Sunday, October 21, 2012

For 1LT James Zimmerman

I ordered a KIA Memorial Bracelet for 1LT James Zimmerman USMC, KIA Helmand Province, Afghanistan 02 November 2010, OEF

We were in the reserves together as enlisted infantry. I remember him driving us 0351s around Quantico during an AT prior to deploying for OIF in 2006 and getting lost. He was one of my favorite '11s. I'm sure his guys were lucky to have him as an officer...

Michael P.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

For Captain Lance Sijan

I ordered a Vietnam War Memorial Bracelet for Captain Lance Sijan (USAF) who was shot down over NVN and evaded capture for 12 days. When finally captured by the NVA and taken to the Hanoi Hilten, he was repeatedly tortured for any information. As the NVA could not force him to respond to their questions, he was refused medical attention for wounds suffered in his aircraft crash and the wounds inflicted upon him during the many torture sessions. His cellmates attempted to get him to eat and treated his wounds as best they could, but he died in the NVA prison. Captain Sijan was later awarded the Medal Of Honor posthumously. The bravest of the brave.

Gary S.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

For Vietnam War MIA SP4 Klaus H. ZUPP

I just ordered my POW Bracelet to commemorate SP4 KLAUS H. ZUPP MIA Cambodia 1968.

Elvis P.