Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Major James White Lost in Laos

I received the POW Bracelet for Major James White USAF lost in Laos 11-24-69.  I like it very much.  While I was stationed in Thailand 1970-1973, I ordered a random missing person POW bracelet in 1971.  I received a bracelet for Captain James White and only assumed he had been shot down.  I did not know where or much else about him. 

I located a site and found his picture.  According to one person who e-mailed information about the Major, his brother Ltc. White was killed in the Apollo project in 1967.  His father retired as an Air Force General.  The internet source explained James White had since been promoted to Major.  He is still missing and I learned he was shot down in Laos. Having been stationed adjacent to Laos, the bracelet gained new meaning after 31 years.

I ordered the new bracelet to replace the misplaced original bracelet.

Agent Dean Bowman

Glendale Police Department  twenty-eight years   

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because Terrorism Must Never Win

I received the Memorial Bracelet today, and it's really great.  This simple object brings back the sadness of 9/11  and the madness of it all.  I plan to run the New York marathon and naturally I shall be wearing it as my way of showing respect for not only this lady but all the people lost that terrible day.  I hope your new president will be able to sort out this tragic mess and bring back the troops and prey we can all live in peace.  Rob you are doing a great job, and you should be proud.  Terrorism must never win and we all have a part to play in stopping it.  God bless you and your fine country and the soldiers who face such dangers every day

Thursday, February 21, 2008

For My Guardian Angle Harold E. Reid

I have three brothers that are all active duty, two in Force Recon in the U.S. Marines and one is an M.P. in the U.S. Navy. When the middle brother joined up he graduated from high school and boot camp the same day. While he was at SOI he saw a soldier with a red bracelet and asked what it was, after finding out where and how to get one he made a special request for one of his own. He requested one with the name of an enlisted Marine from the state of Utah as that is what he was and that is where we are from. Little did I know that he had ordered the bracelet for me to help me get through a rough time in my life. I was pregnant with my second child and going through a rough divorce, this would have been around the end of 1993. He received the bracelet and saved it to send to me as a mothers day gift from both of my children. I put that Memorial Bracelet on and from that point it left my wrist maybe five times until 1999.

On March 27, 1999 I was at my mothers with my family and I happened to notice the news paper sitting by the fire place, the caption said "Vietnam Soldier's Remains Are Coming Home" and there was a 5X7 picture of a man holding a photo of a soldier by it. I remember grabbing the paper and feeling like I was in a roller coaster, I was crying and yelling for everyone to come look. They were bringing my guardian angle home, you see I have referred to Harold E. Reid as my guardian angle and do so to this day because nothing really bad has happened to me since he came in to my life as a gift. 

Harold left for Vietnam right out of high school and boot camp, he was killed in September 1967 in South Vietnam. He had left his troop to look for something when they were ambushed, left to die in a field with a couple of other young men by the Vietnamese gorillas who attacked the village. He was buried by several of the villagers after the American troops had left due to the fire fight. It was learned that the villagers later moved him to a different spot where he rested until 1993 when after years and years hard work and determination that all our troops come home the military investigators and the elders in the village with the help of the Vietnamese government were able to find the spot where he had been moved to and were able to recover the remains. 

I read the article and found that his mother was still living, I called information and got her phone number to let her know how happy for her that I was. We spoke for a while and I explained about my bracelet she told me that she would like to meet me if I were able to make it to the services. On a freezing April 4, 1999 I joined a couple hundred people in a little cemetery to lay to rest a man who had gone missing before I was even born. He is never far from my mind and always in my hart as are those who have yet to be brought home. 

I ordered the replacement Memorial Bracelet in honor of him and thank you for the chance to share my story with you.


Monday, February 18, 2008

For the Son of a Cpl with the Florida Highway Patrol

I have worked for the traffic department in our local clerk's office for 3 yrs & have become good friends with many of our local law enforcement.  One in particular is a Cpl with the Florida Highway Patrol & happens to be the father of the person on my bracelet.  

His son died shortly before I started working there and, being his only son, it was a really rough time for him.  I have worn a Vietnam POW Bracelet since the 80's and my husband has recently shown an interest in wearing one.  Sooo, I decided to order a new one for myself and pass mine on to my husband.  I noticed that the Cpl had a silver one on & when I asked if he would mind if I got one with his son's name on it, he just smiled & said "not at all".  Since most of the US is not personally affected by the loss of all these men & women, I felt this is the least I could do to remember all those that 'GAVE ALL'.  Thanks for offering such a unique & special item.  GOD BLESS THE TROOPS - HERE, THERE & BEYOND!!!  THEY WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!

Maria G

Thursday, February 14, 2008

As A Memorial to My Best Friend Who Was More Than Just a Dog

I received my Memorial Bracelet today and I couldn't be happier with it.

I ordered the bracelet as a memorial to my best friend, buddy and partner who passed away in December. Even though to some he was "just a dog" he was with me through good times and bad and was more than willing to lay down his life for me if the situation warranted it. When he died a piece of me died with him. He is always in my heart and on my mind and the bracelet is a wonderful tribute to him and a way for me to keep him close to me always.

We are both retired law enforcement and he was with me for over 12 years.
Thank you for a quality product and something I can cherish. 

Thanks again,

Bob E. 
Retired Harbor Patrol Sergeant

Friday, February 08, 2008

For Corporal Michael Cromer

My name is Amber.  I bought this Memorial Bracelet for my husband, Corporal Michael Cromer.  Sgt. Hollar was a friend of his that was killed in action when they were deployed to Iraq in 2005.  He spent time form May 2005 until April 2006 over there, fighting.  They had only been there three months when they lost their first guy.  In total, they lost three.  He bought a bracelet before he was deployed of one of the first soldiers that was KIA and has never taken it off.  It went to war and came home with him.  It is wore out and I am going to replace it with this one.  Thanks.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For James Parker

I selected one of 6 young men that I served with who gave their life for this country. I expected James Parker to make it home.  He almost did. I will never forget his happy and smiling face. His family lost a wonderful person.  God Bless them all!