Sunday, July 01, 2007

In Memory Of Lost Troops and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hello from Mosul, Iraq! I just received my bracelet today and just wanted to write and say thank you and it's so perfect! It is just how I imagined it.

There are several reasons behind why I ordered the bracelet. I originally ordered one back in 2005 while I was deployed to Iraq the first time, but upon my return flight back to Iraq I lost my bracelet on the flight and couldn't find it. I was pretty upset. It took me almost two years to find your website. After going through some old emails I found the original receipt from the first time I ordered and remembered that I was so happy with the quality of your bracelet before I thought I would order another one.

The second reason I ordered the bracelet is because this is my second deployment to Iraq. I have lost a great deal of friends over here in the past 4 years since deployments started, so I got the bracelet etched with "In Memory of Lost Troops Operation Iraqi Freedom". I think too many Soldiers have been lost over here and it's time for us to come home before we lose anymore. I get very sick to my stomach every time I attend the memorial service of one of my friends, or even those of soldiers whom I didn't really know, they were people I had met through work and had just happened to say hello to in passing. I think it makes it a little easier for me to remember my friends and the other lost soldiers when I look at my bracelet, and it makes me more grateful that I'm still here today.

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