Monday, March 31, 2008

For my Friend From High school

Today I ordered a Memorial Bracelet with the name of a friend of mine from high school who was KIA in Vietnam. I ordered it to replace the bracelet that I have worn for the last three years. I participate each year in the Run For The Wall motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. each May. The mission of Run For The Wall is to demand an accounting of all POWs and MIAs from all conflicts, not just from Vietnam. Most of the riders in the past have been old "grey beards" from Vietnam, but lately we are generating interest from the ranks of veterans of the Middle East theaters. All are welcome and appreciated, the experience is a healing process as well.  
The bracelets that I have worn previously were all purchased on the Mall near the Vietnam Wall. This weekend it was announced that SSgt. Matt Maupin's remains were identified and recovered. SSgt. Maupin is the name on the bracelet that I have worn for the past three years. I can now retire the bracelet since he is returning home. When on your site I realized that I could acquire a bracelet that will honor a friend of mine from high school, WO2 John Phillips. John was killed while flying a helicopter in RVN in August of 1970. I am honored to be able to wear John's name on my wrist.
Thank you for your important work keeping the memory of so many alive!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

For Brian Cody Prosser

Blessings for your continued service to honor revelantly all American heroes, in service and civilian.

When I was in high school, 20+ years ago in the 70's, I remember wearing the bracelet of I believe, Michael Brashear (if my memory serves me).  It reminded me always to pray for his and our troops safe return.  Wearing the bracelet brought a real connection to those in-service, and had a profound effect.  Now, years later, I checked "The Wall", and don't believe his name appeared.  It gives me hope that he returned safely.

Locally, we lost Brian Cody Prosser, Green Beret, in December '01 in Afghanistan, and as the war continued and expanded, I was curious why no one had re-instated circulation of the bracelets in memoriam, and in support of those serving.

I'm grateful to you for being in cyberspace, and continuing "In service", and now that I know where to find you, I hope to generate more interest "Until they all come home."

May God shine his healing and protecting light on you always!

My very best regards, sincerely,


For a Former POW/MIA Matt Maupen

Today I ordered the pow/mia bracelet of Matt Maupen.  I heard on the radio just today that his body has been found and that he is no longer missing. 
I have been wearing a bracelet with Matt's name on it for over a year now, and it is begining to get pretty worn out.  The reason I purchased another one is to put up to be given to my son one day.  You see, my son George was born on April 9, 2004, the exact day Matt went missing.  Matt is from a town about an hour from our house.  I want my son to always remember  Matt and to always remember what Matt and those that serve give for our freedom.
Thank you for your site and may God bless you.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For My Oldest Son Gi Joe

14 years ago my oldest son Micheal told me he was going to grow up to be GI Joe. He did. His senior year of high school he turned down college opportunities and joined the US Army. He did as he had said and became GI Joe.  

On February 24th, 2008 my son Micheal's unit was escorting an engineering unit when his vehicle was hit by an IED. My son was driving and the IED took out the driver's side door. The five other men in the vehicle walked away thankfully. My son however was hurt too badly and although the combat support hospital did everything possible he was lost to us. My son did not choose for things to happen as they did but if he could have he would have taken that blast so the others would walk away. 

The day before he was killed he told me he had decided to re-up for 2 more years. He had a job to finish and he so loved being a soldier. And he was good at it. I am just now finding out a lot of his accomplishments. He never told me, never bragged. To him it was just his job and he was just doing it the best he could.  I will wear his bracelet so people will ask and I can tell them about my son and how he loved his family, his friends and his country enough to put on that uniform and fight for the way of life and freedoms he so believed in. I will tell them how he helped plant the seeds of hope and freedom in Iraq.


Friday, March 21, 2008

For My Mom Lost To Lung Cancer

I recently loss my Mom to lung cancer on July 11, 2007.  My Dad and I cared for her the best we could for the 3 months she battled her cancer.  My husband, me, and our baby boy stayed on Guam with my Dad for months thereafter, because I wanted to make sure that he was alright to be left alone, since I'm their only child.  Four months later, my husband, my baby boy, and I left back to WA, where we were living.  In February 2008, my Dad came out there for a few days to surprise visit us.  He was happy to spend time with us, but I could see how lonely and broken hearted he was...still bereaving for my Mom.  A couple days thereafter, my Dad, who is strong and physically fit as an ox, passed away of a massive heart attack, a very shocking and untimely passing away for all of us family and friends.  My Daddy died of a broken heart is what I say today.  He was called by God and my Mom and once again, in everlasting life, my parents are both reunited in Heaven.  As tragic as my story seems, being that I lost my parents within 7 months of each other, not to mention that I am soon to give birth to my second baby boy, I am strong at heart.  It is my faith and strong relationship with God that keeps me living today.  Also, I rejoice in the fact that my parents love for each other is so profound, that both in life and death, they could not be apart.  I may have loss a lot, but I count my many blessings.  I was blessed with parents who loved me unconditionally and supported me in all my endeavors and blessed with parents who worked so hard for us to live comfortably in this life.  I was blessed to have them both be alive to witness me pledge my love to my husband and to witness me give birth to their first grandchild, my son.  It is these many positive memories and blessings that too keep me going and living.  I will forever love my parents and wearing my Memorial Bracelet will remind me everyday of them and all they have done for me.  
Thank you for your time and your interest in my story!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For My Love of Military Working Dogs

