Friday, January 27, 2006

If Frank Is Not In Heaven Then I Have No Chance Of Making It

They are in remembrance of our nephew, Frank T. Carvill, who was killed in action on June 4, 2004. Frank, age 51, the first member of the N.J. National Guard killed since WWII, was due to leave IRAQ that day for a 2 week leave. One of the young men in his unit wanted to get home to attend his grandmother’s funeral. Frank gave up his seat for that young man. He also was the driver of the HUMVEE, but since this was his second run that day, he let someone else drive. The driver survived. Frank also survived both terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center where he worked. Frank was a very humble, giving, charitable person who is missed by his family and many, many friends. Sometimes when I prayer for his soul to be in heaven, I stop and say “if Frank is not in heaven already then I have no chance of making it. I know he is in a much better place but I miss seeing and talking to him.