Monday, June 04, 2007

For My Son... And Myself

The pastor of our chuch has a bracelet and my son, who is 10 yr. old asked Fr. about the bracelet. Fr. West explained the significance of the bracelet.  If our son gets good grades on his report card, he usually gets to pick something as a reward.  Last month, he told me he wanted a POW bracelet for his report card.  I discussed this choice with him and told him that my mother and I had POW bracelets when I was his age.  I had returned my bracelet at the end of the war to the memorial.


He had found your website and asked me to sit with him while he picked out his soldier's name.  While doing this, he asked me the name of the soldier on my bracelet.  After all these years, I remembered it clearly.  Col. Gilland Corbitt- USAF.  We found his on your website.  I was extremely sad to think that my soldier had not come home and that he was not being remembered.  I ordered another bracelet with Col. Gilland Corbett's name.


I hope that my son's bracelet will mean as much to him as mine has to me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering my father. I can not tell you how much it means to me. Col. Gilland Corbitt is still considered " missing in action". He is not forgotten by your actions and your testimony. Cynthia

Anonymous said...

My husband too wore Col Corbitt's MIA bracelet. He even had an id bracelet and engraved his name on it. While going through my husband's things (he passed away in Sepemer) I found both bracelets. I would be happy to pass them to any family member interested.

Anonymous said...

I also wore a bracelet with Gilland Corbitt’s Name on it for many years. I had to remove it once for a major surgery and it was lost at the hospital. Even tho I no longer wore it, I still have him on my daily prayer list.