Monday, December 22, 2008

For My Practically Family Member from Roanoke

First my husband is a Vietnam Vet and my youngest son is now a US Marine. My husband has always worn a POW/MIA bracelet and ever since my boys were old enough to understand what they meant, they too, have worn one. My oldest sons bracelet was returned due to his POW/MIA's remains being found, so we have ordered him a new one. 

While scrolling through the list of names, I ran across one that was from our home town of Roanoke, VA. The name sounded familiar so I made a call to my mother and was surprised to find out that this young man was practically family.  You see, I was adopted at birth and was named after a good friend of my adopted mother. This young man was her brother and my adopted mother's first love. So now my son will be wearing his bracelet until he is returned home to his sister and my mother.

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