Saturday, December 02, 2006

For SSG Robert S. Griffith

I received my Memorial Bracelet today. Thank you for having such a great product.  I really like it and I placed it on my wrist the moment I opened the package. I have a cousin, whose husband's name is on the wall.  I decided to pick someone that was from my home state of Georgia and felt moved for some reason when I read his name. 

Being the daughter of a war veteran who is now deceased, but not killed in action, is one of the reasons I choose to order a bracelet. I had one years ago and it got lost. It gives me great pride to wear the bracelet due to the fact that my father served in the Army and was in Korea twice, once during the Korean Conflict and one additional time years later. He also served in Viet Nam and we felt very fortunate that he returned home to us. 

I wear this bracelet for SSG Robert S. Griffith with great pride and it also brings with it some sadness. I know his family misses him terribly and I sympathize with them a great deal. If there is ever a time that someone from his family would like to have this bracelet, I will be more than happy to send it to them. 

Words cannot express how honored I am to have my bracelet. I feel the small amount charged for this bracelet is my small contribution to show my patriotism and loyalty to our soldiers who put there life on the line for us. God Bless our troops and what they are going through. 


Mona S.

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