Friday, November 23, 2012

For a Friend Injured Fighting for our Country

I received my Memorial Bracelet yesterday via UPS. The bracelet turned out fabulous. The detail, clarity and strength of the bracelet is remarkable.

The name on my bracelet is a good friend of mine. We were friends for many years, and when 9/11 happened, the Patriotism came out in the both of us (it was there 110% before, but now it was time to step up). We both went to college together and graduated in August of 01. We both were working great jobs, and quit them to defend our country....And that was the best choice we ever made. As time went on, I was injured and was discharged due to the inability to perform my duty to the fullest of my expectations and my COs. My bud stayed.

He was docked to come back for leave, but offered to stay in hostile territory when he had a 21 year old soldier in his flight become a Dad for the first time. So some how (I am still trying to figure this out), papers were turned, favors were granted, and prayers were answered, and the young soldier got his leave to see his new family, with my bud staying behind, taking his place. Because of this, my friend was severely injured and will never be the same again. He has lost all ability to function, talk, etc. Therefore, I want him to see me there as support, and always know I have him close to my heart. In my eyes, this soldier dropped everything he had to defend this Nation, then when it was his time to go home on leave, gave up his slot for a brother in arms. That is exemplarily leadership, dedication and sacrifice, which is our code, and what we live by on a daily basis.

For SSG Keith Maupin

Just received my Memorial Bracelet today in the mail. The workmanship is great. Found the web site from one of the guys that I with work here with in Baghdad. He ordered his bracelet from you also.

SSG Keith Maupin's Dad is my cousin. Since I am not real good on family relationships, I did not know he had deployed over here until he was listed as duty status unknown. I am currently in Baghdad, Iraq. It is my third trip. I am performing my job as all soldiers here do. Since being here during this deployment, I have received packages from the yellow ribbon support group that his parents started on his behalf. I am grateful for their support, and all that support us while we are here.

1SG David M. C.

For Lt. James E. Teague

I wore a MIA/POW Bracelet for Lt. James E. Teague until they notified me that he had been brought home.  A very sad time for me.

I used to look at his bracelet every day and pray and wonder where and how he was.
All these years since, I would think of him and his family and how their lives changed with his death.  John 15:13 - "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friend."

I have read the summary of his mission and the shootdown sequence provided by Theodore G. Stier  CDR, USN (Ret.)  I have always wondered what happened.  It brought all the feeling back like it just happened.

Always wanted to get in contact with his family and tell them how sorry I was and that I prayed for him every day but did not have the resources.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

For SP4 James E. Jaranson

I just ordered a Memorial Bracelet in memory of my childhood playmate SP4 James E. Jaranson. Jimmy was killed in Vietnam 6 months before I went over. He and I played ball every day at recess in school. The other popular boys would not let us play ball with them, so Jimmy and I teamed up and played catch. I guess we shared difficulties as little boys, and I wasn't there for him when he was in difficulty in Nam. I'm sorry Jimmy so sorry. God keep you my friend.

Dan B.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

For 1LT David R. Blackburn

I just purchased a Memorial Bracelet to honor
P-30E / L-82 FL

He was the brother of a friend of mine. I remember clearly the look on her face when she was called out of class that day. It brought the war home to me in a very personal way and was a wake up call for a 12 year old. His death changed me in a profound way and that led me into activism on several political issues and put me on a career path where I was able to change a small corner of the world. God bless him and keep him.

Ann S-Y

Sunday, October 21, 2012

For 1LT James Zimmerman

I ordered a KIA Memorial Bracelet for 1LT James Zimmerman USMC, KIA Helmand Province, Afghanistan 02 November 2010, OEF

We were in the reserves together as enlisted infantry. I remember him driving us 0351s around Quantico during an AT prior to deploying for OIF in 2006 and getting lost. He was one of my favorite '11s. I'm sure his guys were lucky to have him as an officer...

Michael P.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

For Captain Lance Sijan

I ordered a Vietnam War Memorial Bracelet for Captain Lance Sijan (USAF) who was shot down over NVN and evaded capture for 12 days. When finally captured by the NVA and taken to the Hanoi Hilten, he was repeatedly tortured for any information. As the NVA could not force him to respond to their questions, he was refused medical attention for wounds suffered in his aircraft crash and the wounds inflicted upon him during the many torture sessions. His cellmates attempted to get him to eat and treated his wounds as best they could, but he died in the NVA prison. Captain Sijan was later awarded the Medal Of Honor posthumously. The bravest of the brave.

