Monday, May 31, 2010

For Willard D. "Dale" Marshall

I ordered the Memorial Bracelet for me to wear in memory of my husband's best friend, Willard D. "Dale" Marshall, who was killed in Viet Nam in 1968. The dog tag is for my husband to place with the Memorial Wall rubbing of Dale's name.

I wore one of the original Viet Nam POW/MIA bracelets back in the 1960s, but had no idea they were being sold now until I saw your site on FaceBook. Thank you so much for offering these items.


Sara Joiner E.
Maggie's Valley

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Honor of My Nephew PFC Aaron J. Ward

I will wear my Memorial Bracelet forever in honor of my hero, my nephew
PFC Aaron J. Ward. He had only served in the Army just under a year
and had already decided he was going to be a career soldier. He was
young and loved the uniform, the Army and most of all his country.
Aaron was born on 4/29/89 and was Killed In Action on 5/6/08 which was
a week after his 19th birthday. He was a fantastic kid that everyone
that knew him loved him and for such a short period here with us he
sure touch so many people. I learned from a fellow soldier the
following "All Soldiers are Heros and Heros never die, they just
muster at a separate rally point and move on to the next objective! So
5/6/08 will forever be remembered as "Aaron's Heroism" to me, his
uncle, the family and his friends that still visit and call his mom.
You are thought of often and loved even more, Forever Young Kid.

Uncle Gary
In Honor of:
PFC Aaron J. Ward
4/28/89-5/6/08 (KIA)
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

For My Beautiful Fiance 2LT Peter Burks

I wear a Memorial Bracelet for my beautiful fiancé, Army 2LT Peter Burks, who was killed November 14, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq. I wear it to keep him close to my heart, and to share his story with people that ask me what the bracelet stands for. I wear it to spark awareness with fellow Americans who might forget that we're still fighting this war, and to support the soldiers defending us downrange. I wear it as a link to Pete's unit, 4/2 SCR, and as a tribute to all veterans. I wear it as a reminder that "we are under the control of a good God, no matter what the circumstances," as Pete once said. I wear it to remain vigilant in daily life, and to show gratitude for the reasons our flag flies proudly in the American sky. I wear it as a link to the Army of Angels who paid the ultimate price for people that might never even know their names. Most of all, I wear my Memorial Bracelet as a representation of Heavenly love wrapped up in the 26 short years Pete shared here on earth.
"Toujours Pret."
Melissa H.
Fiancee of 2LT Peter Burks, U.S. Army

For My Brother from Hanson, MA

I ordered the Memorial Bracelets with my brothers name on it as he was killed in action in Viet Nam 10/02/1966. My home town of Hanson, Massachusetts will be honoring him by dedicating a square in town to him on June 5th. He has a son which he never got the pleasure of meeting cause he got killed before he was born so one of the braclets is for him to wear.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Show My Pride For My Brave Son

I wore an "Until You Come Home" Bracelet. My Son and I, 1ST. LT.Gary Laughlin on his return home 2009. To show my pride for my brave son and all the brave Men and Women serving this Country. I continue to wear Memorial Bracelets in respect to all who lost their lives protecting my freedom.

Gary L.

Monday, May 24, 2010

For My Friend Ronnie Fegan

I wear the KIA Bracelet every day for my best friend from the U.S. Naval Pre-Flight School in Pensacola, FL, Ronnie Fegan.

Robert D.
Sonoma, CA

For 1LT Brian Bradshaw

I never met 1LT Brian Bradshaw and I do not know his family. I wear his Memorial Bracelet because he was the first officer to die shortly after I arrived in Afghanistan last year. When I read his story and discovered that he grew up near my home town and did similar things growing up as I did, I was deeply touched! Also, Michael Jackson died the same day 1LT Bradshaw was killed and the pop star was all over the news and not a mention about this American hero was anywhere to be found. This was upsetting to me so I decided to purchase 1LT Bradshaw's bracelet to honor him in a way Michael Jackson will never be honored.

Additionally, 1LT Bradshaw is buried in the same National Cemetery as my father. When I go home this summer to visit family and attend my daughter's high school graduation, I am going to go visit 1LT Bradshaw when I go to spend time with my Dad at Mount Tahoma National Cemetery.

It is a shame that we have young men and women dying every day in combat and they barely make the news anymore. But, when a celebrity dies they are immortalized forever.

Rest in Peace 1LT Brian Bradshaw. God Bless your family!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Those Who Gave Their Lives so Others Would Not Lose Theirs

I orderd this Memorial Bracelet because these people gave their lives so others would not lose theirs, and I think they need to be remerbered for that and never forgotten. What they did was a very dangerous, commendable and very brave, and they deserve more recognition.

God Bless those who lost their lives and comfort for their families.

43rd anniversary of the death of Cpl. Robert Katavolos

21 May 2010, is the 43rd anniversary of the death of Cpl. Robert Katavolos USMC.
A member of Mike Co. / 3rd BN / 9th Marines. Their "TAOR" Tactical Area of Responsibility was Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. Where on 21 May 67, he gave his life for his country.

We went to grade school together, hung out as teenagers together and joined the US Marine Corps together on the same day. We both served in South Vietnam in 1967 but in different units and were both "Grunts" 0311 Riflemen.

Marines never forget our fallen brothers and Cpl. Robert Katavolos was more like part of my family. I will wear his KIA Bracelet proudly, to me it means much more than a simple bar of Stainless Steel with a name.

