Tuesday, June 29, 2004

For My Boyfriend

I ordered this bracelet for my boyfriend. We lost a very close friend on 9/11. His name is Robert Cordice. He was my boyfriend's best friend. Someone had purchased a bracelet for my boyfriend right after 9/11 - which he wore day & night. He loved the bracelet, as it was a constant reminder of Rob. Importunely, he lost it and was extremely upset. I could not wait to give it to him - and I can't tell you how happy he was to receive it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

In Memory of 3 Soldiers Killed in Iraq

We ordered the Memorial Bracelet in memory of 3 soldiers that died when an explosion went off in Iraq in which my husband was involved. My husband was not killed, but severely wounded when he lost his right leg in that explosion.

For A Stranger Who Reminds Me That I Still Have Choices

I found the person whose name that is on the Memorial Bracelet completely by accident. When things were in complete chaos after the attacks, the first person who appeared (when I was trying to find information about what was going on) also happened to be my same age, height and weight (though everything else about us was about 180 deg different). It stuck with me that we each shared the same physical space in the world and had the same amount of time to do our living, but suddenly they were just gone.

Anyway, I'm still here. It seemed at the time that there wasn't a lot I could do, (besides living my life like I did before and being there for the people that count on me) but that turned out not to be true. I found ways that I could. Little things can and do have profound effects on people you might never meet, as they did that day. Perhaps that is why this person came to my attention when they did. This is a stranger, but this is the stranger who reminds me to care about the things I do and do them to the best of my ability. The name and the face have been with me for a while. The bracelet is just a reminder that I have choices, and I choose, in my way, to protect others from being robbed of their choices.

Monday, June 21, 2004

For My Daughter

My 11-year-old daughter had a classmate/friend, Zoe, and her family that was aboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. She has learned to think of Zoe as her guardian angel and now can remember the fun times that they had in Brownies & school together. My daughter graduated from the 6th grade on Friday, as Zoe would have, and that is the day that I received the bracelet, so I gave it to my daughter as part of her graduation gifts.

For My Fallen Brothers

I ordered my bracelet because I have been a firefighter/EMT for 5 years now and would like to remember my fallen brothers.

For My Second Home

Having grown up in New Jersey, New York City was a second home for me and the World Trade Towers were like old friends. I live in Florida now and could not completely comprehend the horror of that day from here, but I got an eerie feeling when I went back up North to visit in 2002 and my cousin took my family and me to Ground Zero. She still lives in NJ. In the City she pointed out many things, but what stands out the most for me was looking at the insides of the store windows where everything was just frozen in time and covered in "after-dust". She told me how human fragments were still being removed from A/C and heating vents of buildings in the immediate area.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

For A Female Officer Lost 9-11-01

I ordered this bracelet because Officer Moira Smith was the only female police officer killed on September 11th. Being a female patrol officer with the Lafayette City Police Department in Lafayette, Louisiana, I wanted to pay my respects to her bravery. I read somewhere that the last time anyone saw her, she was in the lobby of one of the towers helping terrified people to get out, while she stayed inside and did not succumb to the terror that she, herself was feeling. For that, she deserves to never be forgotten. I wear her name on my left wrist, with pride.

As A Symbol Of My Generation's Suffering

I had ordered this bracelet for her because I bought one a year or so ago and when I went to visit, she saw it and really liked it. When I ordered the bracelet for myself it symbolizes my generation's suffering. The POW bracelets represent the Vietnam era while the 9/11 bracelets represent a day that I will never forget.

To Replace My Fiance's

They definitely are sturdier than the last bracelets we had. My fiancé lost his in an airport. So I went on line and researched other places to get them. His best friend Bobby Coll, was working for Eurobrokers on 9/11 in Tower 2. He and his wife's cousin, Brett Bailey, died trying to save another lady. We miss him everyday. His 3-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter will be in our wedding in October.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

For A Flight 93 Passenger

I ordered a bracelet with Nicole Miller's name on it because I knew her personally from my teenage years. We worked together at the same shoe store for about a year and we became decent friends. I didn't know that Nicole was a Flight 93 passenger until last August when I was home on leave. I noticed a small memorial at her former workplace; Chili's and it took a minute for it to sink in. I've been in the military since July of 1998 and I am a Security Force member in the Air Force. When 9/11 happened, I was hurt/angry like everyone else in the world and being in the military made a little more sense to me. Until that day, I went about my business and than I saw her memorial. 9/11 hit a little more close to home and I've now dedicated the rest of my military career to Nicole Miller's memory. Even though I hadn't seen Nicole since 1998, she was one of those people that you never forgot.

