Monday, July 29, 2013

For Cousin Ronnie Zemple

Ordering mine this week to honor my cousin Ronnie Zempel who was lost at sea in Vietnam. As a Gulf War Vet, I thank every Vet out there for your service!

Paul K.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

For SSG Panchot and CPO Faas

I wear one Memorial Bracelet for SSG Dale Panchot and Navy Chief Petty Officer John Faas.  Two Minnesota warriors who gave there life defending and protecting our freedom.

Bravo M.

For Jason Hansen

Yesterday I ordered my Memorial Bracelet to remember Sgt. Jason Hansen. His mother, Vickie Hays, is a friend of mine. I didn't know Sgt. Hansen but know that he was a wonderful young man who was/is admired by many. He is missed every day by his family and friends. I can't wait to be able to honor this young man's memory in this small way.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

For My Australian Brothers in Arms

Cheers guys got my package just recently after my old one from battalion wore out....happy to be showing my respects again.

Never Forget  Never Forgive
Brother By Choice

Jimy S.

Monday, July 22, 2013

For Bowe Bergdahl

In 1972, I was living, & working 7 days a week, in Memphis, Tn, & my birthdate was read over the radio via WLS out of Chicago for the 69 tag pulled from the lottery, .....

I went down to the Memphis AAFEES Station & enlisted, I have had rotten tomatoes, & eggs thrown at me, while boarding aircraft in the US from protesters against the war, but went on to my duty stations, regardless of where they would take me, . . . . I was 18, scared, but sure of my companions, & leadership, & would have followed them into hell if so ordered, . . . . & still would, . . .

Death does not scare me as it used to, but agonizing suffering does, . . . So I would wear one of these POW bracelets for Sgt. Bergdahl with the same pride that I wore our uniform, i have had to go without hot meals for weeks on end, wash up out of a steel pot using the sandy dust for water, & find a place to crap far enough away from our encampment so that the stench would not overpower your senses, without the protection, or convenience of TP, utilizing what ever was at hand, eating 35 year old C-rations on an every meal basis, for weeks on end, . . . & lived out of our vehicles, & doing field maintenance that should have been done on a preparatory basis, instead of waiting for field trials to bring our unreadiness to our attentions, cannabalizing parts off of equipment, to make our vehicles run, & even rewired a deuce & 1/2 with commo wire & still managed to pass a V-Corp inspection, because it was logged as field expedience, . . . . . 

The oath I undertook as an 18 year old has never expired for me, & it never shall, . . . . 
I love my country, & will always defend her, for the rights & liberties that we still enjoy today, . . . . Regardless of who is in office, or what party they may belong to, . . . Has no effect in my judgement, with all of my faculties intact, . . .

John E. O. III

Sunday, July 21, 2013

For HM1 Darrell Enos

I got a Memorial Bracelet today to remember HM1 Darrel Enos KIA, 17 Aug 2012. He was a friend and co-worker of mine when I was stationed in Maryland. It was an honor to serve with him!

Cadance M.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

For Jack VanLoan

I wore a bracelet for Jack VanLoan, during his imprisonment in Viet Nam, continued till I found out he was back home. God Bless all our service men and women, fighting for our freedom now and past.

Barbara W.

For a Fallen Brother in Arms

I received my Memorial Bracelet yesterday for a fallen brother, and I am amazed at the quality of the bracelet, it is absolutely impeccable. It is amazing how much a maybe six-inch strip of aluminum can mean so much to somebody, and it is my most precious possession as of yet. He was my best friend, a brother in arms, and now will he not only live on forever in my heart, but also as a reminder on my wrist.

Thank you so much for what you are doing, thank you so much for honoring my dear friend by making this bracelet for me, and hopefully, I will never have to order a KIA/DOW bracelet from you again.

Thanks SO much and God bless you, and the United States Of America.


Luke from Georgia