I absolutely love my Memorial Bracelet.  The craftsmanship is amazing.  I located you through a friend.  
The reason I ordered my bracelet was to show my
appreciation and love towards all Military Working Dogs past and
present.  Without our four legged hero's the war on terrorism would be
more difficult to overcome.  I am speaking from experience when I say
Military Working Dogs are one of the greatest assets in today's

Forever Loyal
Military Working Dogs
Guardians of the Night 


Joe, SSgt, USAF
Military Working Dog Handler
100 Security Forces Squadron
RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom
"Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War"

Monday, March 17, 2008

To Leave a Special Something at the Wall

I was creating a memorial book for a friend I went to school with to leave at the wall during the senior trip for a school which I was a chaperoning. I placed the bracelet along with the booklet for an extra rememberance for all the vets who served living and dead. Thank you for the opportunity to leave something special.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

For the Marine Sitting Next To My Son When Hit by an IED

I ordered this Memorial Bracelet for the Marine who was sitting next to my son, a Navy corpsman, in a Humvee that was hit with an IED in Fallujah in 2004.  My son was seriously wounded, but survived.  His buddy did not.  I will wear this bracelet throughout the month of May each year – the month this Marine died; the month my son was born; and the month in which we celebrate Memorial Day. 



Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Let Everyone Know About My Marine

I wear an Active Duty Bracelet with my Marine's name on it because it reminds me every day of his honor, strength, and courage. It's my way of showing my love and support. He's everything to me and to him, I owe the world, because without him I wouldn't be free. I wear it proudly, hoping to let everyone know that my Marine is my best friend, my lover, my hero.

For a Combat Photographer

I met him during pre deployment training.  He was assigned to our Headquarters as Combat camera (photographer).  He was a really nice young man. Once we arrived in Afghanistan, he was the only one who jumped in the back of the truck with me to unload the kits.  He said Sir, (I am a major) you shouldn't be doing this alone and started laughing.  Sadly, he died along with five others (1 UK and 4 US) one month later when the Chinook he was flying in, got shot down after dropping troops during an Air assault.  He didn't need to, but volunteered to go and take pictures of the guys. He wanted to make sure Folks back home knew and could see what the guys here were doing.  I had lunch with him just before he left to prepare for the mission. .... He is missed......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For My Brother From a Different Mother


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Remind Me of My Future Responsibilities

I recently ordered a K.I.A. Memorial Bracelet.  I wanted one for the obvious reason of remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our citizens.  Additionally, I am currently a Marine Officer Candidate; in selecting the name of the fallen Marine on the bracelet that I will wear, I chose a young PFC from Pennsylvania who was killed in action in Afghanistan. He was 19.  This bracelet will remind me that as a future officer, my responsibility is to the young Marines I will have the privilege of leading, to achieve our mission, and to bring them home safely. 
Very respectfully,
Cadet 2nd Classman Peter
Master Sergeant
Virginia Military Institute

Thursday, March 06, 2008

For One of the Best NCO's I Ever Met

I did receive my Memorial Bracelet and thank you.  It is not something that I wish to have however I don't know that I will ever take it off.  SGT Hill and I served together in Iraq 04-05.  I was his gunner.  We have known each other for 12 years in same National Guard unit.  He volunteered for the mission that our state took on in Afghanistan and was KIA 2 Jan. 2008.  He was one of the best NCO's I have ever had the privilege of knowing, not to mention friend and mentor.  I don't know what else can be said about him.. I will be ordering more.. SGT Hill left behind 3 boys 11, 13, &15.  We did convoy security and in that truck traveled over 80,000 miles together.  From Left to Right.  SGT Hill,  SPC Judge,  SPC Mullins.  Now SGT Judge and SGT Mullins 


