Friday, March 21, 2008

For My Mom Lost To Lung Cancer

I recently loss my Mom to lung cancer on July 11, 2007.  My Dad and I cared for her the best we could for the 3 months she battled her cancer.  My husband, me, and our baby boy stayed on Guam with my Dad for months thereafter, because I wanted to make sure that he was alright to be left alone, since I'm their only child.  Four months later, my husband, my baby boy, and I left back to WA, where we were living.  In February 2008, my Dad came out there for a few days to surprise visit us.  He was happy to spend time with us, but I could see how lonely and broken hearted he was...still bereaving for my Mom.  A couple days thereafter, my Dad, who is strong and physically fit as an ox, passed away of a massive heart attack, a very shocking and untimely passing away for all of us family and friends.  My Daddy died of a broken heart is what I say today.  He was called by God and my Mom and once again, in everlasting life, my parents are both reunited in Heaven.  As tragic as my story seems, being that I lost my parents within 7 months of each other, not to mention that I am soon to give birth to my second baby boy, I am strong at heart.  It is my faith and strong relationship with God that keeps me living today.  Also, I rejoice in the fact that my parents love for each other is so profound, that both in life and death, they could not be apart.  I may have loss a lot, but I count my many blessings.  I was blessed with parents who loved me unconditionally and supported me in all my endeavors and blessed with parents who worked so hard for us to live comfortably in this life.  I was blessed to have them both be alive to witness me pledge my love to my husband and to witness me give birth to their first grandchild, my son.  It is these many positive memories and blessings that too keep me going and living.  I will forever love my parents and wearing my Memorial Bracelet will remind me everyday of them and all they have done for me.  
Thank you for your time and your interest in my story!

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