Sunday, April 29, 2012

For SSG James A. Champion

Love my replacement of my replacement, of the replacement I got of the original that turned my arm green. Thanks for offering it in stainless steel...and thanks for your sacrifice SSG James A. Champion USA(RGR) 4/24/71 SVN

Jeff B.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

For Husband and Hero SSG Michael Smith

For My Husband & Hero SSG Smith, Michael..... He gave me the world when he gave his heart to me! He became my Camo Angel one day after our second wedding anniversary shorted years on earth we'll get our forever when I go home to his arms in Heaven


For Josh Cullins

I never knew Josh Cullins, but Josh was a fellow Marine combat veteran and Peace Officer from my town and one of 5 that didn't make it home.  In 10 years our National memory will fade about the thousands of ultimate sacrifices like Josh.  This is my small way to remember and help others do so too.