Friday, July 06, 2007

For Fellow Marine Gsgt Terry Ball Jr.

I wore a similar bracelet for a year until I ran into a Marine who was very intrigued by it and asked where he could get one, so I gave it to my brother Marine as a gift. I then went to the internet to find another bracelet and typed in "memorial bracelet" and your site came up.

I wear my bracelet to honor the man whose name is on it. I feel a part of him is with me and he gets to be involved with Marines and other activities I am involved with. His name is mentioned frequently by myself and other former Marines when we talk about my bracelet, so it kind of keeps his spirit with us. Also interesting to look up the info and background of Gsgt Terry Ball Jr. I am sorry I never met the man but I now feel like I know the man a little better.

Semper Fi,

Cpl Thomas
U.S.M.C Vetran


Anonymous said...

Sgt Ball (as I new him) was one of the toughest DI's on Parris Island.
I after years had always thought he was the best. Of the people in my life that shaped me into the man I became my Drill Instructor Sgt Ball had a huge part.

I was one of many Marines trained by this man among men and I know we are all better for it.

Mark Roberts
MCRD Parris Island 1995
Platoon 2036

Anonymous said...

GySgt Ball was an outstanding leader, mentor, and was what being a Marine is all about. There are not enough words to describe him, he was a Marine's Marine; if that makes sense. He had a back bone, and always looked out for the junior Marines. I had the honor to have known him, and felt a part of me break when I heard the sad news from another Marine. GySgt Ball will always be missed and is a constant reminder of the Marine I want to be.

SSgt Phoenix