Friday, July 27, 2007

To Honor a Possible Distant Relative

I remember people wearing them back in the seventies and I always wanted to get one but never did.  I was a student and participated in the demonstrations on the Ohio State University campus in Spring of 1970, and while the bracelets weren't available then, a lot of home made stuff was - I made a lot of "ON STRIKE! SHUT IT DOWN!" Tshirts using cans of spray paint and a stencil I cut out of cardboard. We were trying to shut down the campus to protest the war, and it was shut down for a week after the Kent State students were killed.

Well, just out of curiosity I searched under the S's for my last name, Schell, and was really surprised to see the entry for Maj. Richard J. Schell.  I have researched my family tree somewhat and my ancestors were orginally Pennsylvania farmers and many (there were a lot of offspring) moved West in search of more or better land - some landed in Ohio and some may have made it to Minnesota.  Anyway I thought this person could be a distant relative and I wanted to honor him by wearing a bracelet with his (and my last name) on it.  I may have been against the war, but I do think that we should honor those who served and died in that war.

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