Gary S.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

For Vietnam War MIA SP4 Klaus H. ZUPP

I just ordered my POW Bracelet to commemorate SP4 KLAUS H. ZUPP MIA Cambodia 1968.

Elvis P.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For my Dad's Fraternity Brother

In grade school, I wore the copper POW bracelet of my Dad's fraternity brother until they brought him home. It was interesting explaining to my school mates what that meant when they would ask me about it.

Andrine O.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Honor My Father Sgt. Richard L. Fahrenbruch

I just ordered my Memorial Bracelet to honor my father, Sgt. Richard L. Fahrenbruch, KIA 4/03/68.

Lori F-M

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Memory of All Gone, but Not Forgotten

I retired my red MIA bracelet at the Vietnam Wall because the man's remains had finally been returned. I now purchased a simple black POW/MIA in memory of all who are gone, but not son (16) also ordered one for a SEAL that he holds the greatest respect for that was KIA in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He plans to wear his in memory/honor of all that SEAL did. He also wishes to spread the story of how awesome that SEAL was so he will wear and share.

B.J. P.

Friday, September 21, 2012

In Remembrance of SPC Michelle M. Witmer

Just purchased my KIA Bracelet in remembrance of SPC Michelle M. Witmer first National Guard Female Soldier KIA, OIF

Martina C.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

For a Marine that was a close friend

I am going to wear my Memorial Bracelet for a very close friend of mine that enlisted me into the marine corps. He was my recruiter and we became close friends over the year I was waiting to go in. He was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq doing his job protecting our country. I was hoping to get back intouch with him after the war but when I heard the news that he was taken from us I knew my friend was gone.

In Remembrance of SO1 Patrick Feeks

We will proudly wear our Memorial Bracelets in remembrance of SO1 Patrick Feeks.

Carol C.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Remember Spc Clarence Cash

I purchasing my Memorial Bracelet to remember Spc Clarence Cash. He was killed in Desert Storm, were we served together. He was a true friend and brother. Thank you for allowing me to honor my friend.

Thomas D.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For SIRIUS K9 lost on 9/11

This is SIRIUS. He was in the K9 unit for the NYPD as a bomb detector dog. He lost his life on 9-11 when the WTC tower fell while he was doing his job. My Memorial Bracelet is for him. I wear it all the time and tell others about him. I have always loved dogs and raised and trained puppies for the GUIDE DOG FOUNDATION out of Smithtown NY. I think all that lost their life should not be forgotten, even the 4 legged ones.

Sonie R.

Monday, September 10, 2012

In Memory of Sept. 11th

Ten years ago I purchased a Memorial Bracelet that reads: In Support Of Our Military, In Memory of Sept. 11, 2001. I have worn this bracelet for ten years since the day it arrived in the mail. It's only been taken off twice. Once for an MRI and once for heart surgery. Other than that I wear it as a reminder to those that died that fateful day, our troops that have died since then and our troops that are still serving. It's a daily reminder of how grateful I am to those men and women that protect my family and home. A daily reminder that they should not ever be forgotten. Everyone that sees my bracelet and asked about it is another solider remembered, another victim not forgotten and another moment to remind someone of the 'bigger" picture in life.

My bracelet is scuffed and scratched, a little out of round and could use a good buffing. But, yet, I refused to take it off for something so little. Every scuff and dent reminds me of a solider that is damaged alot worse, a family missing a vital member or an innocent lost in the blink of an eye.

Funny how a little stainless cuff of metal can change your life.

Lora R.

For Nephew Christopher Traina

I have worn my Memorial Bracelet for 10 & 1/2 years in memory and honor of my beloved nephew, Christopher Michael Traina, who was killed on 9/11 while working in 1WTC. I only wish I, and all others who wear a bracelet, did not need to!!

Lenora F-S

To Never Forget Spc. Clarence Cash

I have been wearing an MIA/POW Bracelet since I was 12, and now I am 41. I am a Desert Storm Veteran. I lost my best friend in the war. When I found Memorial Bracelets web page, I knew I had to order his bracelet. Thank you for giving me the chance to honor his memory. I will never forget Spc. Clarence Cash.

