Saturday, August 28, 2004

For Sgt. Michael Curtin

I am an active duty Airman in the United States Air Force stationed at Keesler Air Force Base
and first heard of Sgt. Michael Curtin when I was applying for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Sgt. Michael Curtin was an exceptional man who served his country as a Marine and later for the NYPD. I feel he and all the others who have lost their lives during this battle against terrorism must be remembered and your braclets do just that.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

For Firefighter Cherry

I choose Firefighter Cherry because he volunteered his time for Songs Of Love which gathers information from chronic and terminally ill children, about their friends, hobbies, family, pets etc. and writes a one of a kind song just for that child. Firefighter Cherry was a singer who worked with Songs of Love.

We, Dogs In Service (an organization that provides trained dog/handler teams to work with chronic and terminally ill children with their physical, occupational, speech therapists as well as Child Life specialists who help children understand and cope with their hospitalization and treatment) have worked with children that have been receipients of songs from Songs Of Love. We have seen how much the children use the tapes to help them cope with treatments, isolation etc. We also worked from September 2001 to January 2002 at Liberty State Park with some of the victim's families, friends as well as first responders.

On a personal level, I want to continue to honor those first responders, both the ones that died and the ones who tried to help. I thought the bracelet would do just that. Thank you Firefight Cherry - and everyone else who tried to help.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My Friends Brother-In-Law was at the WTC

My friend's brother-in-law, Andrew Jordan, was with the NYFD. He was killed at the WTC - responding with his company. His body was never found. He was the father of 3 children with a fourth on the way. I think many people are forgetting how we felt that day - myself included. I don't want to forget the horror and what we lost - we need to remember to be strong. I also don't want to forget the sacrifice that people made - it reminds me of what it means to be American - of our overall goodness.


To Show Support to the US Military

I love my bracelet! It came out really beautiful and I am planning on wearing it around my college campus. I chose to get one so that I could show my support for the US military, especially since many members of my family as well as many of my friends' parents are/have served in the various branches. It is also a great way for me to show military support on a liberal college campus.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Friends and Co-Workers in Iraq

I have many friends and co-workers who are serving in Iraq or getting ready to serve. A close friend is leaving on August 26th for a year. I work for the Sheriff's Dept. and have been very lucky that everyone who has gone over to serve has returned to us. We are proud of all of our troups and all who serve our country in all capacities, both here and abroad.

Merrian, KS

NY Fireman at 911

My father was a fire chief and I wanted a bracelet of a New York fireman that was at 911.

Grand Rapids, MI

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cousin Killed on 9/11

My brother received the bracelet today. He was blown away by it. Our
cousin was killed on 9/11, and wearing the bracelet with his name on it is a
constsnt reminder of what is really important in life.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Commissioned into the Army

I just got back from Ft. Lewis, WA, and a month of ROTC training. I will be commissioned into the Army this May, and I wanted a reminder on my wrist that my future is in hands much greater than my own. My personal message says: "What we do in life echoes in eternity- Joshua 24:15."


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Proud of Husband

My husband is in the National Guard and he is set to go to Iraq later this year. He will be there for a year. I wanted to show my support for him and his unit and I think this is a very good way. Now everytime I look at my bracelet I will smile knowing my husband is fighting for our country and how proud I am of him.