Tuesday, May 09, 2006

He Is From My Home Town

The reason I purchased the Kenneth Pease Bracelet. He is from my home town and went to school in the same school I attended. When he got killed in Vietnam I was only 11 but remember the sadness among the community. There was a plaque in the school "in Memory" of Kenneth. The school burned back several years ago. And I was working for the Mayfield Fire Department. The Volunteer Departments called and needed assistance. I was not on duty that night but heard the fire call so I responded from my house in personal vehicle. When I reached the school the front (office) area was on fire and that was the first thing I thought of was the plaque of Kenneth in Uniform. I entered the building, with out scba, fire gear or hose line to retreive the plaque before the fire got to it. It was very smokey and very unsafe. I only thought that this young man had given his life for our country and community so I felt that I needed to save the plaque in honor of him.

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