Sunday, November 11, 2007

To Honor Sgt. Maupin

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet earlier this year with the name of Matt Maupin engraved on it. I wear it proudly every day. I ordered the bracelet with Sgt. Maupins name because he is a military man who has been missing since 2004 and he is from the Cincinnati area. I have always wanted to wear this type of bracelet but I couldn't decide who's name should be on the bracelet. In checking the internet I found a number of military men missing since Vietnam from Kentucky. In checking your web site I found that I could get one inscribed with Sgt. Maupins name and I felt he was the one I wanted to honor. I want you to know I have received a number of complements about the bracelet and will continue wearing it until Sgt. Maupin comes home.  
Thank you for your help. 

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