Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Remember My Lost Pet

I just received my Memorial Bracelet today...I can't wait to show my sister-in-law who recently had to put her pet down as well...
I'm so glad I came across your site...I had just put my own pet down and wanted something to wear in his memory....The workmanship and quality is A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+....I will recommend your site and show off my new bracelet as well...Thank-you so much for helping me honor my czar..When i'm not wearing the bracelet it will lay on his urn....

Monday, February 09, 2009

To Remember My Parents

Hello...I found out about your website from a customer at work who was wearing a Memorial Bracelet in remembrance of her uncle....I recognized the type of bracelet because i wore one for many years for an MIA/POW during/after Vietnam...I had thought of getting a bracelet with my childhood friends name on it that died on flight 77, September 11, 2001....but I am reminded everyday so it wouldn't instead, I thought of remembering my parents....thank you for having this website...i have told friends who now wear your bracelets....take care

Friday, February 06, 2009

To Help Fulfill My Promise to Sgt Hewitt to Never Forget

When I was a kid my grandmother and both parents wore POW/MIA bracelets. I wanted one for myself when I got to be about 11 or 12 years old. I decided that I wanted a random name but a Marine as my father was (and still is) in the Marine Corps. I received a bracelet with the name of Sgt Samuel E. Hewitt. I lost the bracelet a few years later while swimming in the ocean but I never forgot the name. I took many trips to The Wall in D.C. and got rubbings of his name each time. I went off and joined the Marines myself and did two tours in Iraq. No matter how much I had going on, his name was never far from my thoughts. I made a promise to Sgt Hewitt some years ago to never forget. I never have and I never will. With or without a bracelet. The POW/MIA bracelet is just a reminder to others and to their families that they will never be forgotten. 

To Honor the 7 Heroes Killed During Their Deployment

I got my order yesterday.  They were the black Memorial Dog Tags.  I was truly moved when I got them. 
I found out about from the leather bracelets my son gave me for Christmas.  He wears the black memorial cuff every day that he received from a mom whose son was  killed  in their deployment.  He knew I would love to have one.  

There was another group of his men that were killed in a separate incident during that same deployment and he knew I would want to honor them as well so he ordered a leather bracelet for each incident in honor of these heroes.  The leather bracelets were too large for me to wear so I checked on your web site intending to order one cuff honoring all 7 heroes but since all the names wouldn't fit I ordered the black dog tags to wear.  Of course I can't hide the leather bracelets so I have them attached to my purse.
I will continue to wear them to honor our heroes. 
Thank you

To Remember Zach McBride

I wanted to continually remember Zach McBride, the son of a friend of mine who was KIA in Iraq in January 2008 during the surge of troops into the areas north of Baghdad. Zach was also a childhood playmate of my own son, who will receive his Army commission in 2010 and will probably face similar dangers. I think of all those killed in previous wars (WWII, WWI, etc.) who no one remembers except in the abstract. This remembrance. However, is real. I knew Zach. One day those who knew Zach will be gone also. Until then I will keep faith with his memory and pray for my own son.

To Honor a Fellow Woman Marine

I chose to purchase the Memorial Bracelet of SGT Jeannette Winters, a fellow Woman Marine, who was KIA during Operation Enduring Freedom.  My thoughts and prayers go to her family - Semper Fidelis Sgt Winters.... 
Sgt Tracie, USMC