Sunday, May 27, 2012

For SFC Russell Borea

My Memorial Bracelet is in memory of and to honor Sgt 1st Class Russell Borea, KIA 1/19/2007 in Mosul, Iraq whom my son proudly served under.

Dawn S. K. 

For those who have fought in past wars

I wore two bracelets & a ring with the names of CWO Dennis C. Hamilton USA 1-5-68 LAOS IA, Panel No. 33E Line No. 49, CAPT. Trent R. Powers USN 10-31-65 NVN MN, Panel 03E Line No. 10, & my ring has the name CPL David E. Lovegren USA 3-1-69 SVN OR, Panel No. 30W Line No. 5. I still have them & they sit in a place of honor so that I remember always. My Dad is also on the wall. 1SGT Harvey N. Hedstrom USA 5-17-69 SNV MN, Panel No. 24W Line No. 31. Please remember all those who have fought in past wars, as well as the present wars. Let NO ONE BE FORGOTTEN. Bless all our Vets.

Lea Ann E.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For Wayne Wilson

I am the proud owner of Wayne Wilson's POW Bracelet. For more than 20 years!

Lori C.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For Capt. Thomas D. Clem

I wear my Memorial Bracelet for Thomas D. Clem , Capt. USMC 3 may '68 MIA (my bracelet is worn badly, so not sure). I never remove it. I will replace it with stainless soon.

Anthony G.

For Lt. Col William J. Brasear

I still wear my MIA bracelet for Lt Col William J Brashear : USAF May 8, 1969 in Laos from California. Have had this name since I was a freshman in High School. I just had my 55th Birthday. "Lest We Never Forget" !!

Pam B.

For Cpl Jordan Stanton

My daughter & I wear our Memorial Dog Tags & Bracelets every day for Cpl. Jordan Stanton. - Cheri M.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

For my son in Afghanistan

My son is currently in Afghanistan as part of Operation Eduring Freedom. As family members are military hero's are always in our hearts and on our minds. Having the bracelet helps me feel more connected to my son and allows me to tell his story to everyone I come in contact with. The US military does such a wonderful job of keeping American's safe and sheltered, that we have started to take for granted the sacrifices made every minute of every day by those who keep us safe. Let us never forget and let us always pay homage to those who defend our freedom and the wonderful families who sacrifice on our behalf. God Bless them.

Johnna S. S.

For Robert Sennett

I still ware my MIA bracelet. I got it when my husband was in the Navy stationed in Viet Nam. My husband came home, however, Robert Sennett has been missing since 1/22/1966. God bless and keep him.

Raine A.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

For SSG James A. Champion

I was visiting DC for a week with a friend in April of 1999. We went to the Lincoln Memorial one night and visited the souvenir stands manned by Viet Nam vets on the road out front. I was drawn to the MIA bracelets and, being a 2/75 vet myself, began looking through the Army bracelets for a fellow Ranger, finally coming across James A Champion. When I got home I did some more research on SSG Champion and during a subsequent trip to DC, obtained a "rubbing" of his name from the wall. I wore my bracelet every single day for 13 years; on my wedding day, on 9/11, on the day I reenlisted after my 10 year break in service, on the day my daughter was born, during my tour of Iraq/OIF III, and on the day I brought my daughter and my two stepdaughters to The Wall to show them SSG Champion's name last April, 2011. I was still wearing my bracelet here in Afghanistan until I lost it during a combat patrol in Chaparhar last Thursday, 3 May. I cannot believe that I have lost something that has been a part of so many important events in my life and feel as though I have failed SSG Champion, leaving him on the battlefield yet again. I'm grateful that I found the website and anxiously await my replacement bracelet. I feel naked without it and, although I will miss my old one, I look forward to wearing the new bracelet during many more important events in my life.

Michael D.

Friday, May 04, 2012

For Pvt. Danny O'Laughlin

The unsung heroes of the Vietnam War are from my generation. I still see the vestiges of the war on the faces of some of the homeless people I encounter in my daily routines. As I look forward to my 65th birthday next month, I bought myself a birthday present - a Memorial Bracelet in honor of a friend who was killed in 1967. Wish that he could have lived the full life that I have enjoyed. Here's to you Marine Private Danny O'Laughlin!

Pat Papike L-D

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For Pfc Anthony J. Petter

I cant believe I found the website.  I started wearing PFC Pepper when I was at 1/10 back in 85 but misplaced him in the 90's. I still look for him at times and can not wait to carry him once more until he comes home. Thank you

Steve N.