Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Because of My Cousin Pamala Lost in 9/11

I am Michael and I live in South Portlan, Maine. I decided to go to American Public University to study Strategic Intelligence with a major in terrorism, to become a counterterrorism analyst. I decided this a long time ago when I found out that my cousin Pamala Goff was in the Tower that was attacked by al-Qaeda on 9/11. At first I was going to go to Norwich University and study Diplomacy, but when I saw the course study at APU I knew that this is what I needed to do to fight terrorism in anyway I could, intelligent analyst.

I have allways wanted to avenge the terrorist acts that caused my cousin to lose her life for their hidious terrorist crimes and with the grace of God I have the opportunity to do something not only for my cousin but for my country as well. The war on terrorism will continue untill the world with civilized countries and states come forward with people like you and me and put down these unrightious terrorist groups and make the world safe for everyone regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation.

Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In Honor of My Friend Michael Tank

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet because I have a friend that fought in Vietnam and came home. I remembered that there used to be bracelets to wear for POWs.  I googled it and found that there are STILL bracelets for them.  In honor of my friend, Michael Tank, the Vietnam vet, I decided to get one to remember that not everyone came home.  I chose the person I chose, because he went missing on August 29, 1968---my 18th birthday.

God bless you all for remembering these young men, 


A Mentor and a Friend

I was a scrawny 17 year old kid who joined the US Army because I was kicked out of school and wasn't allowed back in. I weighed 119 lbs. I went to Fort Benning GA. in April 1967 to end of May 1967.  Our drill instructors were strict and disciplinarians to the extreme, but SSG Bennie Monfort seemed to be a bit different as he was always smiling and acted more friendly to us greenies than the other unit Sergeants.  SSG Monfort was a nice guy.  He was only 10 years older than me.  

He went to Nam and was killed a year after I left Fort Benning.  His death was disturbing to say the least.  He treated us greenies like we were his students rather than recruits or something.  He always gave us pointers on our footlocker inspections, how to set up our bivouac areas, like a mentor perhaps.  He always had advice to help us in our new setting. I liked the Sarge, and wish to keep his memory alive in my life.

PFC veteran

Sunday, November 25, 2007

For Gilley in NY

I grew up on Coralyn Avenue, White Plains, NY, and the Winstons lived 3 houses up the hill on Coralyn Road, Scarsdale, NY. Gilley and I were both born in 1938. When he went missing, I was employed in the District Office of Congressman Ogden Reid, who was able to assist his wife during those difficult days. Recently I attended a performance of "Touch The Names" here in Tucson, AZ. It inspired me to go to the web site for the wall, and then your Memorial Bracelets site.

Because Not Everyone Comes Home

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet because I have a friend that fought in Vietnam and came home. I remembered that there used to be bracelets to wear for POWs. In honor of my friend, Michael Tank, the Vietnam vet, I decided to get one to remember that not everyone came home. I chose the person I chose, because he went missing on August 29, 1968---my 18th birthday.

God bless you all for remembering these young men,


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Larry Potts - A Vietnam Hero Who Did Not Make it Home

I've received the bracelet and it is outstanding. It is a replacement for the one I've worn for years. I passed that one on to a young Marine Staff Sergeant who was about to deploy to Iraq.

I wear the bracelet for Larry Potts. I was with him in Nam in '71 and '72. I learned just a few years ago that Larry did not make it home. He was shot down shortly after I had returned home. Some have tried to call me a hero for serving, the real heroes are the ones who did not come home.

Sgt. USMC '69 - '73
RVN '71 - '72

Monday, November 19, 2007

To Honor the Memory of Six Members of My Son's Platoon

This a photo from our local newspaper, the Chico Enterprise-Record, of my husband and me practicing push-ups at the gym to get ready for October's  Boot Camp Challenge at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. (We entered as a team member of Marine and raised money for their Care Package Project). As you can see, on my right wrist is a Memorial Bracelet that I have worn constantly for the past three years. I wear a customized one that honors the memory of six members of my son's platoon, the 3rd Platoon, of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Fox Company who were killed on Labor Day 2004 in Fallujah, when a suicide bomber crashed into the first vehicle in the convoy. My son nearly always rode in the first vehicle, but on that day was assigned to the second vehicle and consequently was next on the scene, though he himself was spared. That tragedy affected me deeply; I grieved terribly for months. Then I happened to come across the website for and, at first, just bought one bracelet for my son to wear with his best friend's name on it. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt the need to have one too. I had found that I thought many, many times a day of that tragedy: of the loss of those Marines, of the families' pain, and of the pain my son must bear to have seen his friends' remains in such a gruesome state. The bracelet has actually helped me heal; It has helped me move through my grief better and has given me a objective way to continue to honor those young men, whom I will always carry in my heart.
Nanette and Mario

For Uncle Bobby Killed in Vietnam

I received the POW Bracelet today and gave it to my 6 year son, for whom it was ordered.  He is named for his uncle Bobby whom he never met.  His Uncle Bobby was killed in Vietnam just a few weeks after being there in April of 1969.  The family rarely, if ever speaks of what happened that day or the weeks that followed, waiting for their son, brother, uncle to return home.  The bracelet was ordered as a tribute and memorial for my son of his uncle, who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  My son does not understand the significance of the bracelet now, but will be taught as he grows.  Thank you for the time and care you put into making the bracelet.    

