Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For the POW bracelet I wore for 1st LTD Wm. Flnn

A friend of mine that I haven't seen in years sent me some pictures she had found of us when we were younger.  I attached the file that she sent me.  I just turned 50 a few weeks back so you know the pictures are old!  The top picture is me when I was about 15 so that's about 35 years ago.  I noticed that I had my POW bracelet on.  I remembered clearly what the bracelet had said on it...1st LTD Wm. Finn 12/24/71.  It was Christmas Eve when he went missing..how tragic. I had worn that for about 10 years and was never able to find out what happened to him.  I still have that bracelet so I got it out of my jewelry box and decided to search the Internet to see if I could find out anything about him.  From what I found out, it appears that he was never located and from some accounts, considered deceased.  That made me very sad.  When I found your web site, I decided to purchase another bracelet in his name so that the proceeds from the sale could help his family or others in need. While it is a small gesture, every little bit helps.

Friday, July 27, 2007

In Honor of My Son Serving in Iraq

I got my Memorial Bracelets today and they are awesome!  They are honoring my son serving in Iraq.  I wore the POW bracelet during Vietnam and wanted something similar to signify what he is doing for this great country!  Thank you so much!

To Honor a Possible Distant Relative

I remember people wearing them back in the seventies and I always wanted to get one but never did.  I was a student and participated in the demonstrations on the Ohio State University campus in Spring of 1970, and while the bracelets weren't available then, a lot of home made stuff was - I made a lot of "ON STRIKE! SHUT IT DOWN!" Tshirts using cans of spray paint and a stencil I cut out of cardboard. We were trying to shut down the campus to protest the war, and it was shut down for a week after the Kent State students were killed.

Well, just out of curiosity I searched under the S's for my last name, Schell, and was really surprised to see the entry for Maj. Richard J. Schell.  I have researched my family tree somewhat and my ancestors were orginally Pennsylvania farmers and many (there were a lot of offspring) moved West in search of more or better land - some landed in Ohio and some may have made it to Minnesota.  Anyway I thought this person could be a distant relative and I wanted to honor him by wearing a bracelet with his (and my last name) on it.  I may have been against the war, but I do think that we should honor those who served and died in that war.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Because When We Are Complacent We Are Vulnerable

My son, husband and I have  ordered bracelets in honor of our son, brother, Ryan S. who was killed in Iraq 6/06.  Though it has been over a year, sometimes the reality still has not sunk in.  Not sure if it ever will. The bracelet will be worn to remind others that there is a very high price that is being paid to keep the war in Iraq because just as soon as we let down our guard, it will be brought home to us in the States.  We didn't learn from the first bombing in NYC so the World Trade Center was used to show our vulnerability.  When we are complacent, we are vulnerable.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For My Dad

I just received the bracelet and I love it. I order the bracelet in remembrance of my Dad.  I also had the Army symbol and the Flag added to remind me of the sacrifices that our military is making now, and also the sacrifice my father made in WWII.  It also made my Mom cry.  I hope to wear it forever just as the love of my Dad is forever.

Friday, July 13, 2007

To Remember Staff Sergeant Joe Goodrich

I received the Memorial Bracelet that I ordered to remember my good friend, Staff Sergeant Joe Goodrich, USMC, who was killed in action on 10 July 2005 in Hit, Iraq. Joe was leading a patrol of Humvees and as they were returning to base, they came under attack by enemy mortar rounds. Joe was mortally wounded, but the Sergeant Major of Joe's battalion wrote in a letter to Joe's wife that he was a good Marine and was radioing for help for his wounded Marines before he died. Joe is survived by his wife Amy, brother George, sister-in-law Rhonda, and his parents.

I met "Goody" in 1996 when we were rookie police officers for the Kennywood Park Police Department. We partnered together as often as our shifts allowed and from 1997 through around 2001, we were the principal field training officers for the annual rookie class of officers. Joe had a great sense of humor and was an excellent police officer. Joe also served as a police officer in McKeesport, PA and Indiana, PA. He supported his wife's deli business by making deliveries and working in the shop with her. Joe had a great love for the Marine Corps and continued as a part-time recruiter. He helped prepare young men and women who were on the delayed-entry program to enter the Marine Corps, coaching them on physical fitness, answering their questions, etc. When I heard that Joe had asked to return to active duty in Iraq, I was not surprised. He was a good man and a good friend to all. He is sorely missed by his family, friends, and by Amy.