Thomas D.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

To Memorialize Spc Cedric L. Lennon

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to memorialize a soldier: Spc Cedric L. LENNON. I had taken him under my wing. He was new to the Army and had some adjusting to do. I was his first NCO (permanent party) and taught him everything I knew. Eventually he found out he enjoyed being a soldier and reenlisted. I transfered to a different Squadron and would see him on occassion. He was doing well. Our regiment deployed to Iraq, and within a few months of deployment, I found out that he had passed. It always hit you hard when someone you know is killed, but even harder when that person is like a son. This braclet is a small reminder of his life, and the sacrifice he made. Every soldier that deployed with me ( in my platoon at that time) made it home, I wish he would have too.

Timothy I.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Brian McCarthy lost in Cambodia

I met Cpl Brian E. McCarthy in the the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 1969. We laughed and cried during our eight months together, and became as close as brothers. He was KIA during the invasion of Cambodia, and I will never forget him. RIP Brian.

Richard B.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

For William F. Mullens still MIA in Vietnam

As a young girl I had a POW/MIA Bracelet. As a teenager I lost the bracelet, but never forgot the man's name I wore for many many years. I just went to the Memorial Bracelets website and found my soldier, William F Mullens is still MIA from 1966 in Vietnam. I am re-ordering a bracelet so honor his memory.

Marianne P.

Monday, August 13, 2012

In Honor of CAPT Steve Phillis

I just ordered a bracelet in honor of USAF CAPT Steve Phillis. He was shot down and KIA in his A-10A in the Gulf War. He was protecting then Lt. Robert Sweet who was also shot down and taken prisoner. I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Col Sweet many years later while working on A-10C's at Moody AFB, GA. We both share the same hometown and a love for Mountaineer football. I dedicate my bracelet to both of these fine examples of American heroes.

Nathan L.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

For my son Sgt. Leston Tony Winters

I was given my Memorial Bracelet from a good friend. It carries my son's name Sgt Leston Tony Winters. He was killed in action July 15 2010 in Afghanistan. I will wear it proudly, not just for my son, but for others who have fallen. Proud Mother of a fallen hero. My HERO My SON.

Cheryl L-S

Monday, August 06, 2012

To Honor Sgt. Joshua R. Ashley

Just bought some Memorial Bracelets for me and my family in honor of a young man who was just killed two weeks ago. Sgt. Joshua R. Ashley.

Kathy H.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

For Friend Lost in Afghanistan on 7/23/12

I have been wearing my Humbert R. Versace POW bracelet who was captured in Vietnam for 10 years now with the intentions of reminding myself that freedom is not really free. Today, I ordered one to wear the rest of my days for my friend who I have known and grown up with since he was little, who I consider a brother on it. He died in Afghanistan on Monday, July 23, 2012 fighting for all of our freedom. These bracelets give me a sense of fullness knowing he will be with me daily. Thank you

Kaiti K-D

To never forget Chris Meagher

Chris Meagher is good friend who will never be forgotten by me.

Ken B.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Memory of Sgt. Nicholas Dickhut

In memory of Sgt. Nicholas Dickhut. A good man and a good soldier. Taken too young. Missed by many.

Jacqueline C.

Friday, July 20, 2012

For my Son Spc. Mark J. Downer

My pain, my sorrow, my loneliness because of the loss of my Son can only be approched by my PRIDE, my GRATITUDE, and my LOVE for Mark. I am so humbled to be called his father. His legacy of love, and exceptance I strive to continue. his humor, his strength, his humility I miss like my next breath. We will forever miss you my son.

Spc. Mark J. Downer
KIA- August 5, 2011
Kandahar, Afghanistan

Mark D.

Monday, July 16, 2012

For MIA WO1 Gerald E. Woods

For WO1 Gerald E. Woods waiting to be brought home- Loss Coordinates: 160431N 1071910E (YC481785)

Patrick B.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

For LCDR James E. Dooley

I am so happy to have found the web site. I lost my POW MIA bracelet honoring LCDR James E. Dooley. I have worn this and kept him with me for about 20 years. I didn't know him, or his family, but that doesn't matter. He's my hero. I lost my bracelet while working in a hay field. It hurt emotionaly alot. I felt as though I had let him down. Thanks you for taking custom orders so I can continue to honor LCDR Dooley. I'll be waiting by the mailbox. Thank You.

