Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Larry Potts - A Vietnam Hero Who Did Not Make it Home

I've received the bracelet and it is outstanding. It is a replacement for the one I've worn for years. I passed that one on to a young Marine Staff Sergeant who was about to deploy to Iraq.

I wear the bracelet for Larry Potts. I was with him in Nam in '71 and '72. I learned just a few years ago that Larry did not make it home. He was shot down shortly after I had returned home. Some have tried to call me a hero for serving, the real heroes are the ones who did not come home.

Sgt. USMC '69 - '73
RVN '71 - '72

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Anonymous said...

Your friend Larry Potts is not forgotten. I have worn his bracelet since I visted The Wall when I was fairly young. (I am now 34.) I recently visited it again and bought another one because the first one is very worn and hard to read. I now wear them both.

Thank you for your courage and service.

May all our Heroes come home.