Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For Airman First Class Elizabeth Jacobson

So sorry  for my little english, but Thank You !
I has know Airman First Class Elizabeth Jacobson and I have hand wrote a  poesy for her in italian language and a my friend has translated it :
" In questa notte buia, il Tuo sorriso risplende come una nuova
costellazione, lassu' nel cielo, porta il Tuo nome e brilla con la
Luce dell'Amore, pulsando al ritmo di un Cuore che non si e' mai
spento... "

"In this dark night your smile glows like a new constellation in
the sky above, it carries your name and shines with the light of
love, beating at the rhythm of a heart that has never died..."

I am a classic musician ( I play oboe )



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