Friday, May 04, 2012

For Pvt. Danny O'Laughlin

The unsung heroes of the Vietnam War are from my generation. I still see the vestiges of the war on the faces of some of the homeless people I encounter in my daily routines. As I look forward to my 65th birthday next month, I bought myself a birthday present - a Memorial Bracelet in honor of a friend who was killed in 1967. Wish that he could have lived the full life that I have enjoyed. Here's to you Marine Private Danny O'Laughlin!

Pat Papike L-D

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Julie P. said...

Hi Pat, While I do not know you, I want to thank you for your post. Danny O'Laughlin was an Uncle of mine who sadly, I was never able to meet. This link to your comment is spreading throughout our family members on Facebook, including all of Danny's brothers and sisters. Thanks for your thoughtful message, it is very touching to know that after all these years he is still remembered by many.