Friday, May 26, 2006

Showing Our Respect At His Grave

My wife and I are leaving Saturday for Washington D.C. and Rolling Thunder will visit Scott's grave at Arlington while we are there. All in all there will be seven bikes going in our group and I think six of us will be wearing a bracelet with Scott's name.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

For My Husband David

I love the bracelets, I wear everyday.  David was my husband.  It makes me feel closer to him.  And we need to honor the men and women that are fighting over there everyday.  I never thought day would come when they showed up at me door.  But it did and now all I can is honor him and let his girls know everything about him.  He left behind a 8 year old and a 9 month old.  So I owe it to him to let his children know what a great man he was.  
So thanks for the bracelets.  
There great.  
Amy K.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'll Wear It In honor Of Sgt. Keith Maupin

Wearing it is very humbling for me. When I was a teenager I had a POW bracelet during the Vietnam War. I remember how close it made me feel to the guys who were over there. I didn't really understand the war at that time; shoot, who does understand war? I was young and it wasn't really talked about in my home. I just know I felt a connection then and I feel a connection now and NEED to show my support. No matter how small.

I'll wear it in honor of Sgt. Keith Maupin, his brothers in arms and our country.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

He Is From My Home Town

The reason I purchased the Kenneth Pease Bracelet. He is from my home town and went to school in the same school I attended. When he got killed in Vietnam I was only 11 but remember the sadness among the community. There was a plaque in the school "in Memory" of Kenneth. The school burned back several years ago. And I was working for the Mayfield Fire Department. The Volunteer Departments called and needed assistance. I was not on duty that night but heard the fire call so I responded from my house in personal vehicle. When I reached the school the front (office) area was on fire and that was the first thing I thought of was the plaque of Kenneth in Uniform. I entered the building, with out scba, fire gear or hose line to retreive the plaque before the fire got to it. It was very smokey and very unsafe. I only thought that this young man had given his life for our country and community so I felt that I needed to save the plaque in honor of him.

I Never Want To Forget Almar

I purchased this bracelet in memory of my dear friend Almar. I met Almar at Officer Candidate School in the summer of 2004. During the first few weeks Almar and I butted heads. He thought I was being arrogant hard headed, and I thought he just hated working with a girl. After a few months we became great friends. After that summer we communicated over the phone and through emails. He was just a great person. We had great conversations about life and family. I found out about Almar death through an email my friend sent me. His death hit me hard. Of all the people I know that have been to Iraq, Almar is the only fallen Marine that I have personally know. I was and am still in disbelief that I am not going to be able to talk to him again. I never want to forget Almar.