Saturday, February 16, 2013

For PFC Brandon Meyer

As a constant reminder of lost loved ones or heroes that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I chose to wear a Memorial Bracelets for PFC Brandon Meyer. Brandon was killed in Mosul, Iraq on 28 Jan 2008. You see I meet Brandon's Dad in 2011 in Mosul, Iraq at FOB Marez, his Dad was working for a contracting company there for the military. He told me Brandon's story, it was kind of erie that his dad ended up working were his son had been deployed, I guess in a sense you could say he was finding some closeness to his son, by being stationed there working for the contracting company anyway  I just want Mr. and Mrs Meyer and there daughter to know that Brandon is not forgotten. RIP Brandon. SGT Bruce Kuriscak and SGT Kevin Lang 105th MP co.