Thursday, November 08, 2007

For for My Friend Killed in Iraq

I would like to share my story why I'm getting a Memorial Bracelet. I had a good friend that was in the army as I was. I got out june of 06 and she got shipped to Iraq this yr. In July she was killed in iraq. I want to remember her of who is was and what we stand for. She gave all so I could get out of the army so I could raise my daughter. I'm a single Father and I had to make a choice of keeping my daughter or staying in the army and being shipped. family first. Anyway, her unit went over and she was in country about 6 months when a motor attack hit near her. She was a true soldier and hero to me. She was a friend, soldier and most of all a Mother. She leaves behind two kids. Thats why I got a Memorial Bracelet. I got her baby sister one too. 

Thanks for what you do.

Sgt. Chris
Army (ret)

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