For My First American Patient to Pass Away

I recently returned from my first tour to Iraq. I'm a medic and I saw a lot of sad and awful things that still haunt me to this day. But nothing bothered me as much as having Cpl. Anthony Bento as my patient. He was the first American patient of mine to pass away. It was a defining moment in my life and I will never forget him. I wear a Memorial Bracelet bearing his name so that people will hopefully ask me about the name inscribed on the sterling silver. I show them his picture when I have computer access and I tell them about how great a man I imagine he was. He is my hero.
SrA Tara

For My Children To Remember the Soldier on My POW Bracelet

When I was 12 (1970) I ordered a POW bracelet and Lt McGouldrick was the bracelet that I recieved.  I wore it for a very long time and honestly don't know what ever happened to it.  Anyway, I was investigating presidential candidates on the internet and ran across John McCain's site and watched the story about him and the video of him as a POW.  It reingnited my interest in trying to find out about Lt. Mcgouldrick.  I never knew anything about him at all.  Back then there was really no way for us to research that kind of thing. I just remember when prisoners starting coming home lists of names were published in our paper and I checked it daily, of course never finding him. I never forgot him and have carried him in my heart always.  As I researched I learned what happened to him and how his wonderful daughters have continued the search for answers.  I also learned that he was a very special man and I sat at my computer and cried.  I really had no idea the impact it would have on me.  I decided then and there that I must once again carry him with me every day.  I want my children (by the way one of them is in the US Navy) to know about him and all the other brave men and women who have gone before them. It is very important and I hope they at some time will pass what they are learning about this part of our history on to others.  Thank you for allowing me the the honor of wearing his name once again.  Kathy

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For a Vietnam Soldier that Went Missing on the Day I Was Born

The Memorial Bracelet arrived this morning and it is superb.

Until recently I have had no interest in the Vietnam War; my main interests are the Canadian and British Armies in the Great War and the 1745 Jacobite Rising.

Some time last year I kept having recurring dreams of being in a jungle clearing and coming under fire. Nothing too strange really as I had been in the British Army (Royal Military Police) and we used to do exercises in wooded areas and I thought that was what I was dreaming about.

Then one dream went a little further than the others, only a bit but this time I managed to see more around me; and something made me think that this was like watching a Vietnam War film. This puzzled me a bit as I had never watched a Vietnam War film in my life.

Anyway, this led me to start looking at the Vietnam War in a bit more depth, and whilst just browsing and putting in family names and dates of birth I was surprised to find Private Robert J. Todd’s details which showed him MIA on the very day I was born.

Funnily enough I also found another tenuous link with the Vietnam War whilst in a North London cemetery where I was cleaning up a family grave. On a smoke break I ‘stumbled’ on a grave to a Sgt Arthur Fisher USMC who was KIA in Vietnam. I was extremely surprised to find a man from Ireland (according to the grave stone) who served in the USMC was killed in Vietnam and was buried in England!

All the best,


For Airman First Class Elizabeth Jacobson

So sorry  for my little english, but Thank You !
I has know Airman First Class Elizabeth Jacobson and I have hand wrote a  poesy for her in italian language and a my friend has translated it :
" In questa notte buia, il Tuo sorriso risplende come una nuova
costellazione, lassu' nel cielo, porta il Tuo nome e brilla con la
Luce dell'Amore, pulsando al ritmo di un Cuore che non si e' mai
spento... "

"In this dark night your smile glows like a new constellation in
the sky above, it carries your name and shines with the light of
love, beating at the rhythm of a heart that has never died..."

I am a classic musician ( I play oboe )



Monday, March 03, 2008

For the Men I Felt We Left Behind

I have wanted to get one of these bracelets since I attended USAF Survival school many years ago.  I have always felt we left these men behind, and they should never be forgotten.  This will be one of the many ways I remind people of that fact.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.
MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

As A Gift For My Dad Who's Father Was KIA

I purchased the Memorial Bracelet as a gift for my dad, whose father was KIA during WWII when my dad was only a few months old. I gave him the bracelet the same day I received it thru the mail. He likes the bracelet and is still wearing it.
Memorial bracelets are not a new thing to my family, my husband also wears one in memory of a fellow serviceman from his time in Afghanistan.
Thank you for providing a great service and a means to honor all those who serve this country!
May God Bless the USA!!!

To Talk About This Soldier/Friend Everyday

Thank you for shipping the Memorial Bracelet. It is exactly what i wanted.

This bracelet is in remember of a friend of mine that was deployed with me in OIF 2 i since have PCSed and have not seen him. This was his second tour. He wore two bracelets one on each wrist to show support to fallen soldiers. I thought it only proper to do the same for him. This Soldier/friend was amazing and with this bracelet i will get to talk about him everyday when someone sees it. 

Thank you again for the website, many of my friends have used your site before and that is how i found it.