Friday, July 13, 2007

To Remember Staff Sergeant Joe Goodrich

I received the Memorial Bracelet that I ordered to remember my good friend, Staff Sergeant Joe Goodrich, USMC, who was killed in action on 10 July 2005 in Hit, Iraq. Joe was leading a patrol of Humvees and as they were returning to base, they came under attack by enemy mortar rounds. Joe was mortally wounded, but the Sergeant Major of Joe's battalion wrote in a letter to Joe's wife that he was a good Marine and was radioing for help for his wounded Marines before he died. Joe is survived by his wife Amy, brother George, sister-in-law Rhonda, and his parents.

I met "Goody" in 1996 when we were rookie police officers for the Kennywood Park Police Department. We partnered together as often as our shifts allowed and from 1997 through around 2001, we were the principal field training officers for the annual rookie class of officers. Joe had a great sense of humor and was an excellent police officer. Joe also served as a police officer in McKeesport, PA and Indiana, PA. He supported his wife's deli business by making deliveries and working in the shop with her. Joe had a great love for the Marine Corps and continued as a part-time recruiter. He helped prepare young men and women who were on the delayed-entry program to enter the Marine Corps, coaching them on physical fitness, answering their questions, etc. When I heard that Joe had asked to return to active duty in Iraq, I was not surprised. He was a good man and a good friend to all. He is sorely missed by his family, friends, and by Amy.

A group of former Kennywood Park Police Officers purchased a number of plastic memorial bracelets and distributed them to our members and friends. Another former officer showed me the bracelet that he purchased from your website and I was impressed, so I ordered one for myself. I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the bracelet and I wear it proudly every day. I want people to ask about it so that I can tell the story of Joe Goodrich, even if it is only in a 20 second conversation. I think that memorial bracelets are a great way to keep the memory of friends alive and to never forget the sacrifices that are made on behalf of this country every day.

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