sept. 18, 1947, Carter grew up on Marshall Ave. in Norfolk. 

He died in the arms of Sgt. Alvin Sanders in Vietnam on Oct. 21, 1970. 

 “He cared for his men even when many were from the Deep South and had no love for any black man let alone an officer,” remembered Sanders, now a businessman and ordained minister in Flushing, Mich.

“He saw something in me that I didn’t know was there.  He gave me a chance to grow, and he has been one of the key models of leadership for me as I have gone forward in life,” he added.

Less than a year later, Lt. Boffman died in Laos.

Edwards last saw Boffman “under the Tidewater Hall (now G. W. C. Brown Hall) clock tower” at NSU.  Edwards was headed for airborne school at Fort Bragg and Boffman was shipping out with the 101st Airborne for Vietnam.

“We were just kidding around and he said, ‘Now, don’t you go down to North Carolina and crash and burn,’” remembered Edwards.  “I said, ‘Don’t worry about me.  Don’t you go to Vietnam and crash and burn.’ I never saw him again.”

Boffman engaged in his first mission on March 18, 1971.  It was also his last.

All day long, Capt. Keith Brandt and Lt. Boffman’s Cobra gunship provided air support for 88 South Vietnamese regulars who were pinned down in a bomb crater. 

After refueling, the two aviators volunteered to lead the evacuation helicopters to the trapped soldiers.  

Circling above while providing cover, they took intense fire and several hits from the North Vietnamese troops. 

The last words to come from their gunship were, “I’ve lost my engine and my transmission is breaking up.  Goodbye.  Send my love to my family.  I’m dead.”

Moments later their chopper burst into flames and crashed into the Laotian jungle.  The  battle summary report read: “Shot down, crashed and burned leading slicks to surrounded ARVNs in Laos.” 

Those words haunt Edwards.

For nearly 20 years, the two aviators sat  in their helicopter side by side.  Their bodies were finally recovered on July 19, 1990. 

Today, Brandt and Boffman are buried in the same grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

Their names are chiseled in stone on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Carter is on Section 6W, Line 14, and Boffman is on Section 4W, Line 5. 

 “Before I leave this world, I’d like to read their names on a Veterans Memorial at the college,” Edwards said in a 2006 interview.

Before too long, he’ll be able to do just that.

Many Thanks,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For CMS James Blankenbeckler

I got the Memorial Bracelet the other day and it looks great. I learned about you guys through a friend who also learned from another friend of his. 

The one I ordered was of CSM James Blankenbeckler who was my Cheif of Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course (BNCOC) as well as a former Skystriker, (3-4 ADAR). The last time I saw him was when I left BNCOC a week early to deploy to Afghanistan and he shook my hand and wished me well when I left. I learned that he had died in OIF a little over a year later and he was the first Air Defender to give his life in OEF/OIF. I think it's a great thing ya'll are doing and I'll be sure to pass the word along!

SFC Wesley "Tommy" Neel
EW Platoon Sergeant
E Btry (Airborne) 3-4 ADAR

"Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all that the shelterd and protected can never experience"

Friday, September 12, 2008

To Honor The Friend From My Platoon

The Memorial Bracelet is very nice, I love it.

The person that I had engraved on my bracelet was a soldier whom I had served with in the same platoon back on Ft. Story, VA.  I will always remember him as a caring, professional, and a wonderful sense of humor.  I had gotten out of the service due to an injury before our nation had actually gone to war, but reentered the Army last year.  I was not in when I had found out that my friend was killed in action .  I wear this bracelet to honor him.  I reentered the Army to support and honor other friends whom I have lost and new ones that I have made since.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For My Friend and Comrade in Arms John Sinnock

I just received the two Memorial Bracelets I ordered. They're very nice and appear to be of good quality. I am wearing John Sinnock's bracelet as I type. John was a friend and comrade in arms. John's MOS was armored scout I believe, but he served as a grunt in D troop, 3rd Sqdn., 17th Air Cavalry beside me. On the day he was mortally wounded we were walking toward a small ville in Tay Ninh province. We believed the Viet Cong had occupied it during the night, so we approached with caution. Still the first volley of fire from the village took us by surprise. An RPG rocket exploded in front of us and John took a chunk of shrapnel through his chest and lung. He was alive when we put him on the dust-off Huey but didn't make it to the field hospital. He was a good friend, a great dry sense of humor, and I wanted the bracelet to remember him by. Obviously it's been over 40 years and I haven't forgotten him.
When my daughter's high school class was studying the Viet nam war the teacher asked if any of the dad's were vets, and if so would they come and speak to the class. I talked about John. Our friendship, the laughs we had. I told them that John and I were only a couple of years older than they when this happened and that there were more than 56,000 other John R. Sinnock stories.
A good friend of mine, Tommy, was a Vietnam Marine. I remembered him telling me about a good friend of his who he served with in Nam. Name of Sylvester Land, another Jersey guy like Tommy and I, so I got the other bracelet for him. Whether he chooses to wear it or not, I know he'll appreciate it.  
Best regards,

