Monday, May 24, 2010

For 1LT Brian Bradshaw

I never met 1LT Brian Bradshaw and I do not know his family. I wear his Memorial Bracelet because he was the first officer to die shortly after I arrived in Afghanistan last year. When I read his story and discovered that he grew up near my home town and did similar things growing up as I did, I was deeply touched! Also, Michael Jackson died the same day 1LT Bradshaw was killed and the pop star was all over the news and not a mention about this American hero was anywhere to be found. This was upsetting to me so I decided to purchase 1LT Bradshaw's bracelet to honor him in a way Michael Jackson will never be honored.

Additionally, 1LT Bradshaw is buried in the same National Cemetery as my father. When I go home this summer to visit family and attend my daughter's high school graduation, I am going to go visit 1LT Bradshaw when I go to spend time with my Dad at Mount Tahoma National Cemetery.

It is a shame that we have young men and women dying every day in combat and they barely make the news anymore. But, when a celebrity dies they are immortalized forever.

Rest in Peace 1LT Brian Bradshaw. God Bless your family!



Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,

I agree with you about our American soldiers giving their lives for our freedom being American heros -- yet, rarely, if ever, a mention in the media. Instead, so much time is wasted on the latest celebrity "scandal" or hollywood story -- ugh. If only they would spend a little time telling us the stories of these true American heros, it would give everyone an opportunity to better appreciate these young men and women and show the things that are truly important in life.

I was touched by your story and I just wanted to let you know that and also how much I appreciate your service. I am an Army brat; my father was a career officer until his retirement. He served in Vietnam; coincidentally, my husband served in Vietnam as well although he was drafted.

I wore a POW/MIA bracelet for several years in the late 60s/early 70s. I still have that bracelet today. The silver on the inside has worn off from all of the wear, but I have always treasured having that through all these years.

Growing up on Army bases/posts, I was instilled at an early age with so many patriotic values. It is a totally different world than the civilian life I live now. I carry those treasured childhood memories with me every day and fly my flag with pride. I am thankful for the opportunities afforded to me and what I learned from living the Army life [if only as a child].

Bless you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. You are an inspiration. Please be careful wherever you are and take care.

Louisiana, USA

Ryan said...

I knew brian and he was a friend. Thanks for wearing the Bracelet. Know he was a great guy!