Saturday, April 09, 2011

For Bowe Bergdahl

My father was stationed at Dover AFB in the early seventies and I was an ARMY brat!  Anyway, when the first POW/MIA bracelets came out I had to have one.  Total cost 2-3.00 dollars then.  I was in the 6th grade.  I went to the house they were selling them at and bought one.  Halfway home I realized I had a Pfc.  So I took it back and traded it for a Captain..James Mulligan.  Long story short my DAD ...SFC William Brantley Edwards was very unhappy with me for taking my PFC back.  He said that the PFC was probably going through more hell.  Long story short I wore my bracelet till Capt. Mulligan came home then I mailed it to him.  Never heard from him which was fine.

But my DAD, I owe him a PFC...I started praying for Bowe when I saw his story last summer...didn't know the bracelets still even existed so I am sooo very happy to get this do over!!!! Much wiser now..and Dad's smiling down from heaven I am sure, we lost him last August.   Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

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