Thursday, November 08, 2007

For One of My Female Privates Killed

I just ordered a Memorial Bracelet from you and am looking forward to getting it, though I am not happy about the circumstances as to why I purchased it. I ordered a bracelet that has the name PFC Sam Huff. She was killed just about 4 months after she graduated Basic Training and AIT from Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Sam was one of my Privates, I was her Drill Sergeant. She was in 1st Platoon, and I was in 2nd, but being that I was a female Drill Sergeant, I had a different type of closeness with her and the other female privates. I had the responsibility to not only train all the Soldiers of D. Co. 795th MP BN, I had to mentor the females and teach them about being a "girl" in the Army and try to teach them the right things. Sam was a great Soldier. She had the hardest time with her sit ups. She failed almost all her PT test because of the sit ups. It was the week of graduation, and she didn't know if she was going to be able to graduate or not since she had not passed her PT test. The morning she did pass I was right there with her and we were so excited I told her to get on the phone and call her family to tell them it was safe to buy airline tickets to come see their daughter become a Military Police Officer. She look at me all crazy and said its 0630 Drill Sergeant and I said and your point is......? She said my parents live in Phoenix, AZ and its real early there, I said I know where your from and who cares, I think its a phone call they are looking forward to getting and they need to start early trying to buy tickets so they are cheaper haha!! I was very sad to hear that after her graduation in November, she was killed that April. She will never be forgotten, nor will her sacrifice. She was laid to rest in Arlington, which is where thousands of heros dwell....its fitting though, because she IS a hero as well.
2LT ChrisAnne

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