Friday, February 06, 2009

To Honor the 7 Heroes Killed During Their Deployment

I got my order yesterday.  They were the black Memorial Dog Tags.  I was truly moved when I got them. 
I found out about from the leather bracelets my son gave me for Christmas.  He wears the black memorial cuff every day that he received from a mom whose son was  killed  in their deployment.  He knew I would love to have one.  

There was another group of his men that were killed in a separate incident during that same deployment and he knew I would want to honor them as well so he ordered a leather bracelet for each incident in honor of these heroes.  The leather bracelets were too large for me to wear so I checked on your web site intending to order one cuff honoring all 7 heroes but since all the names wouldn't fit I ordered the black dog tags to wear.  Of course I can't hide the leather bracelets so I have them attached to my purse.
I will continue to wear them to honor our heroes. 
Thank you

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