To Honor My Father


I recently ordered a Memory Bracelet to honor my Father, who was recently killed in action, in Afghanistan. Being a 19 year old girl who recieved the news just days before my 20th birthday, really hit me hard, and made me so aware of what is truly going on over there. Our troops are making a huge impact for the way of life over there, and I want to thank every soldier who is giving up their lives with their families, so make life better for others. My father was an amazing person who loved children, and would do anything to make others happy. This bracelet will help to keep his spirit alive, and also hopefully make an impact on others who see myself, and also my grandfather and uncle, who i purchased one for as well.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

For My First Love Ricky Lynn Herndon

I ordered my Memorial Bracelet remembering Ricky Lynn Herndon because he was my first love. They say you never forget your first love and its the truth. I met Ricky when we were both 15, in 1957. He was one of the smartest, nicest, decent and loving person I had ever met, and I have yet to meet anyone that comes close to being the man he was. He is the last thing I think of at night, and his picture is the first thing I see in the morning. It has been over forty years now, but my love is as strong if not stronger than ever.
I happened onto your website by accident, and was so glad I could do something like this. I think being able to order a bracelet honoring your special person is a wonderful thing. I wear my bracelet with love and pride all the time.
I will be forever grateful.

Friday, September 05, 2008

To Honor the Memory of PFC Abad

I just ordered my first Memorial Bracelet. I ordered my bracelet for PFC (now Specialist) Sergio Abad. I am a Sergeant in the United States Army, and while I was assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, based in Vicenza, Italy, PFC Abad arrived to his first duty station. He was a mortar-man assigned to Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), The Rock. I was Abads first squad leader. Basic training teaches the "basics" (hence the name", and the rest of what he learned about his chosen profession came from me and a few other NCO's. As with many new Privates assigned overseas, Abad was young. I believe he was 18 or 19 when he arrived in my squad. Overseas the drinking age is 18, so, like most young men that get stationed here, he had "a bit of fun" after he first arrived. Soon, his "wild streak" calmed down, but he was not merely one of my Soldiers. He stood out. His personality was unique. He would fight very hard for what he wanted, and would fight just as hard to help another. He deployed to Afghanistan with the 173rd in April of 2007. Due to an injury and upcoming surgery, I could not deploy. Abad was in his 15th month of a 15 month deployment. About two weeks before he was set to Re-Deploy, he and 8 other Soldiers were KIA. I will wear this bracelet to both honor the memory of PFC Sergio Abad, one of the greatest Americans, one of the greatest People, one of the greatest Heroes, one of the greatest Soldiers, and most importantly, one of the greatest FRIENDS that I have had the privilege of leading in my 9 years in the United States Army. I will also wear it as a reminder to never become complacent in a combat zone. I made it through my first two deployments, and PFC Abad had just about made it through his first. Things were being prepped to leave, bags had been sent back, but the war is not over until you are no longer in the war zone. To PFC Abad: Farewell Specialist. Stand Down, Soldier. I will take it from here. I will see you on the Great Drop-Zone in the Sky! Airborne, All The Way, High-Angle-Hell, The Rock!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To Show Our Respect and Pride For Those Who Served

I am not Robert, as he is at work. He was in Vietnam from 72-75. He always had a heart for the ones who were left behind, as no man was supposed to be left behind. He went to get a mask for his CPAP machine and the fellow working there was also in Vietnam. They had a lot in common, and were at some of the same places. He was telling us of his bracelet and how and why he got it (his 2nd). He was very proud of it and we wanted to get one. So we got on the computer to see what we could do. He is so proud to get his and we have been waiting for his, he will be so happy his is coming. It is  of a local boy, where we live now and where we grew up. That made it all the more special. It is a subject that causes some strife some times as he served and some of us think it should have never happened, especially the way the Gov. did to those who did serve. We are all proud for Robert and we will all be getting one in the future to show our respect and pride for those who did serve. God bless all those who serve for our country.
Thank you,

Sunday, August 31, 2008

For Scott Speicher

I am a member of Rolling Thunder NC1 and I’m retired Air Force, and originally I thought of getting a POW-MIA bracelet with an Air Force member’s info from the Vietnam War.  However, when I found your site and saw what you had to offer I thought to myself, why not honor someone from the war I was a part of.  You see, I entered the service in 1980, and my unit was based in Oman during Desert Shield & Storm.  And that is why I chose to have Scott Speicher’s info on my Memorial Bracelet.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Her Former Classmate KIA

My daughter is in JROTC at Rossview High School in Clarksville, TN.  Her step-father is active duty Army serving his 4th deployment (2 for OIF and now 2 for OEF).  When she learned that the classmate who's picture is painted on a wall in her school had been killed in action, she said she wanted a bracelet for him. 
Her goals are to graduate with Distiguished Honors, join the Army and make a differnce in the world, just like SPC Joshua L Plocica.


For My Cousin's Husband Killed in Iraq

My cousin's husband was killed in an IED Explosion in Iraq a little over a year ago.  His son was only a few months old when he left.  He was a great friend, son, brother, husband and father.  His legacy will not be forgotten.


