Monday, February 18, 2008

For the Son of a Cpl with the Florida Highway Patrol

I have worked for the traffic department in our local clerk's office for 3 yrs & have become good friends with many of our local law enforcement.  One in particular is a Cpl with the Florida Highway Patrol & happens to be the father of the person on my bracelet.  

His son died shortly before I started working there and, being his only son, it was a really rough time for him.  I have worn a Vietnam POW Bracelet since the 80's and my husband has recently shown an interest in wearing one.  Sooo, I decided to order a new one for myself and pass mine on to my husband.  I noticed that the Cpl had a silver one on & when I asked if he would mind if I got one with his son's name on it, he just smiled & said "not at all".  Since most of the US is not personally affected by the loss of all these men & women, I felt this is the least I could do to remember all those that 'GAVE ALL'.  Thanks for offering such a unique & special item.  GOD BLESS THE TROOPS - HERE, THERE & BEYOND!!!  THEY WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!

Maria G

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