Wednesday, December 13, 2006

For Vietnam POW Ed Davis

The reason i bought the bracelet is to remember a man that i knew growing up, but never knew that he had been held as a POW for 7 1/2 years in Vietnam. Ed Davis was shot down in 1964 and was returned to us in 1971. He caught national attention because he brought with him a tiny dog that he had rescued from his North Vietnamese captures. Unfortunately he passed away just 3 days before Veterans day this year after suffering with cancer for a short time. He was an amazing man, not only was he extremely kind, but he never gave off the impression that he was adversely affected by his time in captivity. I remember being completely shocked when i found out in college that he had been a POW, as he did not exemplify the image of a man who had suffered so much. He was a well known citizen in my town, not for his past, but because of his involvement in the community in the present. He served on the board of directors for my school district, was actively involved in the local VFW, and toured the country speaking to anyone and everyone interested. He was truly an amazing person, and will be greatly missed. I hope that we are able to remember all of the brave men and women that have served our country through all of its history. I am truly proud to serve in the same military as such a great man.

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