David K.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

For SSG. Donald J. Trampski

Today was an emotional day, as I visited the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. I found the soldier whose name has encompassed my wrist for almost 3 years now. As I stood among so many Veterans, in attendance both physically, and spiritually, my bracelet took on an entirely new meaning to me. Today it became more than just a single name. It became a single representation of 58, 282 soldiers who gave all.

Amber E.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

For Vietnam War Returnee Capt. Myron MacDonald

My original POW/MIA bracelet was purchased around 1972 at a 4th of July Parade near my hometown, Flourtown, PA, when I was in junior high school. I wore my bracelet proudly for Captain Myron MacDonald, USAF, a pilot who was shot down in Vietnam. Fortunately, I witnessed the return of my POW, when his family told me to watch his return flight. I actually viewed him stepping off the plane that had just brought him home! I remember sending him letters and care packages. I was a strong supporter of our military men and women back when I was a teenager and continue to do so today. I have been a Soldiers Angel on the Letter Writing Team, for over two years now, writing to soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa! I sent these greetings in order to honor them and to remember all of the fallen heros of 911, as well as the Gulf War--when I was married to a USMC Cobra Helicopter Pilot who served in the war. 

Marion M.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

For Red's Co-Pilot Vietnam POW Kelly Patterson

I began wearing a POW Bracelet years ago with Darl Bloom's name on it.  I began wearing them because my cousin, Eugene "Red" McDaniel was a POW for years (had been shot down on my birthday in 1967).  However, doing a lot of net fishing in Bogue Sound, NC, I kept losing the bracelet and its replacement bracelets.   I'm ashamed to say that only now am I planning on wearing one again.

I've requested one with Kelly Patterson's name on it, this time, because he was Red's co-pilot.  It's the least I can do to bring awareness to the issue of POWs in any war, and to lend moral support to their families.

For Our Sons Matt and Sean

We ordered the Memorial Bracelets to memorialize our two sons, Sean and Matt. Matt was killed in Iraq April 1, 2007 and Sean passed away in his sleep May 25, 2007.

This email and any files attached to it contain confidential information. Please notify the sender if you have received this email in error. If you are not the intended recipient, any use or disclosure of this email or any attached files is prohibited.

For POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

When I first saw Sgt. Bergdahl as a P.O.W., he was being held by masked, gun-toting men making him say those things.  My heart went out to him and his family. I went to the store and bought yellow ribbon and put it on one of our porch poles.  Then it was a long time before I heard anything.  When I heard another report that he was still alive, I put another ribbon on with the other one which was already out there. They will stay their until I find out he has been realesed. When I saw his dad on television on Memorial Day this year, I was so glad to hear he was still alive. I hope and pray for him to be released very soon. I got on my computer later that day, and read some of the things different web pages.  I came across the site and order my bracelet.  I will wear it till Bowe comes home to his family. Thank you so much, keep up all the good things you are doing for them.

Always,     Ida S.

For My Childhood Friend SRA Jason T. Plite

Jason Plite was just another kid on the block.  Growing up we played outside all the time. We were classmates and great friends. Jason always wanted to grow up helping people.  It's no surprise he joined the USAF and became part of their elite Pararescue, where their motto is "That others may live". May he rest in Peace, and his memory live within all of us.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

For SFC Russell Borea

My Memorial Bracelet is in memory of and to honor Sgt 1st Class Russell Borea, KIA 1/19/2007 in Mosul, Iraq whom my son proudly served under.

Dawn S. K. 

For those who have fought in past wars

I wore two bracelets & a ring with the names of CWO Dennis C. Hamilton USA 1-5-68 LAOS IA, Panel No. 33E Line No. 49, CAPT. Trent R. Powers USN 10-31-65 NVN MN, Panel 03E Line No. 10, & my ring has the name CPL David E. Lovegren USA 3-1-69 SVN OR, Panel No. 30W Line No. 5. I still have them & they sit in a place of honor so that I remember always. My Dad is also on the wall. 1SGT Harvey N. Hedstrom USA 5-17-69 SNV MN, Panel No. 24W Line No. 31. Please remember all those who have fought in past wars, as well as the present wars. Let NO ONE BE FORGOTTEN. Bless all our Vets.

