Friday, December 29, 2006

For My High School Science Teacher Mr. Allen

I was 15 when I met 1LT Allen. But I knew him as Mr. Allen, my earth science teacher in high school. He joined the military after I graduated from high school and I had already moved to college. I had moved away the year after I had Mr. Allen, so I didn't know. It was only after I graduated from the Air Force Academy on 01 June 2005 that I found out from my friend, still living in New York, that our beloved teacher had been fragged in Iraq.

When I was at the Air Force Academy, I knew in my heart that my place in the military was not in the Air Force but in the Army. I put in my paperwork for a transfer and when I graduated I was a Second LT in the Army.

I am now a 1LT myself and in Iraq-just like Mr. Allen. I wear my teacher's name on my wrist every single day-and I pray for his family and his beautiful children especially now that his murderer is on trial.

I want to Thank you for producing these bracelets. Although they remind us that we are no longer with someone we love, every time I look at the bracelet I remember Mr. Allen sitting on the desk as he teaches a bunch of kids in high school.

Thank you!

1LT Mary Lynn
299 FSB, 2/1 ID
Baghdad, Iraq

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

For Tim Who's Humvee was Hit by an IED

I am the daughter of a local high school wrestling coach, and the wrestlers usually become extended members of our family.  We have over 15 of the past wrestlers serving in the American armed forces.  November 14th 2006 started out as a typical day, I went to school, my Dad was at work and everything was normal.  However at about six that evening I got a phone call from my Father, I could tell he was crying and he told me simply that "Tim's humvee was hit by and IED."  He said nothing more, and all I asked was how bad he was hurt.  My father didn't say anything for a while, and then he softly said "he's dead."  
Tim was 21 he was a great man, and excelled at anything he put his mind to.  I will have this Memorial Bracelet all my life, wherever my life may lead me, and I will never forget how blessed I have been to call these men part of my family.  There are many things going on right now in our government that I may disagree with, and I am often told that I "don't support the troops" because of some of my beliefs.  But as I am sure you know, soldiers serving, and giving their lives are not political issues.  They are there to protect when we call, and Timmy was doing just that.  He is a hero to me, as with all of the other boys.  I can only hope that soon you will not have to make as many bracelets for these fallen heroes'.  
One of my Dad's assistant coaches is an officer in the United States Air Force, he was at our house for dinner a week before he shipped out, he told me about your site.  That evening I went on and ordered a bracelet. 
Thank you for the braclet, it will forever remind me of the gratitude that I owe to all of the soldiers who have served in our armed forces. 

To Remind Me of My Cousin Who Died in the Vietnam War

My cousin was a pilot in the Vietnam war. He was listed as missing in action in 1965 and later as killed in action. I remember attending his memorial service when I was 10 years old, but I didn't really remember my cousin.

About a month ago I was contacted by the office of USAF Mortuary Affairs. They were looking for relatives to provide DNA samples to identify remains from crash sites. It makes me proud to know that after all these years the USAF and the US government are still working to bring our soldiers home.

So, I'm wearing my memorial bracelet that I received today to remind me of my cousin who fought and died serving his country in the Vietnam War.

For Sgt. Matejov, Sirius and Officer David Lim

I bought the POW bracelet as a replacement. I've had the same name with me for close to fifteen years now and when I was in Washington DC this past fall, I made a point to go see Sgt. Matejov's name on the Vietnam Memorial. These guys answered a call and should never be forgotten.

I chose Sirius to memorialize because of my deep love for animals and to honor both him and his handler, Officer David Lim. Officer Lim's committment to his partner and their story had a deep impact on me. I know people who perished in the attacks on 9/11 but carrying their names would have been too painful so instead I chose to honor both the officers whom the bracelet represents, one who died in service and one who continues to serve.



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To Remember MAJ Ed Murphy

I was stationed at Bagram, Afghanistan with the US Army Southern European Command from February 2005 to February 2006. I ordered the bracelet to remember a friend, MAJ Ed Murphy, who was killed in a helicopter crash. To gain area familiarity, Ed and I had travelled by air together to Khost and to Kandahar during February and March 2005. In April, Ed invited me to travel with him to Orgun-E by helicopter, but I judged that I was too busy with my job to leave the base. Ed was one of eighteen people killed when their CH-47 crashed on a return flight from Orgun-E to Bagram. Ed was a loving father and husband, an historian who was writing a book on Napoleanic warfare, and a superb leader and friend to all. I was lucky to have known him.

