Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For My Twin Brother Who Was Killed

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Memorial Bracelet.  I love it.  I ordered this because it was my twin brother who was killed and I wanted some thing that I could wear every day to keep him with me.  This has been a terrible tragidy in our family and he will forever be missed and loved.
Always Loved and Never Forgotten 
In Loving Memory of 
SFC Christopher Dale Henderson

Monday, January 21, 2008

For Joanne Ahladiotis

I think your Memorial Bracelets are a wonderful idea. It really is such a shame we do not have anything like this in the united kingdom.
My girlfriend chose the name of Joanne Ahladiotis (God Bless her) because like her she is of Greek extraction and they are both of the same age.
I am planning to take part in the New York Marathon and i will be wearing it during the run in honour of not only her but of all who died that terrible day and also the families who i am told still mourn to this day.
God Bless

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keep The Memory of Southeast Asia Still Alive

I received my Memorial Bracelet, and haven't taken it off since.  I am a SGT in the Army and when I hear guys complaining about the conditions here in Iraq, I tell them "We have it made compared to people from Vietnam, that was hell."  
Too many people forget that there are still POW/MIA s in Southeast Asia and I wanted to help keep the memory of our brothers still alive, along with the hope that they too will return from war someday.  I will continue to wear the name of SGT James Talley, FT Benning GA, either until he redeploys (remains found or he is brought back alive), or I join him on a final Roll Call

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To Maintain the Memory of Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff

I found your web site purely by accident and seeing that you can specify who is on the bracelet, I chose Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff.

Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff is the father of a very close friend of mine way back in New Mexico (like 35 years ago).  I had a chance to wear one of the first POW/MIA Bracelets for then Capt. Robert Pasekoff, but (very stupidly) chose not to.  Since then and having been in the military for several years and having been in multiple combat situations, I can appreciate the pain of a missing or captured loved one.  It is a responsibility of all us to support the military and it is necessary to keep there memory alive in such a way that they are not forgotten.  This is why I wear the "Bracelet", not for me, not for the country, not for my family or his family, it is for Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff or the missing or captured.  It is our duty as fellow veterans to maintain the memory of his and others either lost or missing.

By the way, this will be my 5th bracelet that I have worn, I wore 3 while active Army and 1 as a civilian.  The only reason I took them off is they were all found and returned home.

To my fellow soldiers and families, keep the faith!


To Show My Support for Chris as He Goes to Iraq

I bought the MIA bracelet for my friend, Chris, who will be going active-duty at some point this year in Iraq. He saw my friend, Jacob, had been wearing one and liked the idea of showing support for those who sacrificed their life for this country. In purchasing the MIA bracelet I also bought one for myself; Until they all come home. I wanted to have this to show my support for Chris as he goes over to Iraq, that I am completely in support and praying for him while he is gone. I know that if I were in his position I would want people back home supporting me while I was gone. I wanted us both to be wearing them, him in support and honor of those before him, and me in honor and support of men and women like him, serving now. I appreciate every day what the people of our armed forces are doing for us.


-Kaleah Joelle

Monday, January 14, 2008

In Memory of SSG Zachary Tomczak

My mom wears a POW bracelet every day for a missing soldier named David Hrdlicka from 1965 who was shot down over Laos.  She was in contact with his brother Leo until Leo passed away. She also wore one for William Means who had been in a POW camp for 5 years until he was released in 1972.
I ordered a Memorial Bracelet for my son and myself in Memory of SSG Zachary Tomczak (pictured) who was killed in Iraq Sep 25, 2007.  My son, who is currently serving in Iraq, was on a detail with Tomczak when he died.  Tomczak was his team leader and friend and it affected my son greatly.  I wanted my son and I to have a way to honor the sacrifice the Tomczak made for all of us.  

Thank you for giving us a way to do that. 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

For Trent Groves

My name is Charles. I serve in the United States Air Force and am currently deployed. When I got to my deployed location I saw a few friends from my technical training. One of them being a1c Trent Groves pretty funny guy easy to get along with well he left our deployed location to go back to dover afb and he was with some friends on new years eve and was involved in a vehicle accident which killed him and another person and injuring 1. 

The Memorial Bracelet serves as a reminder that life is fragile and wars arent always fought away from home they are also fought at home whether it may be anger towards family and friends, temptations. It could be as simple as saying hello to one who is thinking about suicide and you could be that person to bring them out of their depression with that simple comment numerous things qualify to this. I havent had contact with him after I saw him at our location but he is my brother in arms he is a defender of this nation.  He serves as an icon of will power/motivation/ to get moving on in life to excel in all areas and aspects, to learn something new everyday this is what he would of wanted and I will give it my all to do as he wished for myself and will pay it forward to those persons that feel they stand alone.

Monday, January 07, 2008

For the Crew of Aircraft King 56

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to Honor the crew of Aircraft King 56 which was an HC130- P Combat Rescue Aircraft. She was based out of Portland, Oregon with the 939th Rescue Wing. I had just returned 2 weeks prior to the 22 Nov 1996 from a 4 month TDY supporting operation Northern Watch, Turkey with this same aircraft . I would have been with these guys but I had 3 small kids at the time and a wife that needed my attention after being gone for 4 months. The Crew was a highly experienced crew and I was close to many of them. On 22 Nov 1996 King 56 lost power due to mechanical malfunctions from improper maintenance procedures performed at their home base. Unfortunately they were over 60 miles off the coast of Northern California at night. They tried to make land but couldn't and crashes into the Pacific Ocean killing 10 with one survivor.
In April of 96, I trained with most of that crew in the USAF C-130 Advanced Tactical Training Course. That is a course where you fly as low and fast as you can to the ground and through the canyons of Arizona while being chases by F 16 fighters. I can't go into other details but we were never hit by the F 16's or ground fire. The Evaluator instructor was impressed how well we worked as a crew. We as a Crew worked as one which is hard to find. They were the best crew I have ever flown with, some I looked at as Brothers. The USAF did not Honor these great guys not to bring attention to the improper maintenance, but I think of them every day. I have missed them ever since! I especially missed them on operational Rescue missions /Tactical missions and especially in Iraq and points east. I didn't know what happened to the bracelet and email until my daughter gave it to me for Christmas. My flying days are over now due to medical injuries and medical mistakes from my Iraq tour in 2003. I remember the boys of King 56 and they were the best! They were Heroes and will always be remembered by me!
TSgt Joseph

P. S. To honor the Aircraft itself, we rescued 3 Canadians 200 miles off the
Nova Scotia coast on our way back from Turkey. Their lobster boat caught
fire before they could send out a distress call. We (different crew) just
happened to be flying over and by the grace of God saw their smoke at
28,000 Ft and initiated the rescue.

Friday, January 04, 2008

So Major Lucius Lamar Heiskell is Never Forgotten

Hi, I received my POW Bracelet.  It is a replacement of the bracelet I have worn for many years and has slowly, but steadily become scratched up and it is harder for others to read.  I searched for a website that I found to not be all cutesy for such a serious purchase.  Your bracelet looks almost 100% like my original P.O.W. bracelet.  I am very happy with it.  I only take it off for hospitalizations, airport security and other metal detectors.
I wear a bracelet bearing the name of Major Lucius Lamar Heiskell. He is honored on Panel 14E, Row 129 of the Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, DC. A Major in the USAF, he became a MIA/POW on 2/6/67 in NVN. Lucius is from TN. Lucius you will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Alice