Monday, December 01, 2003

To Keep Him Close While He is Away

As a child I wore a POW bracelet with James Bell on it for years.  He was 

from my small town in MD.  When I married, I married a soldier.  As a CPT 

in the Army he went to Desert Shield/Storm for almost a year.  I ordered 

bracelets then and proudly wore one with his name to keep him closer while 

he was away.  As a COL he was assigned to the Pentagon.  I'm pleased to say 

he is a Pentagon survivor but many of his peers were not.  Now as we're in 

our 23rd year of military life, Bob will be joining our troops in Iraq in 

January.  I ordered them this time for the same reason as last time, just 

as a reminder.

I'm pleased to know that your organization is making a difference.  I've 

lived it; my heart goes out to these folks. - Melissa O.