Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Proudly Wear It Every Chance I Get

I ordered the bracelet with a name of a soldier who was killed in Iraq.  His name is Travis Bruce.  He was killed in Iraq in 2005.  He was from my area of Minnesota and he was a Military Police officer.  I never knew him, but we were both combat tested MPs.  (I was in Iraq from April 2003 to April 2004.)  I felt I owed him the opportunity to keep his memory alive.  What better way to do that than by wearing a bracelet that gets everyone's attention.  I have only worn it one day and I have had a handful of people ask me about it.  I love my bracelet and I will proudly wear it every chance I get.

Because I Feel Good Doing This For Our Country

I received my bracelet today and can't believe how wonderful it is already on my left wrist with a bracelet that I have been wearing since the Viet Nam war....a Lt. Col. L. W. Whitford, missing since 11/2/69. I keep wearing it because I checked on him and he was in a helicopter with another soldier and the copter went down and the bodies were never found. So until......I will wear it. The one I just had made is for a SFC Eric Horton, I went onto Operation Military and they gave me him as a penpal. We have been writing for 3 months and he is on his 3ed deployment and will wear until he is home safe....he is due to come home in Feb. but he keeps getting extended. I have sent him 3 huge boxes, one with a CD,DVD,VCR player in it. My father was a 35 year veteran of the Army and retired as a Brig. General and I feel good doing this for our country.

Friday, June 29, 2007

To Remind Others That They're Still Out There

I ordered a bracelet because I was in the Army for 8 years, but I never had to go through what anyone of these people went or is going through. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish that these families go through holding out hope that their loved one is still alive. I want to do something so that other people will not forget that there are some out there who have not returned home. I am not only wearing one for SSG Maupin but I am wearing it to remind people here at home that he and many other POW/MIA's  are still out there and that we should not forget.

To Show Real Support for Our Troops

I ordered the bracelet because the way a lot of people are treating the troops right now and the way they are talking about the war is very upsetting to me and disturbing at the time I went to Iraq, 2004, everyone was supportive and there was not much negativity as now. So I wanted a bracelet to remember a good friend of mine who died in combat in Iraq. We were very close I remember one thing the most when he came to my unit in Hawaii he had never drank before when showed up in my barracks room some buddies and I were drinking beer and Jack so I convinced him to take his first drink and welcomed him to the unit. The rest is history.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

For My Girlfriend and Daughter

I always wore a vietnam pow bracelet while in high school, and I don't know what ever happened to it through the years.  My girlfriend's cousin was in the 82 airborne as is my daughter's boyfriend.  My girlfriend's cousin was killed in Jan. and the camp my daughter's boyfriend is at was named after him so I gave one to my girlfriend and I will wear one as well for a tribute to both men.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To Honor the Fallen

I will wear it and remember the brave solider CW2 Michael T. Blaise who died protecting us. I will also remember all the brave servicemen and women who risk their lives everyday for us. My niece Jennifer is a Sergeant in the Army on her second tour.

I chose Michael Blaise after reading his wife's book on their life in the army and how her and Michael loved each other and their country. Their story inspired me and I wanted to honor his memory by wearing his name on the bracelet. I truly hope that more Americans will honor the fallen by wearing these bracelets and never forget that their lives will always mean something to us, they will never be forgotten.

For LCDR Michael Speicher

I have received my bracelet and love it.  I ordered the bracelet for LCDR Michael Speicher who went MIA on 17 Jan 1991 when his plane went down over Iraq.  Although I was only 8 years when this happened, I remember watching on the news the events unfold about the war and seeing pictures of LCDR Speicher and his MIA status.  It shaped my future from that point on, I knew I would join the military and serve as he did.  I always felt it was unfair - those who went missing, captured or killed and the families left behind, and knew it was my destiny in life to serve.  Although LCDR Speicher was a Navy pilot, he inspired me to follow my dreams and serve in the Air Force.  I ordered the bracelet to always be there as a reminder of why I choose to serve and help me when things get tough. 

