Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Remember Kennon's Ultimate Sacrifice

The story behind my Memorial Bracelet is... I am a 1LT in the US Army. I was a Fox Recon Platoon Leader at one point. I had a squad leader, SSG Kennon. He left my platoon and PCSed to Fort Campbell. He was assigned to an Infantry unit in the 101st. He was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wear his name as a remembrance for his ultimate sacrifice. He was one of my best soldiers. We all miss him dearly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

To Remind me of September 11th

Thank you, I received my Memorial Bracelet this past weekend and am very satisfied with it. I bought my bracelet to wear and remind me of September 11th, 2001, not only of what happened then but for all the people that died and all those who helped save lives by risking their own lives. This bracelet reminds me of how important our freedom is and also how great it is to be an American. Also, during these times of increased threats of terrorism one must realize how important it is to support our troops who are risking their lives to ensure that our freedoms continue.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because Tom Selleck wore one on Magnum P.I

I've always wanted a POW/MIA bracelet after I saw Tom Selleck wearing one on the Magnum, P.I. television show.  I was ten years old when the show premiered.  My parents explained to me what the bracelets were for and what they were about.  I learned about your website from a Magnum fan website.  The website is  There is a reference about your website in the Magnum gear section.  Now that I have all of the shows on DVD I was able to determine the name on Magnum's bracelet with a little help from the fan website.  I just received the shipment notification and I can't wait to get my bracelet.  I will be posting some pics of the bracelet on the website forum.  I have a post started on there about the bracelet that I ordered.  I have also read the story about Kenneth Lancaster (the name on my bracelet). I hope to honor his memory as well as have a piece of Magnum gear.  Thank you for providing this service.



Monday, July 14, 2008

To Remember a Friend Who Passed From Melanoma Cancer

A firefighter/medic friend of my husband (who is a Lt. at the fire department) just passed away due to a battle with melanoma cancer. I wanted to find some way to give them something to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. It is important for me to give these Memorial Bracelets to them and I know that they will be important to them.

To Remember Wentz Shanaberger

I ordered a KIA bracelet in remembrance of Army Staff Sgt. Wentz Shanaberger who was killed in an ambush in Iraq. He was a platoon leader of a Military Police unit investigating suspicious rebels on March 24th when he was struck by enemy fire.

For my 16 year old Daughter

I ordered this Memorial Bracelet as a gift for my 16 year old daughter.  The name on it is her grandfather.  Although she never met him, she is very proud of him and has visited the wall in Washington many times.

It is very nice and I believe she will really like it. I found your site while researching information about her grandfather (he is her paternal grandfather) for a scholarship application.  Thanks for helping me get her such a nice reminder of her family history.


For the POW/MIA from my Home Town in Ft. Morgan, CO

I am a Vietnam Vet Helicopter Pilot and the POW/MIA issue has always been very important to me. I have had three other bracelets over the years and have been able to return the bracelets to the families of all three upon each of their remains being found and returned home. 

I was in Colorado on vacation a month or so ago and visited the Traveling Wall in Keensburg Colorado. It was a very moving experience for me just as it has been each of the half dozen times I have had the opportunity to visit the Wall over the years. The little town of Keensburg did an outstanding job of honoring those fallen comrades who will be forever remembered on this memorial. While there, in one of the information booths, there was a list of Colorado Soldiers who were POW/MIA during the Vietnam War. I discovered that LTJG Gerald Green from my hometown of Ft. Morgan Colorado was on the list. I didn't know Gerald as he was a few years older than me, but found out that some of his family still live in the area. After a little research I found that there are some discrepancies on exactly where his Navy Jet was shot down and whether there was an ejection or not. Hopefully, one day his remains will be found, and he can finally come home, and I can proudly give this bracelet to his family.

The important thing, however, is that we can never forget these Heroes, and we can never abandon them. It is through organizations like yours that help keep the Hope alive, and for that I am thankful and proud.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Replace my old Bracelet

Attached is a photo of myself wearing my POW bracelet.  I found your site as a result of speaking with a Marine, wounded in Iraq, who was wearing a bracelet himself.  I ordered a new bracelet as a result of my original having recently developed a crack or split in it after 37 years of wearing it and which I will now forward to the family although I realize he has yet to be accounted for (just thought they might want it after I wore it that long).  FYI, my original cost me a $3 "donation" in August, 1971, at the West Virginia State Fair.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grateful for all the Men and Women who Gave there Lives for us

I saw one of your Memorial Bracelets on a visitor at the hospital I work in. I love silver bracelets and wanted one for myself. I was raised as an Air Force kid and had a great childhood. My father was in Vietnam twice and made it home safely. I am grateful for all the men and women who give their lives for us. I want to remember those who weren't as fortunate as my father to make it back home to us. 


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For MSG James W. Holt a Missing Solder

I received my Memorial Bracelet over the weekend and really like it. I am impressed with the craftsmanship and service.  I came across your web link while looking up information on sending care packages to a couple guys I know in Iraq.

This is my second bracelet for MSG James W. Holt.  The first one is worn so bad that you can barely read the information.  I've worn his bracelet for 20 years.  I sent off for a bracelet, allowing the company to randomly pick the POW-MIA's name. When it arrived chills went through me. MSG Holt was reported missing in February 1968.....I joined the Army in February 1968.  This proved to me that as one solder fell another one would stand up to take his place!!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

For the Generations of Men and Women in the Military

I love the Memorial Bracelet. I have one of my own and bought this one for my best friend. She previously wore one and then her soldier was found in Iraq.

There are generations of men and women in the military, including my father, a recently retired USAF Colonel of 26 years. The military and all of the sacrifices that come with it hit very close to home. The military is really just a huge family, and with that being said, how could I not wear a bracelet and remember one of my family members for his service. I also wear it for his immediate family- prayers and thoughts- and to really put life in perspective.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

To Bring the Team Together

My bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! I bought 5 of them for the dancers on my senior company dance team, and they've really helped to bring us together as a team. We wear them 24/7! I found your website by using Google to try and find a website to personalize bracelets. Thank you so very much!


To Honer Brown Water Navy Sailors

I am a current Brown Water Navy Sailor.  I ordered my bracelet to honor one of the Vietnam era Brown Water sailors. I contacted another sailor who knew him in Vietnam, and learned more about his story. They were true pioneers and I only hope we can live up to the jobs they did.