Saturday, November 17, 2007

For the Vietnam MIA From My Town

My husband and I became members of the POWMIA Awareness Association in our area and in doing this I was checked out a lot of sites and found out that a pilot from the town I grow up in was MIA from the Vietnam War. (Which my husband and brother were in) After reading the names of Servicemen that were killed or missing from the State and Town I grew up in I decided that we would get a Memorial Bracelet for the only one that was MIA. My Hopes are that he will be identified and brought home to his family. It gives me great peace when I wear my bracelet.

I really like my bracelet it means a lot to me.

Beth  and Fred

Friday, November 16, 2007

For My Active Duty Son and His Wife

I just placed an order in honor of my son and his wife.  Their names are Steven and Shannon Crosby.  They are BOTH active duty with the United States Navy and stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  They have a baby girl that is 18 months old named Kailee.  
Shannon deployed to Iraq at the end of October and will not be returning home until around May 2008.  Very shortly after she returns  home my son, Steven will be deploying to Iraq.  
This young sweet family will be seperated for such a long time.  I wanted the bracelet to honor them and show my pride for their sacrifices.  I'm so very proud.

Thank you from a Proud Navy Mom

Monday, November 12, 2007

Because Every Loss Hits Close to Home for Someone

Just like everyone does once in a while I decided to Google my own name.  Up popped information on a fallen private in the army during Iraqi Freedom.  We would be the same age, we have the same name, the same ‘not so popular’ religion, and I found out later, she was a close friend to one of my relatives.  I think everyone can use a reminder that their vote counts, that they have a choice to remain silent or open their mouth, that EVERY loss hits close to home for someone… sometimes that anonymous someone isn’t so anonymous.  And so I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to remind me of the sacrifices made in my name.



For Our Canine Partners at The WTC

Specialty Dog Unit of Southeastern, Pa. (INC.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

For The Man That Would Be The Father of My Children

At the age of 17 I thought I had found the person I wanted to grow old with. I was a junior in high school. Michael had graduated the year before from the town next to mine. My girl friend introduced us at a home coming football game. Our schools were playing each other. After the game there was a dance. I had no plans of staying, but my friend, Patty, and Michael talked me into it. Michael and I did more talking than dancing. We talked about every thing. We became friends and he called most every evening when I would get home from school. Then one day he called and told me he had been drafted and would be leaving soon for boot camp. We went on our first official date that week end. I received my very first kiss. (I'm crying as I type this, now). He asked me if I would be HIS girl and would I write to him. He gave me his class ring on a gold chain (which I wore for a very long time). I met his parents and was so proud when they invited me to visit any time I wished, even after Michael would be gone.
We wrote for those long 6 weeks of boot camp, and our friendship grew.
If anyone had seen us together they would have thought we were brother and sister. When he got home from boot camp. We would walk and talk holding hands. It was then he asked if I would marry him. I couldn't get the word yes out fast enough. But because I was still in high school my parents told me I had to wait until after I graduated. So we did. We both respected our parents wishes.
Michael left for Vietnam and the DMZ area in the spring of 1967. To this
day I am still not clear on the mission he was on, but I do know I lost
my Michael on a June day of that year.
He was the first (boy) man from that town to be sent home from Vietnam in a box with a flag over it. The whole town, it seemed, came to the services. His parents were so kind to me, and we stayed in touch for a long time.
I wear my Memorial Bracelet for a man that was to be the father of my children, the man I was to grow old with, the man who was my best friend, the man who's smile could light up a gloomy day, for a life that was taken because his country said they needed him and he knew that it was his job to do so.
I did marry a couple of years later. And now have two son's. I wanted so badly to name the first boy Michael, but it was not Michael's son, so I
gave him his middle name instead, Steven. The odd thing is that my
Steven has that same crocked smile that lights up a room. 
The name on my braclet is John. The one on Steven's is "Michael". My other son also has a braclet with the name Roger.
God Bless all of the Fathers and Mothers who had to bury their Son's and Daughters during the most heartless war (I believe) in history.