For A Fellow Cop

I bought a bracelet as a birthday present for a fellow cop I know who is really into POW and 9/11 stuff. Her last name is Smith and she is just a couple years younger than Moira so I knew that was the name she would want to wear. I have printed tons of information about Moira off the web to include with the bracelet. I can almost guarantee this officer will wear it for at least the rest of her career.

I stumbled across the bracelet for Sirius. I supervise the K-9 team for our city police department. I work with a cop who is a great dog handler and all around good cop. I wanted to show some appreciation for the hard work he does and knew he would understand the significance of "representing" Sirius and his handler.

Captain Mazza is a couple years older than I, but our police careers have been similar. My mother's maiden name is Matz, which was also similar to Kathy's name. My grandpa Matz served in the Army during WWII and died 8/9/01. It's important to me to remember the female cops in particular that made the ultimate sacrifice that day. Kathy Mazza was a trailblazer for many other women to follow. I wear her name on my right wrist to remind myself, cops I work with and the public of her sacrifice and to instill in myself the obligation to make the same sacrifice in my work if the situation arises.

I am also a reserve soldier and have 23 years of service. I chose SGT Thurman to represent the women who serve in our armed forces. We still are excluded from some jobs in the military because they are too dangerous, and yet female soldiers have been dying in the line of duty for decades. I went to basic training in Alabama, Thurman's home state. I wear her on my left wrist next to my watch. This bracelet is a little more personal. I wear her name to remind me that our Army consists of individuals. It's important for me to remember who they are and she reminds me of whom I am.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

For An Officer Lost In The World Trade Center

I opted to get the name of an officer lost in the World Trade Center. John was quite the character growing up. Always getting into trouble and then some. Seeing him become a public servant (the same type he antagonized growing up) was a riot. I thought I was fortunate that those that I loved and hold dear were not injured in the incident, it was a rough couple days, and given all the relatives I have in NYC. Then, in a small publication..."The Ukrainian Weekly", I read of our loss. Unfortunately, it fell though the cracks and was not made aware of the situation and did not attend the wake or funeral. Purchasing this bracelet and donating to a wonderful organization has now become my way of honoring the man John Skala became in adulthood.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

For My Dear Friend Who I Lost On 911

I ordered this bracelet because I lost a very dear friend on September 11th. I will wear it at all times possible from this day forward.

To Support Our Troops In Iraq

I wasn't directly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I say that because nobody I actually knew died or was involved. However, having been a woman in the United States Army, I feel it is my duty to support our troops and to always protect our way of life. Thank you for the bracelet. I still support our troops over in Iraq, and I still wear my POW bracelet from the soldiers before my time.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

For My 911 Survivor

I knew about your site because my husband is a 911 survivor. Everyone in my family wears a 911 bracelet. The one I most recently ordered is for a mother I have recently met who lost a fireman son in the same tower that my husband made it out of. I felt that purchasing a bracelet with her son's name for her was the least I could do.

Friday, June 04, 2004

So The Loss Is Never Forgotten

I have purchased and wear two VOT bracelets. To me they are the only way I can SHOW the world how much I care about these brave Americans. The first bracelet I wear is for a man in my community who died on AA flight 11 on 9/11. This loss should NEVER be forgotten! The second bracelet is for a recent victim of Al Queda in Iraq...a wonderful person who was just trying to help others...too tragic. Thank you for letting me wear "my heart on my sleeve" with the VOT bracelets. I feel like I am actually doing something to combat the demoralizing effects of terrorism.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

For My Volunteer Firefighter

My husband is a volunteer firefighter in our small town here in the Midwest. It's just a constant reminder of those that risk their lives everyday, some without pay, in order to keep our communities safe.

To Remember My Friend

I really love my bracelet. I picked one with the name of a close friend that died that horrific day. I found your website through a coworker that was wearing one of the bracelets with the name of a firefighter. I thought that this was a great way to honor my friend and always have him remembered. Thank you for that opportunity.