US Army

Friday, December 15, 2006

For Nate While He Fights For Us

My husband & his best friend signed up for the army reserve together when they were 17 years old, 17 years ago. They were called up together for their first active duty February 2003. Thankfully, my husband's contract was up for resigning and he chose to leave the army reserve. However, his best friend stayed in the military. Since February 2003, he has been called up for three tours. In four years he has been home a total of 9 months. I decided to order the bracelets to support him while he fights for us. Nate is our friend, our brother, and our hero.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

For US Marine Named Rock

I received the Memorial Bracelet yesterday.  I'm very happy with it. It's good quality, better than I expected.  I ordered the bracelet because I was in Iraq with the Marine who was killed.  I was injured the same day six of my platoon were KIA.  I ordered Rock's bracelet because he was the person who taught me to shoot expert and got me to stick with STA platoon when I figured I was not good enough.

James R. A.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

For Vietnam POW Ed Davis

The reason i bought the bracelet is to remember a man that i knew growing up, but never knew that he had been held as a POW for 7 1/2 years in Vietnam. Ed Davis was shot down in 1964 and was returned to us in 1971. He caught national attention because he brought with him a tiny dog that he had rescued from his North Vietnamese captures. Unfortunately he passed away just 3 days before Veterans day this year after suffering with cancer for a short time. He was an amazing man, not only was he extremely kind, but he never gave off the impression that he was adversely affected by his time in captivity. I remember being completely shocked when i found out in college that he had been a POW, as he did not exemplify the image of a man who had suffered so much. He was a well known citizen in my town, not for his past, but because of his involvement in the community in the present. He served on the board of directors for my school district, was actively involved in the local VFW, and toured the country speaking to anyone and everyone interested. He was truly an amazing person, and will be greatly missed. I hope that we are able to remember all of the brave men and women that have served our country through all of its history. I am truly proud to serve in the same military as such a great man.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For My Husband

I received our bracelets today. They are absolutely beautiful.

I ran across your website while looking to buy another bracelet for myself, as well as smaller ones for my children. My husband ALWAYS wore his KIA bracelet and even had it on when he was killed. I waited anxiously to get it back from Iraq so that I could could continue to wear it for him. Unfortunatey, it was so badly damaged from the blast that it couldn't be salvaged. I wear my husband bracelet proudly and in honor of his memory and sacrifice to our country. He was killed in Baghdad Iraq by an IED on December 30, 2005.

God Bless every soldier who has been lost and those who continue to fight for our freedoms.

Ft. Campbell, KY

Saturday, December 02, 2006

For SSG Robert S. Griffith

I received my Memorial Bracelet today. Thank you for having such a great product.  I really like it and I placed it on my wrist the moment I opened the package. I have a cousin, whose husband's name is on the wall.  I decided to pick someone that was from my home state of Georgia and felt moved for some reason when I read his name. 

Being the daughter of a war veteran who is now deceased, but not killed in action, is one of the reasons I choose to order a bracelet. I had one years ago and it got lost. It gives me great pride to wear the bracelet due to the fact that my father served in the Army and was in Korea twice, once during the Korean Conflict and one additional time years later. He also served in Viet Nam and we felt very fortunate that he returned home to us. 

I wear this bracelet for SSG Robert S. Griffith with great pride and it also brings with it some sadness. I know his family misses him terribly and I sympathize with them a great deal. If there is ever a time that someone from his family would like to have this bracelet, I will be more than happy to send it to them. 

Words cannot express how honored I am to have my bracelet. I feel the small amount charged for this bracelet is my small contribution to show my patriotism and loyalty to our soldiers who put there life on the line for us. God Bless our troops and what they are going through. 


Mona S.

Friday, December 01, 2006

To Remind Me of His Sacrifice

I recieved my bracelet, it is perfect, thank you!

My story is not really mine, but a friends. I am in the Navy and was stationed with a friend who lost his brother in Iraq, HM3 Chris Thompson. He was Hospital Corpsman serving with the Marines and was killed in action on 21 October 2005. I bought it to remind me of his sacrifice, as well as all who have given there lives for our country. My thoughts and prayers are always with his family.


For A Good Friend, Fantastic Dad and Great Soldier

I just received my bracelet and it is well done! I was given your site by my Staff Judge Advocate who also lost a friend. SSG Lance Chase was a friend by way of my wife. In reality it was by way of our children. Lance’s oldest son Brandon and my oldest son have been classmates for over 3 years. As the boys would tell you they are like brothers, only closer. When I was deployed to Iraq for OIF II, Lance had just returned from OIF I. Right away he stepped in and filled a gap for my son while I was gone. He coached the boys soccer team, took them out to eat, worked on projects from Home Depot with them, and generally help ease the pain of my son not having Dad around. Today I feel a little bad, because I never really knew Lance before I came and found out all the fantastic things he did for my boys while I was away. He was a great Dad who wasn’t afraid to share himself with the boys. He grew to be a great friend as we got to know each other. When he was killed it affected my son pretty hard because he was the first Soldier he actually knew who was killed. So I ordered this bracelet as a memorial to Lance’s memory. It reminds me of a good friend, a fantastic Dad, and a great Soldier. He embodied everything an American Soldier can be, if puts his heart into it.

Thanks again,

MAJ Kevin
Warrior 1
1st ACB