To Honor Sgt. Maupin

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet earlier this year with the name of Matt Maupin engraved on it. I wear it proudly every day. I ordered the bracelet with Sgt. Maupins name because he is a military man who has been missing since 2004 and he is from the Cincinnati area. I have always wanted to wear this type of bracelet but I couldn't decide who's name should be on the bracelet. In checking the internet I found a number of military men missing since Vietnam from Kentucky. In checking your web site I found that I could get one inscribed with Sgt. Maupins name and I felt he was the one I wanted to honor. I want you to know I have received a number of complements about the bracelet and will continue wearing it until Sgt. Maupin comes home.  
Thank you for your help. 

Friday, November 09, 2007

For My Active Duty Father

I have worn many over the years.  My father is still active with 28 years in the Marine corps.  I wear one while he is gone and i wear another at all times when he his home honoring a Lt i served with while i was in the Marine Corps.  God bless our troops and God bless those that do not understand the sacrifice given for them to sleep peacefully in their beds every night. 
1/3 Marines

Thursday, November 08, 2007

To Remind Me That My Place is With My Fellow Soldiers

I just ordered Memorial Bracelets for myself and my husband--I've been wearing another bracelet since 2005.  I was WIA in Iraq in June 2005 as an Air Force K9 Handler.  My medic from Iraq is now my husband.  I regret every day that I was retired due to my injuries.  I would give anything to be back there and will always feel that I didn't fulfill my mission.  My injuries were life-threatening as I had an IED go off underneath my seat in my vehicle, but I lived.  I'll never know why I did yet so many others didn't.  I will always feel that my place is there with my fellow soldiers and I want to go back but I know I never will.  That is why I will always wear my Memorial Bracelet. 

For One of My Female Privates Killed

I just ordered a Memorial Bracelet from you and am looking forward to getting it, though I am not happy about the circumstances as to why I purchased it. I ordered a bracelet that has the name PFC Sam Huff. She was killed just about 4 months after she graduated Basic Training and AIT from Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Sam was one of my Privates, I was her Drill Sergeant. She was in 1st Platoon, and I was in 2nd, but being that I was a female Drill Sergeant, I had a different type of closeness with her and the other female privates. I had the responsibility to not only train all the Soldiers of D. Co. 795th MP BN, I had to mentor the females and teach them about being a "girl" in the Army and try to teach them the right things. Sam was a great Soldier. She had the hardest time with her sit ups. She failed almost all her PT test because of the sit ups. It was the week of graduation, and she didn't know if she was going to be able to graduate or not since she had not passed her PT test. The morning she did pass I was right there with her and we were so excited I told her to get on the phone and call her family to tell them it was safe to buy airline tickets to come see their daughter become a Military Police Officer. She look at me all crazy and said its 0630 Drill Sergeant and I said and your point is......? She said my parents live in Phoenix, AZ and its real early there, I said I know where your from and who cares, I think its a phone call they are looking forward to getting and they need to start early trying to buy tickets so they are cheaper haha!! I was very sad to hear that after her graduation in November, she was killed that April. She will never be forgotten, nor will her sacrifice. She was laid to rest in Arlington, which is where thousands of heros dwell....its fitting though, because she IS a hero as well.
2LT ChrisAnne

For for My Friend Killed in Iraq

I would like to share my story why I'm getting a Memorial Bracelet. I had a good friend that was in the army as I was. I got out june of 06 and she got shipped to Iraq this yr. In July she was killed in iraq. I want to remember her of who is was and what we stand for. She gave all so I could get out of the army so I could raise my daughter. I'm a single Father and I had to make a choice of keeping my daughter or staying in the army and being shipped. family first. Anyway, her unit went over and she was in country about 6 months when a motor attack hit near her. She was a true soldier and hero to me. She was a friend, soldier and most of all a Mother. She leaves behind two kids. Thats why I got a Memorial Bracelet. I got her baby sister one too. 

Thanks for what you do.

Sgt. Chris
Army (ret)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For Our Active Duty Son to Come Home Safe

We wanted an Active Duty Bracelet with our son's name and the message "Come Home Safe". We received them (3) today and are very pleased with how they turned out. Thank you. We will wear them until he comes home (May '08), then we are going to give them to him for his kids, when he has them.

I've already had positive comments on mine and people want to know where I got it. So I tell them about your site.

Another thing: I think about him and pray for him every time I look at it.
You are doing a great thing for our soldiers and their families.
Thank you again.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A Young Man from Port Aruthur

I couldn't believe you had actually wrote to me sending me information on Ron Ray. I wasn't old enuff to understand that era.. but when I lived out in CA when the traveling wall came, I went & said thank you to all there. It also came to Amarillo a few years back. I wonder if this young mans family is still down at Port Arthur. Its several hours from me here in Amarillo. I've printed out what you sent to me & have it framed. It hangs next to my late Dad's purple heart & bronze star (WW II). He was in the battle of the Buldge (malmadee masacre). I never knew him either.

Thank ya now for yer time in this Rob.

many blessings,

Paula in texas