Lea Ann E.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For Wayne Wilson

I am the proud owner of Wayne Wilson's POW Bracelet. For more than 20 years!

Lori C.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For Capt. Thomas D. Clem

I wear my Memorial Bracelet for Thomas D. Clem , Capt. USMC 3 may '68 MIA (my bracelet is worn badly, so not sure). I never remove it. I will replace it with stainless soon.

Anthony G.

For Lt. Col William J. Brasear

I still wear my MIA bracelet for Lt Col William J Brashear : USAF May 8, 1969 in Laos from California. Have had this name since I was a freshman in High School. I just had my 55th Birthday. "Lest We Never Forget" !!

Pam B.

For Cpl Jordan Stanton

My daughter & I wear our Memorial Dog Tags & Bracelets every day for Cpl. Jordan Stanton. - Cheri M.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

For my son in Afghanistan

My son is currently in Afghanistan as part of Operation Eduring Freedom. As family members are military hero's are always in our hearts and on our minds. Having the bracelet helps me feel more connected to my son and allows me to tell his story to everyone I come in contact with. The US military does such a wonderful job of keeping American's safe and sheltered, that we have started to take for granted the sacrifices made every minute of every day by those who keep us safe. Let us never forget and let us always pay homage to those who defend our freedom and the wonderful families who sacrifice on our behalf. God Bless them.

Johnna S. S.

For Robert Sennett

I still ware my MIA bracelet. I got it when my husband was in the Navy stationed in Viet Nam. My husband came home, however, Robert Sennett has been missing since 1/22/1966. God bless and keep him.

Raine A.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

For SSG James A. Champion

I was visiting DC for a week with a friend in April of 1999. We went to the Lincoln Memorial one night and visited the souvenir stands manned by Viet Nam vets on the road out front. I was drawn to the MIA bracelets and, being a 2/75 vet myself, began looking through the Army bracelets for a fellow Ranger, finally coming across James A Champion. When I got home I did some more research on SSG Champion and during a subsequent trip to DC, obtained a "rubbing" of his name from the wall. I wore my bracelet every single day for 13 years; on my wedding day, on 9/11, on the day I reenlisted after my 10 year break in service, on the day my daughter was born, during my tour of Iraq/OIF III, and on the day I brought my daughter and my two stepdaughters to The Wall to show them SSG Champion's name last April, 2011. I was still wearing my bracelet here in Afghanistan until I lost it during a combat patrol in Chaparhar last Thursday, 3 May. I cannot believe that I have lost something that has been a part of so many important events in my life and feel as though I have failed SSG Champion, leaving him on the battlefield yet again. I'm grateful that I found the website and anxiously await my replacement bracelet. I feel naked without it and, although I will miss my old one, I look forward to wearing the new bracelet during many more important events in my life.

Michael D.

Friday, May 04, 2012

For Pvt. Danny O'Laughlin

The unsung heroes of the Vietnam War are from my generation. I still see the vestiges of the war on the faces of some of the homeless people I encounter in my daily routines. As I look forward to my 65th birthday next month, I bought myself a birthday present - a Memorial Bracelet in honor of a friend who was killed in 1967. Wish that he could have lived the full life that I have enjoyed. Here's to you Marine Private Danny O'Laughlin!

Pat Papike L-D

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For Pfc Anthony J. Petter

I cant believe I found the website.  I started wearing PFC Pepper when I was at 1/10 back in 85 but misplaced him in the 90's. I still look for him at times and can not wait to carry him once more until he comes home. Thank you

Steve N.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

For SSG James A. Champion

Love my replacement of my replacement, of the replacement I got of the original that turned my arm green. Thanks for offering it in stainless steel...and thanks for your sacrifice SSG James A. Champion USA(RGR) 4/24/71 SVN

Jeff B.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

For Husband and Hero SSG Michael Smith

For My Husband & Hero SSG Smith, Michael..... He gave me the world when he gave his heart to me! He became my Camo Angel one day after our second wedding anniversary shorted years on earth we'll get our forever when I go home to his arms in Heaven


For Josh Cullins

I never knew Josh Cullins, but Josh was a fellow Marine combat veteran and Peace Officer from my town and one of 5 that didn't make it home.  In 10 years our National memory will fade about the thousands of ultimate sacrifices like Josh.  This is my small way to remember and help others do so too.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For Capt. Lynn Gunther

I still have the POW bracelet that I bought years ago and the name on it was Capt. Lynn Gunther. I did see his name on tv. that he did come home safely.