Please take a minute of silence in his memory and if you ever go to "The Wall" in Washington, DC. His name can be found on (Panel-20-East/Line 76). May he be resting in peace and remain in our hearts.

Semper Fi

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Memory of our Son Jesse

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet and will wear it every single day in memory of our son Jesse A. Mellott. Jesse took his life at age 21 on August 29, 2007. I will never ever get over this, and my loss and grief go so deep. I want him with me always and this is a way I feel I can do that.

Thank you,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Remember Those That Have Sacrificed Before Me

I received my POW/MIA Bracelet for Capt. David L. Leet - USMC, who went MIA on April 13, 1972. On that very day, I was born. I plan to wear this bracelet as a reminder that my life is possible as a result of the sacrafices of people like Capt. Leet. I only hope I can do his life justice with mine.

Amy M.
St. Louis, MO

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For our Brother in Blue

On September 6, 2008 our dear friend and Brother in Blue was shot and killed in the line of duty when he responded to a domestic violence call.

No one that day (especially his wife and my best friend and partner) ever expected the unexpected. Sergeant Paul Starzyk was a hero that day. He saved the lives of the occupants in that home that day. The suspect was shot and killed at the scene when he continued to fire upon all the officers there that horrible dark day.

Paul left behind a beautiful family. His best friend and wife whom herself was a Deputy Sheriff, two son's and a daughter, all under the age of ten. The suspect and murderer that day left so many devastated friends and loved ones asking that awful question ... " why ?! ". Why her best friend and husband ??? Why Daddy ??? Why our friend ??? Why our Brother and Partner ??? We that knew Paul, will continue to hold him dear in our hearts and think of him every single day. We wear our Memorial Bracelets to keep some special part of him with us each and every day.

Please never forget our Fallen Officer's. We put our uniforms and gear on every day to go to work to keep
our communities safe. We pray at the start of our shift that we will be able to return to our loved ones
after our shift. Some of us are lucky and make it home to our families ... some not so lucky. Sometimes Our father, God, calls his children home unexpectedly. Leaving those of us here and asking "Why ?"

Never forget !!!

God Bless us all

Deputy Sheriff, California

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For My Old Squad Leader

I wear my Memorial Bracelet for my old squad leader (second from left with acu shorts). He was an outstanding example of how you lead from the front. He was like a brother to me. We miss you Ragin Red.


Brandon was in the army from the 9th grade he spent one year in IRAQ he lost his best friend there and he had a Memorial Bracelet that he never took off. We lost Brandon in a car wreck on March 24, 2010.

We never found his bracelet. Me and Brandon together had two daughters and two sons. The boys were not his blood sons, but you would not have known that by the way he loved them. My boys are 14 year old twins and they really want to have his bracelet, but the next best thing to me is to give them one so that they will always have something of him with them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Mom's Stolen Vietnam Bracelet

I ordered a Vietnam Bracelet for Mother's Day this year. As a young girl, my mom wore her bracelet full time and cried when she had to take it off due to a broken wrist. In recent years, her house was broken into and her jewelry box was stolen and along with it, her bracelet. I searched the alleys close to her house and even local pawn shops, but was not able to recover any of the items. The one thing she has talked most about losing was her bracelet. So I have ordered her a replacement so that she can continue to wear it until her soldier is returned. Col GILBERT S. PALMER JR USAF 27 FEB 68 Laos MIA AL
Sarah L. G.-L.
St. Louis, MO

Friday, May 07, 2010

For Vietnam MIA Cpl Bobby Neeld

I will be attending LZ Lambeau on May 23rd, 2010 in Green Bay, WI. A welcome home to the Vietnam Vets....finally.

This is the first time, since serving there, that I have seen my husband show a little pride at having been a part of it. I remember even some of our friends looked down on him when he returned. Anyway, I wore Bobby Neeld's bracelet as a young woman. When the Vietnam MIA Bracelet broke many years ago, I kept it in my jewelry box until I heard a friend was going to Washington DC as a school chaperon, I asked him to find Cpl. Neeld's name on the Memorial Wall and asked him to leave the bracelet there, which he did.

My husband and I will be working computers, helping people find their friends, loved ones and relatives names on the traveling Memorial Wall, and I will be wearing Cpl. Neeld's MIA bracelet and a POW/MIA t-shirt. I am so proud to be wearing his name again, after all these years...even though I am not so young a woman anymore. I have never forgotten him....we should never forget him.

Linda N.
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Thursday, May 06, 2010

For My friend Tim Thomas

I ordered a Vietnam KIA Bracelet because Tim and I both went to Nam. He went in 68 and I went in 69. He didn't make it home, but I got lucky and did. Not a day goes by that I don't think about Vietnam and Tim. I've seen the moving wall several times and it makes me feel closer to him. I feel by doing this I'll always be close. RIP Tim and all my brothers.

Dennis C.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

For Our Son Jesse

I ordered this Memorial Bracelet because our son Jesse A. Mellott took his life on August 29, 2007. Our lives will never ever be the same again! I want to wear this every moment of my life while I am asleep and awake. Lord knows how badly I miss him.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

To Keep My Son's Memory Alive

I order these items to wear in keeping my son memory alive and close to my heart. Losing
a child is one of the hardest things in life, but the memory is a joy and bride to have. I thank God for a wonderful guy who gave his life for the ultimate sacifice to our country.
His Mom
Anginette M.