Monday, March 31, 2008

For my Friend From High school

Today I ordered a Memorial Bracelet with the name of a friend of mine from high school who was KIA in Vietnam. I ordered it to replace the bracelet that I have worn for the last three years. I participate each year in the Run For The Wall motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. each May. The mission of Run For The Wall is to demand an accounting of all POWs and MIAs from all conflicts, not just from Vietnam. Most of the riders in the past have been old "grey beards" from Vietnam, but lately we are generating interest from the ranks of veterans of the Middle East theaters. All are welcome and appreciated, the experience is a healing process as well.  
The bracelets that I have worn previously were all purchased on the Mall near the Vietnam Wall. This weekend it was announced that SSgt. Matt Maupin's remains were identified and recovered. SSgt. Maupin is the name on the bracelet that I have worn for the past three years. I can now retire the bracelet since he is returning home. When on your site I realized that I could acquire a bracelet that will honor a friend of mine from high school, WO2 John Phillips. John was killed while flying a helicopter in RVN in August of 1970. I am honored to be able to wear John's name on my wrist.
Thank you for your important work keeping the memory of so many alive!

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