Audrey T.

Monday, February 06, 2012

To Remember 9/11

I have a Stainless Steel 911 Supportive Message Bracelet which I have worn since day..thats a lot of years and a lot of sad memories.

Dianne Sallows

For CAPT Arnold W. Lamp Jr.

My Custom Memorial Bracelet reads: CAPT ARNOLD W. LAMP JR, USAF, APR-12-69, SVN, DATE OF BIRTH 02/09/42, FROM HEBRON, OHIO. On the inside of the bracelet reads: "PLEASE AMERICA, COME FOR ME!"

Karen D.

Friday, February 03, 2012

For PFC Sean D. Tharp

I wear my Memorial Bracelet for my bestfriend and soulmate PFC SEAN D THARP FL ARMY KIA IRAQI FREEDOM 28 MARCH 06. I spoke to him on the phone just 4 days before that. He said he would always be with me and always protect me his mom and my family. last words I heard from his mouth was "I love you too Melissa, you need to be strong, my mom will need it."
My heart goes out to you, its a tough thing to go through. Bless you and your family. *hug*

Melissa W.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Sgt. David Erickso

I still wear my POW ? MIA braclet I got from my Dad when I was in Junior High school. It has never been of my wrist. Took the pledge when I put it on then, not to take it of until my soldger Sgt. David Erickso came home. He was reported missing on 3-16-68. Doing reserch I have found out he is an MIA, and a Marine..The bracelet will go with me to my grave, if he is not found. I just pray to the Lord that, his family will hear one way or the other to give them peace. God watch over you Sgt. David Erickson, where every you are....

Kim H. C.

Monday, January 30, 2012

For a Lost Service Man with No Family

I wore two POW Bracelets in the early 70's also, one came home and one did not. I remember in 1965, while my Dad was in Viet Nam, a service man died and the funeral was at Fort Mc Phearsen, his wife had left him and there was no family. My Mom took us out of school to attend his service and the rest of the base church members came. I think about him every now and then. My Mom told us he is family and we will go.

Rosemary D. D.

For My Soldier that Came Home

I too wore one of these POW Bracelets during the Viet Nam war. "My" soldier came home and I sent his family the bracelet. Still hear from them. They made me part of their family. I would wear another one if there was a way to get one - the cost could help provide for our men and women returning now - to no job, maybe no home - but at least a grateful Nation.

Shari S.

For My Husband Exposed to Agent Orange

Thank you for creating the orange bracelets that recognized those disabled veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange. My Vietnam veteran husband was exposed to AO during his RVN tour in I Corp 1967-68 during TET. He suffered from diabetes complications, unable to work the last 10 years of his life, and living in a VA contract nursing home the last 3+ years. He died in 2008...Free At Last! 

Pat C. M.

For SFC William Johnson

My MIA Bracelet is in honor of SFC William Johnson, 21 years old, of Rocky Mount, NC. MIA in South Vietnam January 1968. This is the same year my father was wounded in Vietnam and this kid very well could have crossed paths with my dad. Regardless, never forget.

Gloria S.

For Capt. James Reed

I wore one of these POW Bracelets for years in the 70's. I even wore it to my wedding in 1974 for a POW named Capt. James Reed. He never made it home! I love our servicemen and women!!!

Dahn C.

For My Cousin Sgt. Daniel J. Patron

To remember my cousin Sgt Daniel J Patron who was KIA on Aug 6th 2011. He was on the EOD team. He will always be loved & missed dearly♥.

Maria P.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Honor of Navy SEAL Jon T. Tumilson

Here is the Memorial Bracelet I wear in honor of Navy SEAL Jon T. Tumilson KIA 8-6-11. it's beautiful and I'm honored to wear it!

Sandra H. L.

For PFC Dennis Carter

I wore three, and still wear and MIA Bracelet for PFC Dennis Carter, USMC 28 Aug 66 SVN

Susan N.

