Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Air Force Member MIA in 1965

I just received my Memorial Bracelet today. I chose the name of a member of the Air Force who was declared MIA in 1965 because for 10 years I lived in Salem, two towns over, and I have wonderful memories of living in the area. This young man never got to experience the beauty, fun and joy of living in this wonderful ocean side community.  I felt that I owed him that much, to honor his memory.

My ex-husband is a Vietnam Veteran, who was Military Police in the Air Force, and suffers from PTSD.  The Vietnam war, and the resulting PTSD, was the major cause of the dissolution of our marriage.  I now belong to Soldier's Angels, and have "adopted" a soldier serving in Afghanistan.  Ironically, he is in the National Guard, in the Military Police.  I wanted to wear a bracelet to honor the soldiers who fought in Vietnam, as I always honored, and still do, my ex-husband, and to also honor those who are serving now.  I will wear the bracelet as a reminder of all those who did not come home, in hopes that all those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan currently will all come home.  I will pray for and honor them all "Until they all come home."

When will we learn the folly of war and that no one comes home the same..........

Esther Ann

For Megan Mcclung

For Major Megan Mcclung:

It has been a couple years, but it starts out as a long story from the newspaper. I would never have known her personally in a million years, but one of the reasons why I bought this Cuff Memorial Bracelet for Megan Mcclung was that the story when I first heard about it on the news, it got thrown at me like a ton of bricks.

Although I am not related to her, the report itself tears me up from the inside and I have not even got the chance to get over her death. I was shocked at least for about the last two months of 2006, and the next year after, 2007 I was very much poor broken hearted man. At first, she was a very very beautiful lady, had I met her in person, I believed I would have gone straight to heaven with her on that day. Secondly, she reminded me of my sister's age. They both had the same personality, same great looking lady, almost identical interests, etc….. That is why I have been very close to her up till this day, somehow managed to take care what is left of her soul.

Since than, I have somehow developed a intimate relationships even she is already gone and I would happily give up everything I have in possession to show that I always care for her very deeply. I also wearing now because to open up the sore wounds that I have inside me to other people as a reminder. I wish I was there to experience firsthand what happen to her on that day. Now looking back as I thought about it, I really felt that I should be out there protecting her more than all the boys who fought this war.

That is why this means a lot to me as a person which felt society has already forgot about females who's voice has already been shut out of the crowd and I am giving myself a chance to her voice.

My Scars run deeper than the messages that I am writing to most of you out there who are diligently reading it on a day-to-day basis. Megan Mcclung is truly a very very fragile rose. She in my view is one type of the girl that is very hard to find in this world, so I suggest that you stop taking her for granted and pretending that killing her off like a pig would not matter to you.


For Two Lost Firefighters

We lost two fellow fireman within a week of each other!! One from cancer and the other from a car wreck!! We were wearing silicone bracelets in their honor but had to take them off because apparently when exposed to heat they put off a toxic gas!!

Billy M.
Denison TX Firefighter/Paramedic

Saturday, April 09, 2011

For Bowe Bergdahl

My father was stationed at Dover AFB in the early seventies and I was an ARMY brat!  Anyway, when the first POW/MIA bracelets came out I had to have one.  Total cost 2-3.00 dollars then.  I was in the 6th grade.  I went to the house they were selling them at and bought one.  Halfway home I realized I had a Pfc.  So I took it back and traded it for a Captain..James Mulligan.  Long story short my DAD ...SFC William Brantley Edwards was very unhappy with me for taking my PFC back.  He said that the PFC was probably going through more hell.  Long story short I wore my bracelet till Capt. Mulligan came home then I mailed it to him.  Never heard from him which was fine.

But my DAD, I owe him a PFC...I started praying for Bowe when I saw his story last summer...didn't know the bracelets still even existed so I am sooo very happy to get this do over!!!! Much wiser now..and Dad's smiling down from heaven I am sure, we lost him last August.   Thanks for the opportunity!!!!