Friday, February 06, 2009

To Remember Zach McBride

I wanted to continually remember Zach McBride, the son of a friend of mine who was KIA in Iraq in January 2008 during the surge of troops into the areas north of Baghdad. Zach was also a childhood playmate of my own son, who will receive his Army commission in 2010 and will probably face similar dangers. I think of all those killed in previous wars (WWII, WWI, etc.) who no one remembers except in the abstract. This remembrance. However, is real. I knew Zach. One day those who knew Zach will be gone also. Until then I will keep faith with his memory and pray for my own son.

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Jesse Violante said...

I went to basic training and airborne school with Zach. He was a very quiet, but extremely likable guy. Never once did anyone have anything negative to say about him. He was a damn good soldier in basic and airborne school, and I can only imagine how much better he was in his unit. I custom ordered a bracelet with his name. I hope it comes soon.