Friday, January 27, 2012

For Robert L. Greene

I wore my Memorial Bracelet for POW Robert L. Greene, he came home, (Vietnam) and I sent it to him. I was very happy not to have to wear it, and was glad to be able to send it to him.

Donna L. W.

SSG Lammerts and SSG Burgess

I wear a Memorial Bracelet for SSG Michael Lammerts and SSG Scott Burgess both KIA April 4,2011 ~Afghanistan

Melissa L.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For LTCDR Kenneth R. Buell

For more than 10 years I have worn a MIA Bracelet for LTCDR Kenneth R. Buell, USN; MIA, North Vietnam, 09/17/72.

Laura B.

For LCpl. George Gregorius

I would like one to Honor my fallen classmate, LCpl. George Gregorius, USMC, 1/9th, 3rd MARDIV, III MEF, KIA RSVN. Semper Fi Brother, You Will Never Be Forgotten.....

Tony R. Jr.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Show I Cared

I purchased a Memorial Bracelet many years ago as a teenager....I wore it for a very long time...I eventually married and moved on with my life but kept the bracelet ......about ten years ago I contacted the Army and explained who I was.....and the story of the braclet ....I told them I wanted the family of the Leutenant to have the bracelet so they would have it and know that somewhere,someone cared about him......before I returned the bracelet I went to DC to see the Vietnam Wall of names....I found his name and made an etching of his name....I have it somewhere as a keepsake......I then mailed the bracelet to the Army at there request so they could forward the bracet to his whoever buys a Memorial  Bracelets, just know that somewhere is a family that misses their loved ones and a total stanger cared....

L.a. W.

For LCDR John S. McCain, III

I have and wear the POW bracelet of Senator (LCDR) John S. McCain, III, USN. Imprisoned & tortured, He nearly died in the Hanoi Hilton (NVN) in Viet Nam. I wore these bracelets during the Viet Nam War an continue to wear them in the present. The MIA's and those in captivity also need your

Cheryl D.

for SSgt. Bennie F. Monfort

I wear a Memorial Bracelet for my Drill Sargent lost in Vietnam May 1968 mostly on his anniversary, but I keep it visible as a reminder of his sacrifice ...God rest your Soul Staff Sargent Bennie F. Monfort

Michael T.

For SSG John Reiners

I wear a KIA Bracelet for SSG John Reiners Lost on Feb 13 2010, He was the son of a good friend. I remember him well and always will.

George R.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For my Cousin SSGT Russell L. Slay

I got my Memorial Bracelet in aug 2010 for my cousin SSGT RUSSELL L SLAY TX USMC KIA IRAQI FREEDOM 09 NOV 04. I will never ever forget him and the sacrifices he made for his family & country. he was killed by a sniper in Al Anbar Fallujah on his 2nd tour. He told his family before he left that he knew he would not make it back out alive.

Amy H.

For S.E.A.L Jeff Lucas

I wear my Memorial Dog Tag with my buddy Jeff Lucas's Name etched on it. He was one of the S.E.A.L.s killed in the heilo crash on June 28 2005. I love it and feel naked without it.

Tim M.

For the Constant Reminder to NEVER FORGET

I wear my Custom Memorial Bracelet everyday without exception. I chose a custom bracelet to best encompass my background in law enforcement, fire and military. It says "To Protect and Serve, That Others May Live" along with the POW/MIA Logo for the constant reminder. I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Joshua B.

For Cousin TSGT Ryan Balmer

I wear my Memorial Bracelet everyday in memory of my cousin TSGT Ryan Balmer ~ June 5, 2007. Freedom Isn't Free.

Jennifer D. P.

For Cpt. Sean P. Sims

I'm on my second Memorial Bracelet. Cpt. Sean P. Sims, U.S. Army. We lost him in Fallujah, Iraq in November 04'. He's with God now.

Anthony S.

For Capt. Paul J. Bates Jr.

I've been wearing my Memorial Bracelet for Cpt Paul J. Bates Jr. for a few years now, only took it off when I had to for a couple of MRIs.

Jason P.

For Maj. Kenneth Goff

Still wearing my MIA Bracelet since 1969 - Maj. Kenneth Goff USA MIA 24 Aug 1967 South Vietnam Nam. Added KIA Ltjg Frank Toner IV Navy 27 Mar 2009 sometime around Dec 2010. I gave my sons each the POW bracelets for the only two POWs currently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cynthia Z.

