Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For our Brother in Blue

On September 6, 2008 our dear friend and Brother in Blue was shot and killed in the line of duty when he responded to a domestic violence call.

No one that day (especially his wife and my best friend and partner) ever expected the unexpected. Sergeant Paul Starzyk was a hero that day. He saved the lives of the occupants in that home that day. The suspect was shot and killed at the scene when he continued to fire upon all the officers there that horrible dark day.

Paul left behind a beautiful family. His best friend and wife whom herself was a Deputy Sheriff, two son's and a daughter, all under the age of ten. The suspect and murderer that day left so many devastated friends and loved ones asking that awful question ... " why ?! ". Why her best friend and husband ??? Why Daddy ??? Why our friend ??? Why our Brother and Partner ??? We that knew Paul, will continue to hold him dear in our hearts and think of him every single day. We wear our Memorial Bracelets to keep some special part of him with us each and every day.

Please never forget our Fallen Officer's. We put our uniforms and gear on every day to go to work to keep
our communities safe. We pray at the start of our shift that we will be able to return to our loved ones
after our shift. Some of us are lucky and make it home to our families ... some not so lucky. Sometimes Our father, God, calls his children home unexpectedly. Leaving those of us here and asking "Why ?"

Never forget !!!

God Bless us all

Deputy Sheriff, California

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