Monday, August 25, 2008

For A Vietnam Scout Dog Handler

I love the Memorial Bracelet. It's beautiful.  I ordered the bracelet because the soldier who's name is engraved on it was a scout dog handler in Vietnam. He and his scout dog were both killed in Dinh Tuong. I am a German Shepherd lover and am very interested in their use as war dogs, particularly in the Vietnam war. I choose this particular soldier as a way to honor a dog handler who along with his dog was killed in action.

Thank you,


To Honor One of Many That Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice

Thank you for helping me honor one of many that have gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country.  You will never know how much you have helped a veteran try to get through something what has at time engulfed their life.  This Memorial Bracelet will not bring back the Lt., however it does somewhat start to heal a wound that the VA has been trying to do. 

Thank you and God Bless.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

For our Daughter Who Received a Naval ROTC Scholarship

I purchased the customized bracelet for our daughter who has just begun college on a Naval ROTC scholarship. She hopes to become a Naval Aviator and fly fighter jets just as Capt. Michael S. Speicher did.

Our daughter was not even two months old when the Gulf War began in 1991. We watched the television accounts on CNN while holding, feeding, and rocking her to sleep. We did not know on that first night of the war, in the midst of dozens of successful sorties by the Navy, that then LCDR Speicher had been lost. We did not know that night that our infant daughter would one day feel called to serve our country in the Navy.

My hope is that wearing this bracelet will serve several purposes. When she grows weary of her studies, may it help her to restore her strength. If she gets distracted, that it direct her focus back toward her goal. I hope that it will keep foremost in her mind her wellspring of respect and admiration for those who have served before her and that she honor their sacrifices by pursuing this path with courage and commitment. I hope it provides inspiration to her and her fellow midshipmen and remind them that their mere willingness to serve is one of the most powerful deterrents against our enemies' efforts to destroy our great country. May it be a reminder that we never leave any one of our soldiers, sailors or marines behind and to spare no effort or resource to bring them back home. And, may it remind her to say the occasional prayer to God to send comfort to the family of Capt. Speicher.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Memory of Fellow Marine Dion Stephenson

The Memorial Bracelet I ordered was in memory of Dion Stephenson who I served with in the Marines. He was KIA in Desert Storm. Dion and I were like brothers. He was only about 50 yards from my position when the vehicle he was in blew up. It's hard enough to lose a family member, but it is harder to lose someone who you have experienced things with that most people will never experience nor understand. My ordering a bracelet is my way of ensuring that my fellow Marine, and brother, will never be forgotten.


USMC, 1988-1992

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For My Sister that Passed Away in 2005

I have not yet received my bracelet, but I will wear it proudly everyday for my sister. She passed away in 2005 from a battle with lung disease. She is my only sibling. I miss her each and every day. She was my best friend. Her life was different then mine.. but she never complained. She loved her kids and lived each day for them. She was a very strong women and brave. She now has 2 beautiful grand babies.. (i have none!!) and I will make sure they never forget her. I just want to wear her name proudly and be able to tell everyone about her.

thank you,


To Always Remember Sgt. Kiser

I ordered Memorial Bracelets for both my husband and I.  We met when he was activated as an army national guard soldier and I was a civilian contractor.  We were both working soldier readiness processing for those going to Iraq.  We had been think of getting these bracelets for a while since we met so many men and women who deployed for our country.  We chose one soldier in particular,  Army Sgt. Timothy Craig Kiser assigned to the Army National Guard's 340th Forward Support Battalion, 40th Infantry Division.  My husband had originally been given orders to deploy and for reasons only the man up stairs knows, this soldier went instead.  We had spent time with him in the months prior to his deployment.  He went to Iraq in January and we found out he was KIA in May, just 5 month later.  To this day, I believe everything happens for a reason and I wanted these bracelets to always remember Sgt. Kiser and all of the other men and women who have given their lives for us and our country.

Monday, August 11, 2008

For my Fiance on the 31st MEU

I ordered my Memorial Bracelet to wear while my fiance is away on the 31st MEU. I love him and I wanted a way to honor what he is doing and to remind me to always have faith in what he is doing. I was told about this website by my best friend who lost a member if his unit to an IED in Iraq. He told me that you guys did a good job. 

Thank You.


Friday, August 08, 2008

To Honor My Brother Who Served in Vietnam

I love my Memorial Bracelet, thank you! 
I was just looking for a way to honor my brother who served in Vietnam. 25 years after coming home he couldn't take the memories anymore & took his own life. He was my brother, my friend & my hero. He was there for me when my parents weren't able/willing & I miss his influence in my life. My children know about him but I wish it could've been first hand, not just through stories from me. 
Well, probably more than you wanted to know but just wanted to let you know that your product offers comfort. 
Thank you, Susan

To Remind Me Of What I Am Here To Do

I wear my bracelet to remind myself everyday of what I am here to do while my fellow brothers and sisters are over there doing what they’re supposed to do.  

One team, one fight!

Regardless of what the media shows and politicians scream , we are doing good, and doing what is right; not for us, but for those who desperately need the help. I am grateful for those of whom I know, and even those of which I don’t know and the sacrifices they and their supportive families make everyday. THAT is why I wear the bracelet, “Until they all come home. OIF & OEF”. 

Thank you!

Lissa, SSgt. USAF