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For SSG Darran Cunningham

SSG Darran Cunningham died six hours after they told him he could retire and go home his job was done ! Darren was great Father a great friend and foremost a great solider.

For SSG Kennon

The story behind mine is... I am a 1LT in the US Army. I was a Fox Recon Platoon Leader at one point. I had a squad leader, SSG Kennon. He left my platoon and PCSed to Fort Campbell. He was assigned to an Infantry unit in the 101st. He was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wear his name as a remembrance for his ultimate sacrifice. He was one of my best soldiers. We all miss him dearly.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Best Friend J. Bryan Chism

Thank you so much for the bracelet. The bracelet is beautiful, just like I wanted it. I have gotten so many complements on the bracelet. I located your site while I was doing a search for J. Bryan Chism. And I feel in love with the idea.

My story on why I order one is easy. Jan 20, 2007 I lost my best friend, my 'fiancee' if its the best way to say it. He died in Iraq and it hurts cause I loved him so much.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To Honor His Memory 41 Year Later

To remember how lucky I have been in my life and to honor a fellow Air Force service member who did not return. I was overseas at the time this Airman went missing, June 22, 1966. I thank God everyday for my return and this was just alittle something I could do to help keep his memory alive and honor him for his service to our great country.... some 41 years later.

To Replace My Fiancee's Bracelet

My fiancĂ©e was in boot camp in 1991 in Texas and bought a bracelet on base with CPL Harley John Jenk's name on it.  He wore the bracelet everyday until it broke last year.  He never took it off.  I emailed your company in December last year and you added his name to the list of KIA in Vietnam.  I was so excited that I could replace the bracelet for him. He wears it every day and doesn't take it off. 

Thank you so much the bracelet means a lot to him.

Monday, June 11, 2007

For My Children's Step Father

I ordered one for me because my husband is active duty in the Army and has been for 13 years and we have only been married for a year. He deployed Jan 07 for his second tour to Iraq and this is all so new to me and my children.  I just wanted to show my support to him and how proud I am of him and to be his wife. My children saw my bracelet and asked for one to wear to show support to their step-dad and to also show how proud they are of him and what he does for our country.

Friday, June 08, 2007

This bracelet was to help remind me of why I wear a uniform. There are 2 names on the bracelet of 2 men that were in a unit I was once a part of; MSgt. William McDaniel and SSgt. Jaun Ridout. They were both Air Force PJs that were killed in the Philippines during Operation Enduring Freedom. The gave their lives to uphold their motto "That Others May Live." Its hard to be the one that made it home when others didn't. Seeing their names on my arm will help remind me to serve my country in a manner that they will not be ashamed.

Monday, June 04, 2007

For My Son... And Myself

The pastor of our chuch has a bracelet and my son, who is 10 yr. old asked Fr. about the bracelet. Fr. West explained the significance of the bracelet.  If our son gets good grades on his report card, he usually gets to pick something as a reward.  Last month, he told me he wanted a POW bracelet for his report card.  I discussed this choice with him and told him that my mother and I had POW bracelets when I was his age.  I had returned my bracelet at the end of the war to the memorial.


He had found your website and asked me to sit with him while he picked out his soldier's name.  While doing this, he asked me the name of the soldier on my bracelet.  After all these years, I remembered it clearly.  Col. Gilland Corbitt- USAF.  We found his on your website.  I was extremely sad to think that my soldier had not come home and that he was not being remembered.  I ordered another bracelet with Col. Gilland Corbett's name.


I hope that my son's bracelet will mean as much to him as mine has to me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

To Honor Our Fallen Fire Fighter

My brother-in-law Lt. Ray Murphy of Engine 39 Ladder 16 was killed on 911 Ray was killed when the second tower fell, leaving behind his wife and two sons, Ray loved his job and it was no surprise to us that he ran back into the tower to do what he could to help, Ray's body was discovered on Oct 1st.