Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Remember Uncle Donnie

My uncle Donald was killed in Vietnam before I was born. My dad never talked about him very much because it was to painful. I knew he was killed in Vietnam but didn't know much else about him except that he was very young, 19. My dad told the story about one time when Donnie got to come home for a short time because he was wounded he was bringing him back to the airport to go back to Vietnam, Donnie told my dad that he wouldn't be coming home and to take care of mom and brother. My uncle Donnie was killed in June and his funeral was on my brothers 4th birthday. I found some letters he had written while he was in vietnam that my mom and dad kept in their safety deposit box. Some of them were written while he was in a foxhole so they are dirty and very hard to read because he was writing them in the dark. They are very sad to read. I had a baby last February and I named him after my uncle Donnie. I am making a scrapbook about my uncle Donnie to give to my son when he is older so he knows who and why he is named after this person. I thought this Memorial Gracelet would be a nice addition to go along with his scrapbook. Thank you very much. I am so happy I found this website.

Friday, March 19, 2010

For Someone Special Serving in Afghanistan

I know how important the men and woman of our Armed Forces are... How they strive and give up so much of their personal lives to serve, protect and love Our Country... I have someone special to me serving in Afghanistan and He is the Love of my Life... Im am Proud to have him in my life and i only hope as i do for all Our Soldiers, that they will be brought home safe to the arms and love of their family, friends and loved ones... Their Job is so Important to the American Public.

Im Proud and Honored to have them on my side as well to be an American... God Bless My Love and All of his Kind..

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Vietnam Pfc Albert Erskine

Where I work in Connecticut, Back in 2007 I have met a Marine Patrick Brill who had served in Vietnam in the late 60's. I had shown him the web page I had created and on the site I had put a link to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Page where I showed him that you can look up any casualty of Vietnam, see when and where they were killed and where they are on The Wall.

He had asked me to look up Pfc Albert Erskine, this was a fellow Marine he had went through Boot camp with and eventually served in Nam with. On 21 February 69 while in Vietnam, they had drawn straws to see who would go to a line Company. Patrick had drawn the shortest straw but Albert offered to take his place and go to the line Company. Five days later Pfc Albert Erskine was killed in Quang Nam by small arms fire.

For 38 years Patrick has been feeling a heavy burden of guilt, feeling he was responsible for the death of his friend. He asked me to print out the info off the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site for Albert that I had shown him from my Blackjack phone, which I was pleased to do for him and I told him I do everything I can for our veterans. I not only printed out the info but arranged it on a 8 ½ x 11 piece of cardstock to be framed.

With this printout I gave him other info I found on Albert's info page such as comments posted by people to include one listed by a buddy from NY who had put in his address and email. Through this info, Patrick had been put in contact with Albert's father, and Patrick had drove to NY to meet. Patrick had told me his father was a very nice man and he told him he was sorry and expressed how he felt for the past 38 years. Alberts father had assured him it was not his fault.

In February 2010 after following the link on the Veterans Memorial page, I had told Patrick about Memorial Bracelets and that you can get anyone that was on the wall on a bracelet, I thought he would want one with Albert Erskine on it for the sacrifice he had made, and I was right, Pat asked me to get him one. One day after working 1st shift, I went to the Post office to check my mail and found it had arrived. With Patrick on 3rd shift and I wanted to get this to him right away, I waited until 9 pm I went to work to give it to him. He was very pleased with the bracelet and after reading it he put it on and said, "You know, your not supposed to take these off once you put them on." I'm sure whether your supposed to or not, I don't think he would ever take the bracelet off. This is why I have purchased a bracelet and I am very pleased with the quality of it. Thank You.


Friday, March 12, 2010

In honor of Seig

Our daughter and Seig served in Iraq together, one night a mortar attack on the base 50 meters from our daughters barricks and Seig died in the attack. Our daughter was friends with Seig and it was devastating. It is so sad, he was just a young soldier serving his country. There is not a day that goes by I think of him, he is in our thoughts and prayers.

Amy V proud parent of an American soldier.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For Justin Swanson, LCpl USMC

I wear my Memorial Bracelet because Justin was the one who put me into the life
I love. He helped me become the best. I wear it because I don't want
people to forget the horrible things that are going on over there. I
just don't want to forget my friend. I wear my bracelet to remember my
Friend and peer LCpl Justin Swanson. RIP Devil Dog, You're guarding
St. Peter's Gates now.

James, Orange County, California

Thursday, March 04, 2010

For McArthur

It’s hard to imagine how after 41 years you could miss a friend so much. But I do.

Monday, March 01, 2010

For My Active Duty Son

My son is attached to the 101st Airborne Div. Air Assault Rakkasans Brigade in Afghanistan. He is directly involved with Col. Luong's Protection Unit (Head of Operations with the 101st). I am very proud of his sacrifice and achievements.

I'll wear this Active Duty Bracelet in honor of my son until he is safe/back home. Then I'll give it to him to stash away for his children in honor of his service.


Mark M.

For Ricky Killed in VetNam

Ricky and I were Air Force brats. In 1956 we sailed from SF to Yokohama together. Although our fathers were stationed on different bases, we stayed close. He and I learned to rollerskate together at the outdoor rink at Grant Heights (Yokota). Before we left Japan for Okinawa, his family climbed Mt Fuji one more time. This time my mom, sister, brother and I went along. Our birthdays were only 2 days apart. He was killed in VietNam just after his 19th birthday. Our parents NEVER lost touch! Next month my family goes to Arlington to place my father's ashes. This is the first time I will visit The Memorial.

Had I known of this program, I'd have been wearing this KIA Bracelet years ago.