Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For my Dad's Fraternity Brother

In grade school, I wore the copper POW bracelet of my Dad's fraternity brother until they brought him home. It was interesting explaining to my school mates what that meant when they would ask me about it.

Andrine O.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Honor My Father Sgt. Richard L. Fahrenbruch

I just ordered my Memorial Bracelet to honor my father, Sgt. Richard L. Fahrenbruch, KIA 4/03/68.

Lori F-M

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Memory of All Gone, but Not Forgotten

I retired my red MIA bracelet at the Vietnam Wall because the man's remains had finally been returned. I now purchased a simple black POW/MIA in memory of all who are gone, but not son (16) also ordered one for a SEAL that he holds the greatest respect for that was KIA in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He plans to wear his in memory/honor of all that SEAL did. He also wishes to spread the story of how awesome that SEAL was so he will wear and share.

B.J. P.

Friday, September 21, 2012

In Remembrance of SPC Michelle M. Witmer

Just purchased my KIA Bracelet in remembrance of SPC Michelle M. Witmer first National Guard Female Soldier KIA, OIF

Martina C.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

For a Marine that was a close friend

I am going to wear my Memorial Bracelet for a very close friend of mine that enlisted me into the marine corps. He was my recruiter and we became close friends over the year I was waiting to go in. He was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq doing his job protecting our country. I was hoping to get back intouch with him after the war but when I heard the news that he was taken from us I knew my friend was gone.

In Remembrance of SO1 Patrick Feeks

We will proudly wear our Memorial Bracelets in remembrance of SO1 Patrick Feeks.

Carol C.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Remember Spc Clarence Cash

I purchasing my Memorial Bracelet to remember Spc Clarence Cash. He was killed in Desert Storm, were we served together. He was a true friend and brother. Thank you for allowing me to honor my friend.

Thomas D.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For SIRIUS K9 lost on 9/11

This is SIRIUS. He was in the K9 unit for the NYPD as a bomb detector dog. He lost his life on 9-11 when the WTC tower fell while he was doing his job. My Memorial Bracelet is for him. I wear it all the time and tell others about him. I have always loved dogs and raised and trained puppies for the GUIDE DOG FOUNDATION out of Smithtown NY. I think all that lost their life should not be forgotten, even the 4 legged ones.

Sonie R.

Monday, September 10, 2012

In Memory of Sept. 11th

Ten years ago I purchased a Memorial Bracelet that reads: In Support Of Our Military, In Memory of Sept. 11, 2001. I have worn this bracelet for ten years since the day it arrived in the mail. It's only been taken off twice. Once for an MRI and once for heart surgery. Other than that I wear it as a reminder to those that died that fateful day, our troops that have died since then and our troops that are still serving. It's a daily reminder of how grateful I am to those men and women that protect my family and home. A daily reminder that they should not ever be forgotten. Everyone that sees my bracelet and asked about it is another solider remembered, another victim not forgotten and another moment to remind someone of the 'bigger" picture in life.

My bracelet is scuffed and scratched, a little out of round and could use a good buffing. But, yet, I refused to take it off for something so little. Every scuff and dent reminds me of a solider that is damaged alot worse, a family missing a vital member or an innocent lost in the blink of an eye.

Funny how a little stainless cuff of metal can change your life.

Lora R.

For Nephew Christopher Traina

I have worn my Memorial Bracelet for 10 & 1/2 years in memory and honor of my beloved nephew, Christopher Michael Traina, who was killed on 9/11 while working in 1WTC. I only wish I, and all others who wear a bracelet, did not need to!!

Lenora F-S

To Never Forget Spc. Clarence Cash

I have been wearing an MIA/POW Bracelet since I was 12, and now I am 41. I am a Desert Storm Veteran. I lost my best friend in the war. When I found Memorial Bracelets web page, I knew I had to order his bracelet. Thank you for giving me the chance to honor his memory. I will never forget Spc. Clarence Cash.

Thomas D.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

To Memorialize Spc Cedric L. Lennon

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to memorialize a soldier: Spc Cedric L. LENNON. I had taken him under my wing. He was new to the Army and had some adjusting to do. I was his first NCO (permanent party) and taught him everything I knew. Eventually he found out he enjoyed being a soldier and reenlisted. I transfered to a different Squadron and would see him on occassion. He was doing well. Our regiment deployed to Iraq, and within a few months of deployment, I found out that he had passed. It always hit you hard when someone you know is killed, but even harder when that person is like a son. This braclet is a small reminder of his life, and the sacrifice he made. Every soldier that deployed with me ( in my platoon at that time) made it home, I wish he would have too.

Timothy I.