For SSgt. Thomas Dean

Here is my bracelet.. but it's more about the man than the bracelet... Sgt Dean was one of our Platoon Sgts. ( Recon)... He was a quiet, non-forceful man, a friend as much as a Sgt... He was hit in the head three times and had his arm shattered, while he was charging a machine gun nest to save his men... He was taken to Plieku to an Army hospital, where he later died of Hepatitis, while trying to recover from his wounds... So whether you buy or have bought a bracelet... even though the name on it may be personal to you... what he did and all the others, bracelet or no, needs to be thanked and remembered by all of us.. We may not know all the names, but we do know what they all did for us.... R.I.P. all you brave soldiers...

Robert H.

For LtCol William J. Brashear

Wear mine MIA Bracelet everyday for LtCol William J Brashear USAF May 8, 69 (Laos) MIA. Got my bracelet randomly when I was a Freshman in High School. Original one broke, I finally found the web site from a friend and reordered it. Haven't taken it off since. Never want to forget!

Pam B.

For Sgt. Roger W. Farewell

You made a beautiful KIA Bracelet for me and I wear it everyday. Sgt Roger W. Farewell, KIA SVN 07/03/1971, Still very loved and very missed.

Martha F. W.

For Maj Paul A. Avolese

I wear a MIA Bracelet for Maj. Paul A. Avolese USAF 07 JUL 67 SVN MIA, one of the many, wearing them since the late 70's,  These men and women should never be forgotten for their lives they gave for our FREEDOM !

Bobby B. R.

For LtCol Kevin M. Shea

I wear A Memorial Bracelet in honor of my fallen Marine Corps comrade and friend: LtCol Kevin M. Shea; KIA 14 September 2004.

Mark B.

For a True Tar Heel

I wear a MIA bracelet for M/Sgt. William C. Sutton ... a True Tar Heel.

John R.

For Sgt. Jimmy R. Garbett

I wear a MIA Bracelet for Sgt. Jimmy R. Garbett 09 Oct 1969 SVN MIA . You are Not Forgotten. Wear his name constantly until he comes home.. He is from my hometown of Lake City, Fla.

Voncile C.

Monday, January 23, 2012

For Capt. Robert Tucci

I still have my POW Bracelet for Capt. Robert Tucci 11-11-69. His remains were brought home last year, R.I.P. Bob, Thank you for fighting for our freedom. You gave it all.

Linda H.

For SGT Glenn Sewell

I ordered my Memorial Bracelets to remember SGT Glenn Sewell, KIA 13 Jun 11. I gave the 2nd one to my brother in law who was a relative/child cohort while they were growing up. He will not be forgotten.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Randall Kenneth (Randy) Campbell was a team mate and true friend of mine when we both served in Bravo Company/3rd Recon Bn (and deployed to VN in March 1965 from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii). Randy personified the characteristics of a USMC RECON Marine: "R for Running, E for exercise, C for can do, O for on the run, N for never quit."  It's fair to say, Randy's style and accomplishments served as a model for the whole company and he was our first loss in April 1965.  His loss was a significant wake-up call for what Vietnam action (whatever the media chose to call it, war, conflict, or combat action) truly meant . . . all who knew him, from that day on, knew what could lay ahead for each of us remaining.

My recollection is that Randy always said he was from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Incredibly, I made contact with a Montreal school chum of Randy's (Basil S. - now residing in British Columbia) who was also in contact with Randy's mother, still in Canada.

As soon as I knew that Randy had passed on that April, I swore, if I ever had a son, I would name him after Randy . . . and I kept my word. My first born son is today an active duty U.S. Marine officer with Randall as his middle name.   I'm ordering a bracelet for this son, another for John C. (who was seriously wounded when Randy was killed); the third bracelet goes to another Canadian, Bas S. for his efforts in helping us (in CONUS) find Randy's mother and thus closing a more than a thirty-five year search for her.  I proudly wear Randy's bracelet as an ever present connection to him and all he represents as a model of courage and commitment to selfless duty.

Please note also: Randy is buried in Elmira, NY and his name is on our Wall and on the Canadian VN veterans wall in Windsor, Ontario, CDN.

Semper fidelis and God Bless

Si - Sgt./USMC Recon (RVN)