A group of former Kennywood Park Police Officers purchased a number of plastic memorial bracelets and distributed them to our members and friends. Another former officer showed me the bracelet that he purchased from your website and I was impressed, so I ordered one for myself. I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the bracelet and I wear it proudly every day. I want people to ask about it so that I can tell the story of Joe Goodrich, even if it is only in a 20 second conversation. I think that memorial bracelets are a great way to keep the memory of friends alive and to never forget the sacrifices that are made on behalf of this country every day.

For my Husband's Father Who was a Vietnam Vet.

Today I received the bracelet I ordered in the mail. I was so excited once I ordered it I just could not wait to get it. I ordered the bracelet for my husband as a father's day gift. Of course knowing me...I didn't plan ahead and waited last minute to get him something, so I had to make sure that it had lots of meaning. I was browsing through the Internet when I suddenly opened up your web page. I instantly knew that I was in the right spot.

My husband's father was a Vietnam Veteran who returned to the U.S. and was awarded the Bronze Star with a Valor device. From what I was told he was a great man, great soldier and had a great heart. I've never met him because he past away when my husband was 15 years old. My husband and I recently had our first born child...which oddly enough, she was born the same day my husband's father past. So I ordered a Memorial Bracelet with his father's information it. A little something to remind him of his father on his very first father's day.


For a Vietnam POW from my hometown

It has not been off my wrist. It is of a better quality then the one I had 30 years ago. The lettering is clear and easy to read. Why: My husband participated in Rolling Thunder for the first time this year. He had a great ride. This lead me to take another look at the pow/mia list. I found a solider from my hometown. He may be related to a person I went to high school with. I thought it would be a good idea to honor him.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

For the Only Marine I Lost

LCpl Settle was a gunner in one of the vehicles in my convoy when he died.  LCpl Settle was on his second deployment with me when an unfortunate incident occurred which costs him his life.  He is the only Marine I lost in over 300 missions in Iraq. Semper Fi

Friday, July 06, 2007

For Fellow Marine Gsgt Terry Ball Jr.

I wore a similar bracelet for a year until I ran into a Marine who was very intrigued by it and asked where he could get one, so I gave it to my brother Marine as a gift. I then went to the internet to find another bracelet and typed in "memorial bracelet" and your site came up.

I wear my bracelet to honor the man whose name is on it. I feel a part of him is with me and he gets to be involved with Marines and other activities I am involved with. His name is mentioned frequently by myself and other former Marines when we talk about my bracelet, so it kind of keeps his spirit with us. Also interesting to look up the info and background of Gsgt Terry Ball Jr. I am sorry I never met the man but I now feel like I know the man a little better.

Semper Fi,

Cpl Thomas
U.S.M.C Vetran

Monday, July 02, 2007

For Basketball Teammate Maj. Kip Taylor

The reason I ordered this bracelet is because I was reading comments left on Maj. Kip Taylor's memorial site and one of the writers commented that she had found the site by ordering a bracelet and received Kip's name randomly. I remembered one of my babysitters as a child had a Vietnam P.O.W. bracelet, but I had not previously realized anyone was making them for 9/11 victims or present day KIAs.

I knew Kip from playing basketball against his team and later on his team when we were both military brats in Germany. While we were not extremely close, I do remember Kip as one of the kindest most unassuming people I had ever met. I thought wearing the bracelet an appropriate memorial for an outstanding young man who died much too soon. Thank you.

M. Berg

Sunday, July 01, 2007

In Memory Of Lost Troops and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hello from Mosul, Iraq! I just received my bracelet today and just wanted to write and say thank you and it's so perfect! It is just how I imagined it.

There are several reasons behind why I ordered the bracelet. I originally ordered one back in 2005 while I was deployed to Iraq the first time, but upon my return flight back to Iraq I lost my bracelet on the flight and couldn't find it. I was pretty upset. It took me almost two years to find your website. After going through some old emails I found the original receipt from the first time I ordered and remembered that I was so happy with the quality of your bracelet before I thought I would order another one.

The second reason I ordered the bracelet is because this is my second deployment to Iraq. I have lost a great deal of friends over here in the past 4 years since deployments started, so I got the bracelet etched with "In Memory of Lost Troops Operation Iraqi Freedom". I think too many Soldiers have been lost over here and it's time for us to come home before we lose anymore. I get very sick to my stomach every time I attend the memorial service of one of my friends, or even those of soldiers whom I didn't really know, they were people I had met through work and had just happened to say hello to in passing. I think it makes it a little easier for me to remember my friends and the other lost soldiers when I look at my bracelet, and it makes me more grateful that I'm still here today.