Wednesday, June 23, 2004

For A Stranger Who Reminds Me That I Still Have Choices

I found the person whose name that is on the Memorial Bracelet completely by accident. When things were in complete chaos after the attacks, the first person who appeared (when I was trying to find information about what was going on) also happened to be my same age, height and weight (though everything else about us was about 180 deg different). It stuck with me that we each shared the same physical space in the world and had the same amount of time to do our living, but suddenly they were just gone.

Anyway, I'm still here. It seemed at the time that there wasn't a lot I could do, (besides living my life like I did before and being there for the people that count on me) but that turned out not to be true. I found ways that I could. Little things can and do have profound effects on people you might never meet, as they did that day. Perhaps that is why this person came to my attention when they did. This is a stranger, but this is the stranger who reminds me to care about the things I do and do them to the best of my ability. The name and the face have been with me for a while. The bracelet is just a reminder that I have choices, and I choose, in my way, to protect others from being robbed of their choices.

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