Thursday, November 08, 2007

To Remind Me That My Place is With My Fellow Soldiers

I just ordered Memorial Bracelets for myself and my husband--I've been wearing another bracelet since 2005.  I was WIA in Iraq in June 2005 as an Air Force K9 Handler.  My medic from Iraq is now my husband.  I regret every day that I was retired due to my injuries.  I would give anything to be back there and will always feel that I didn't fulfill my mission.  My injuries were life-threatening as I had an IED go off underneath my seat in my vehicle, but I lived.  I'll never know why I did yet so many others didn't.  I will always feel that my place is there with my fellow soldiers and I want to go back but I know I never will.  That is why I will always wear my Memorial Bracelet. 

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